Three Dead in Ongoing Tahrir Square Clashes

Protest grows tenfold from Saturday. Riot police clash with 3,000 protesters in Cairo who want military rule to end.

Gil Ronen ,

Tahrir Square, 20.11.11
Tahrir Square, 20.11.11
Screenshot -- Youtube

Riot police clashed with about 3,000 protesters in Cairo's Tahrir Square throughout Sunday and set fire to protesters' tents. 

Al Jazeera said that three of the protesters were killed, and CNN quoted Health Ministry spokesman Dr. Adel al-Dawi as saying that that one person died during a stampede and two were killed by blows to the head from "an unidentified object."

Amateur photographs showed what appeared to be eight bodies on the pavement, however.

The protesters want the military rule in Cairo to end and demand that power be transferred to civilian rulers.

The current protest began Saturday, with a relatively small number of protesters – estimated at less than 300. Police dispersed them, reportedly killing two people. On Sunday the protest was back, in numbers that were about ten times larger than the previous day's. 

These protesters were again dispersed by police with tear gas and rubber bullets in Sunday's daytime clashes – but by evening they were in the square once again.