Anti-Netanyahu Posters Hung at Tel Aviv U.

Leftist group hangs posters at Tel Aviv University, claiming that "Netanyahu is raising wild thorns."

Elad Benari ,

Anti-Netanyahu poster at TAU
Anti-Netanyahu poster at TAU
Israel news photo: Regavim

A leftist group calling itself “Solidarity Against Fascism” hung anti-government and anti-Netanyahu posters at the Tel Aviv University this week.

The posters, which read “Netanyahu is raising wild thorns” had Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s name printed in bold red letters, emphasizing the negative connotations of that statement.

"Wild thorns" is an expression used to describe radical young people whose behavior is outside the pale and in need of being weeded out.

The organization which is behind the posters is an organization which defines itself as a political-social movement undertaken for the struggle to “end the occupation” and act for equality of all citizens.

One of the organization’s key activities is holding demonstrations for the “Palestinian population” in Sheikh Jarrah.

The posters were condemned on Thursday by Young Likud leaders Itamar Donnfeld and Omri Akunis, who said, “It is really shocking and borders on hypocrisy that the week following a rally in memory of [former Prime Minister] Yitzchak Rabin, in which leftists shouted slogans against violence and political assassinations, these kinds of posters are published.”

“We condemn this ugly phenomenon and wish to remind the members of this organization that one should live up to one’s principles,” they added.

“We hope that Israel’s children and youth will be educated to mutual tolerance and patience. Posters of this kind do not help reach this goal but rather create the opposite effect,” concluded Donnfeld and Akunis.

Last week, a group of nationalist activists led by MK Michael Ben Ari (National Union), Baruch Marzel and Itamar Ben Gvir visited the Tel Aviv University and distributed leaflets urging the inhabitants of the university to vacate the land, which was once the Arab village of Sheikh Munis.

The leaflets informed students that the land on which the university was built is undisputedly the site of an Arab village called Sheikh Munis, whose residents were deported against their will by Israel in 1948.

The activists called on the students and professors not to set foot in the university since it is ‘occupied territory,’ and asked them to demonstrate to show solidarity with the residents of Sheikh Munis.

The activists, of course, do not actually believe in the concept of occupied territory but were trying to prove a point. MK Ben-Ari explained that the point is to show the hypocrisy and double standards of leftists, who preach every day about the so-called “occupation” in Judea and Samaria, when they themselves sit on land that was taken from Arabs.