Mother Sobs: All 3 of Son's Murderers to Go Free

Did Justice Ministry lie to the mother of Yossi Shok when it said that only one murderer would be released?

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Gil Ronen ,

Yossi Shok, Hy"d
Yossi Shok, Hy"d
Courtesy of the family


The mother of Yossi Shok, who was murdered December 16, 2005, learned Sunday that all three of her son's murderers will go free in the deal for the return of Hamas hostage Gilad Shalit. 

She had not been informed of this fact by state officials: as a matter of fact, these had told her last week that only one of the murderers would go free – a fact that caused the family much renewed grief in itself.

It is now clear that the Justice Ministry was not saying the truth – whether intentionally or out of negligence. 

The mother called one of her remaining sons on the telephone Sunday morning, sobbing, and told him she had looked at the list of terrorists to be freed this week and all three of the killers were on it.

She called the Justice Ministry and was told that the false information given to her last week was the result of an honest mistake.

Yossi Shok was gunned down as he drove his car not far from Beit Haggai, where he lived with his family.