PA Media Prepares for Statehood

PA media does its utmost to promise the Arab population that the PA leadership will follow through with its unilateral statehood bid.

Elad Benari ,

PA campaign logo on every page of the officia
PA campaign logo on every page of the officia
Israel news photo: PMW

As the Palestinian Authority prepares to submit its statehood bid to the United Nations this coming Friday, PA media has done its utmost to promise the Arab population that the PA leadership will follow through with its request.

The Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) research center, which monitors the PA media, presented on its website several reports on the UN statehood bid. The reports show how the PA has stressed that it will not be deterred by the possibility of an American veto, nor by the danger of losing foreign funding and will go through with its unilateral move.

PMW has collected some TV spots which show examples of the anticipation of the PA statehood request. The texts in the following TV spots include a recognize “the State of Palestine” song; the UN logo shown as a puzzle missing a piece, with the PLO flag in the form of a puzzle piece completing the puzzle; a “flying UN seat” of “Palestine”; a spot showing that recognition of “Palestine” is “for the sake of Jerusalem,” “for the sake of the prisoners,” “for the sake of the return [of refugees]”;  and a TV spot with girl dreaming of “Palestine”. 

PMW also noted that for the past month, PA media has been expanding the number of news articles highlighting the UN request, and has by now entered an all-encompassing campaign entitled “Palestine - the 194th state”.

For example, PMW found that on September 18 the official PA daily published on pages 1-16 approximately 75 news articles, out of which 43 were about the UN bid, many of them documenting expressions of support from the region and around the world.

The PA campaign logo along with the words appearing in English “UN - Palestine state 194” and in Arabic “The State of Palestine” is in the corner on top of every page of the PA daily every day.

PMW has also shown how the front page of the daily on September 19 included seven ads of support. It noted that no expressions of opposition to PA request for statehood at the UN have been published in the official PA media. 

PA TV talk shows have been exclusively focused on the PA campaign and PA TV has broadcast numerous clips extolling it, PMW found. As well, the Voice of Palestine radio has had spots in different languages, including Hebrew, calling for recognition of the Palestinian state and public events have been dedicated to the UN statehood campaign.

The Hebrew message says as follows:

“The Voice of Palestine here, peace with the Palestinians has been offered to you, peace with the Palestinians based on the '67 borders [1949 Armistice Lines, lacking the Western Wall, for example –ed.]. Palestine is the 194th state in the UN. Israelis! We appeal to you to accept the two-state solution, that way we’ll live side by side, Palestine and Israel. The choice is yours, you can choose peace for the sake of a bright future for both of us, or choose to continue the struggle which will lead to tragic results. Are you willing for your children to be in tanks for life? You have suffered and so have we. You can end the suffering of all of us. This is the Voice of Palestine.”