Activists Reward Punished Soldiers

Our Land of Israel group continues effort to counteract IDF punishments by rewarding soldiers who refuse expulsion orders.

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Maayana Miskin ,

Cash prize for refusing to expel
Cash prize for refusing to expel
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An anonymous donor has given 20,000 shekels to the family of a soldier who refused orders during the expulsion of three families from their homes in Migron. The gift was part of an ongoing campaign sponsored by the Our Land of Israel organization.

The goal of the campaign is to counteract IDF pressure. “The IDF commanders will know that punishment will not deter those soldiers who wish to remain loyal to their love of the Land of Israel – they will know that for every day in jail, they will get 1,000 shekels,” explained Our Land of Israel head, Rabbi Shalom Dov Wolpe.

The prize is also an award for soldiers' parents, for raising their children to love the land of Israel, he said.

In addition to its reward campaign for soldiers who do not carry out expulsions, Our Land of Israel has previously been involved in campaigns to promote the rebuilding of the Temple, and to keep land in northern Israel under Jewish ownership. It is now part of an initiative to prepare Judea and Samaria Jews to stay in their homes even in the event that the Israeli government decides to withdraw from parts of the region.