'Seven Wonders of Israel' Competition

The Tourism Ministry is busy with contests this fall, co-sponsoring a new competition, the "Seven Wonders of Israel" in September.

Chana Ya'ar ,

Dead Sea
Dead Sea
Israel news photo: courtesy of Ahava Cosmetic

While the State of Israel is promoting the Dead Sea to win the international New7Wonders of Nature competition this fall, the Ministry of Tourism has been working on a parallel project on the local level as well.

The “Seven Wonders of Israel” are also about to be discovered through a new competition that is sure to keep Israelis busy for the next month at least.

The public is being asked to choose and vote for their favorite sites, whether natural or man-made, on the Channel 2 TV Facebook page. The sites must represent Israel historically, culturally, geographically, geologically, architecturally and more. In addition, participants will be able to choose unique spots that have sentimental or personal meaning or an importance to the State of Israel. 

The contest, a joint initiative of the Tourism Ministry and Channel 2, will be narrowed down to 15 finalists by a committee of judges from both organizations plus several tour guides and academics.

The public will then be asked to choose their favorite from the list of finalists, with the top seven sites to be awarded the title “Seven Wonders of Israel” on September 22nd. The contest began Sunday, September 4.

“The competition strengthens the links to Israel's heritage, increases awareness of the wide range of historical, archaeological, natural and religious sites in Israel,” explained Tourism Minister Stas Misezhnikov, “creating new marketing opportunities to expose these wonders to the rest of the world.

“I welcome Israelis and foreigners to take part in the competition, making suggestions and voting for their favorites.” The “Seven Wonders of Israel” competition, he added, will "promote Israel as an attractive tourist destination.”