Ramat Migron Youths Released

Court releases 13 youths arrested Saturday over suspicion of beating Arab boy. NGO cries foul.

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Gil Ronen & Hezki Baruch ,

Migron Girls in Detention
Migron Girls in Detention
Hezki Ezra

The Jerusalem Magistrates' Court released Sunday seven of the Jewish youths it arrested at the Samaria outpost of Ramat Migron Saturday. Two were released without bail and the remaining five were sent into house arrest and had to make a 10,000 shekel deposit as security.

The other six youths arrested Saturday were released earlier Sunday, directly from HaSharon Prison where they were being held.

Attorney Naftali Wirtzberger of NGO Honenu claimed that the police made cynical use of the fact that the public's attention was turned to security problems in the South, in order to tear down the outpost at Ramat Migron.

"They falsely charged young men and women at the outpost with various charges of assault," Wirtzberger said. "There was a serious breach of human rights at night in the police cell, where minors without criminal records were beaten by the police – their hair was pulled, and other things that you would not believe could happen in Israel. Maybe in Syria. "

Wirtzberger said that arresting 13 people "in advance" of an investigation into an alleged beating was unheard of. Honenu will appeal the court's decisions regarding the youths who were remanded to house arrest.