Aussie Demo Slams Carbon Tax
Demonstrators Want New Elections Not Carbon T

Protesters claim that Prime Minister Julia Gillard has no mandate for a carbon tax after she made an electoral promise barring the tax.

Aryeh ben Hayim ,

Tony Abbott
Tony Abbott

Over 2000 protesters staged an orderly protest, but angry protest near parliament in Canberra. This was the first anniversary of Prime Minister Julia Gillard's promise– “there will be no carbon tax under the government I lead”. That was the candidate speaking but when Gillard needed the Greens for a coalition she pledged to pass a carbon tax and therefore she was called  "Ju-liar" in some of the signs brought to the rally..

Conservative opposition leader Tony Abbott, is countering Gillard with the slogan “no tax collection before an election”, and was warmly received by the protesters. He disassociated himself from “Ditch the Witch placards but shared the view that Gillard had misled the public and should be called to account: this is the first anniversary, the first birthday of a very significant statement.

This is the statement which has reverberated around this country and will continue to reverberate around this country This is the first anniversary of the big lie and it’s our job as Australians to make the point that lies don’t pay,

Abbott claimed that the tax would cause greater misery among Australians whose electricity bills have skyrocketed by more than 51 per cent since the end of 2007. What should concern Gillard is that some members of her coalition attended the rally and part of the anti-tax effort is being financed by the miners who normally support her Labor Party.