Regev Attacked at Rental Protest

MK Miri Regev is attacked in Tel Aviv by protesters against high housing prices. Protest was hijacked by radical leftists, she says.

Chana Ya'ar , | updated: 11:10 AM

MK Miri Regev
MK Miri Regev
Israel news photo: Likud

MK Miri Regev has slammed protesters' behavior at a demonstration against the high price of housing where she said addressed a legitimate issue but was hijacked by radical leftists who exploited innocent protesters.

Regev said Sunday in a radio interview she was attacked by young people at a sit-in protest “camp” at Habima Square in central Tel Aviv that has been in place since Thursday.

The MK told IDF Army Radio that “radical leftists” are attempting to transform an issue-oriented protest into a political struggle.

Regev visited the protesters on Saturday, she said. However, the “campers” used derogatory language, cursed her and made obscene gestures, she said. They called her a “fascist” and threw water at her, without even allowing her to express support for their struggle.

“I didn't expect such behavior,” she said.

The Likud MK left the scene and charged that radical leftist elements were behind the protesters and attacked her because of her positions. She noted that unlike the brutal manner in which she was received, MKs Dov Henin and Nitzan Horowitz were received “with open arms.” 

Protest organizer Stav Sapir told another radio station that the protest was intended to be a grassroots social struggle, not a political effort. He added that the protesters were opposed to all violence – but refused to offer an apology for the water attack on the lawmaker.