Video: The Story of Aharon Karov

A special, recent video dedicated to the miraculous recovery of Aharon Karov whose story gripped Israel during, and after, Operation Cast Lead.

INN Staff , | updated: 1:28 PM

Lt. Karov
Lt. Karov
Israel news photo: Flash 90


In 2008 the story of newlywed paratrooper commander, 2nd Lieutenant Aharon Karov, called to duty the morning after his wedding then grievously wounded by a Hamas booby-trap in during Operation Cast Lead, gripped Israel. The story has recently been documented by his father to serve as inspiration and a source of faith for others.

Only 22, the story of Aharon and his wife Tzivia, 19, continued to be front page news even after his release from Beilinson Hospital in Petach Tikvah in February 2009. 

Karov's recovery has been hailed as nothing short of miraculous, especially in light of early predictions he would not survive at all.
"When he was brought in everyone was pessimistic and thought his hours were numbered. The injuries were very bad, but in the end there was no injury to the brain," Trauma Unit chief at Beilinson, Professor Pierre Zinger, recalled for the press.
"Physically he can do just about everything,," his father, Rabbi Ze'ev Karov said when Aharon was released. "He can walk and move all his limbs, although movement is limited in his left arm, which has 300 pieces of shrapnel imbedded in it."
"He has amazing, tremendous will power," Rabbi Karov added at the time.
Today Aharon is alive and healthy and continues his efforts toward a full rehabilitation in his life with Tzivia and their daughter, born after his miraculous survival.
Please continue to pray for the continued health and recovery of Aharon Yehoshua ben Chaya Shoshana whose story inspired a nation.