Haifa U Blocks MKs

MK Anastasia Michaeli was also blocked at the gate of the university after MK Zouabi's event was cancelled.

Gil Ronen , | updated: 11:17 PM

MK Michaeli offers Zouabi Iranian passport (f
MK Michaeli offers Zouabi Iranian passport (f
Israel news photo: Flash 90


Haifa University officials denied MK Anastasia Michaeli (Israel is Our Home) the right to hold a meeting with students on campus Monday. Michaeli’s event was planned as a protest action against a planned meeting by MK Hanin Zouabi (Balad) with Arab students. 
However, Zouabi’s event was also cancelled by the university. She was supposed to talk about “Nakba Day” – the day on which Arabs mourn the fact that they failed to annihilate Israel in 1948, and lost some territory in the process.
Zionist students organized to protest Zouabi’s event. The Im Tirtzu organization called on its members to enter the auditorium where Zouabi would be meeting students and to take part in the event. Students also contacted MK Michaeli and asked her to come and help.
When MK Michaeli reached the gates of the university, police and representatives of the university’s management asked her not to enter the campus so as not to “inflame emotions.” 
MK Michaeli contented herself with a statement to the reporters who were present. “Nakba Day has become a festival of Israel-hatred, of action against the state and against the right of te Jews to their own state. By coming here I made a statement that we cannot enable anti-Israeli activity inside an Israeli academic institution.”
Haifa University told Arutz Sheva’s Hebrew language service that following the serious events that occurred throughout Israel Sunday, the university’s president conferred with management and decided to freeze all public and political events in the campus.