Iran Replays Syrian Israel-Blame

Iran rebuffs charges of complicity in Syrian repression and replays regime's accusations against Israel and US

Aryeh Ben Hayim , | updated: 1:29 PM

Bashar Assad poster boy
Bashar Assad poster boy

Iran has 'found' the parties responsible for the unrest in Syria: they are none other that the "great and little satans," the United States and Israel. A long time partner of Syria in the Axis of Evil, Iran quoted the Syrian writer Colette Khoury in today's Tehran Times. According to Ms. Khoury: "Syria [has paid] the price for saying no to Israel and America for a long time. We are proud of belonging to Syria, the only independent state that refused to give up resistance." The word 'resistance' is the Syrian euphemism for terrorism.

It is worth recalling that going back to the Iran-Iraq War during the 1980s, Syria was the only Arab regime willing to side with Tehran. The cozy relationship continues, with Syria serving as a conduit for Iranian aid to Hizbullah and as a gateway for Islamists headed toward Iraq, to harry the American forces there.

Syria's allies in Lebanon were also cited in the report. Lebanese Political Analyst Faysal Abd el-Sater said that Syria was “blocking those who want to destabilize the region, in other words the U.S. and other regional powers.”

Through a foreign ministry spokesperson, Iran denied that it was aiding the repression in Syria and accused President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton of unfounded and baseless accusations. "Regional nations will never forget the White House's unilateral support for the illegitimate Zionist regime and its occupation and crimes against the oppressed people of Palestine and Lebanon over the past six decades,” noted the spokesperson

As opposed to denunciation of alleged American calumnies, Iran accepted at face value Syrian denials that security forces are responsible for the death of protesters, insisting that they had been given specific instructions not to harm protesters.