Spotlight on UN Hypocrisy

Hillel Neuer of UN Watch points out that the same UN that is now condemning Qaddafi was obsequious until recently.

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Gil Ronen , | updated: 8:43 PM

United Nations
United Nations
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As the United Nations' General Assembly prepared Tuesday to debate the suspension of Libya from the UN Human Rights Council following the mass murder of rebels by strongman Muammar Qaddafi, non-governmental organization UN Watch held the UN's feet to the fire in a UNHRC session and in press interviews, stressing that Libya should have never been elected to the UNHRC in the first place.

The executive director of UN Watch, Hillel Neuer, told Al Jazeera that "time and again, the United Nations has rewarded this murderous, racist regime" and turned a blind eye to its crimes.

UN Watch is a non-governmental organization that some see as having fulfilled a vital role in recent years, in fighting for justice and truth in the anti-Israeli UN. 
Israel's UN ambassador in the past few years, Prof. Gabriella Shalev, was considered a less than stellar diplomat, and it took the leaders of the Jewish state several months of bickering to decide upon her successor, Ron Prosor.  Israel's public diplomacy effort has been branded "a joke" by sympathetic critics like Melanie Phillips. It is debatable whether public relations or diplomacy could make much difference in the anti-Zionist UN climate, dominated by Arab and third world countries who identify with Islam.