FN 303 Used at Havat Gilad

The Belgian-made FN 303 "Less Lethal Launcher" causes "shock and pain" to "instantly stop and neutralize the suspect."

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Gil Ronen , | updated: 6:34 PM

Policeman aims before firing at Havat Gilad.
Policeman aims before firing at Havat Gilad.
Arutz Sheva

The weapon security forces used against the Jews of Havat Gilad Monday is the same one naval commandos were carrying when they boarded the Mavi Marmara last May in the controversial operation against Turkish pro-terror thugs. The FN 303 gun is billed by its maker, FN Herstal of Belgium, as the "Less Lethal Launcher."

Explaining the need for the weapon, the manufacturer's website says that "Nowadays, both armed forces and law enforcement officers all around the world have to face an increasing number of peacekeeping and law enforcement operations, where, very often, the use of lethal weapons is not always the most appropriate."
The term "less lethal" or "less-than-lethal" is used by weapons manufacturers in reference to weapons systems that are not intended to kill, but cannot be termed "non-lethal" due to the possibility of death if the weapon is used improperly, or if the target suffers from certain medical conditions, which may not be apparent to those using the weapon.
The company guarantees "a maximum effect on impact."
"The shock and pain caused by the impact instantly stop and neutralize the suspect," it says.
"The primary effect of the projectile is trauma, capable of stopping and neutralizing the aggressor immediately. Secondary effects from the projectiles can be delivered via a chemical payload, such as a marking or an irritating effect, depending on mission requirements."
"Most of the time, only one shot is enough to neutralize the suspect," the firm says.
The weapon was identified by forum participants on Hebrew-language Fresh.co.il.
Policeman fires at Attorney Yehuda Shimon, who holds a camera (Moshe Zeliger, Shomron Communications).
 FN 303 components.