Police Raid Yitzhar Again

For the second time in a week, police officers raided the Jewish community of Yitzhar in Samaria in the middle of the night and left empty-handed.

Israel National News Staff , | updated: 3:15 PM

Police in Yitzhar
Police in Yitzhar
Israel news photo: Tatzpit

Dozens of Border Guards and Yassam police special forces officers raided the Jewish community of Yitzhar in northern Samaria around 1 a.m. Tuesday and left empty handed,

After entering, the put the security guard at the entrance in confinement and took the remote control for the gate, according to a Yitzhar spokesman.

The officers proceeded to a neighborhood of caravan mobile homes, entered without warrants and left without any evidence of any crime and without arresting anyone.

Video filmed by Yitzhar Spokesman and "Tatzpit"
The scene was repeated in another neighborhood, and the police had a warrant for a "clarification session" with a son who had married and moved out 18 months ago. One other man was told he would be arrested for not appearing for trial.
The spokesman referred to the visit as another futile attempt to harrass residents of the community under a program of planned persecution ordered from above, referring to Defense Minister Ehud Barak.
Last week, police raided a yeshiva in Yitzhar in the middle of the night, and after they could not find anything illegal, they took to the streets and started handing out traffic violations, a tactic that has been used in the past in several Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria to harass residents.