Flotilla Cargo Taken to Gaza

Terror-sympathizers' cargo transferred to Gaza as promised, minus the weapons. Over 95,000 tons of supplies delivered in 2010.

Gil Ronen , | updated: 7:28 PM

Knives seized aboard 'peace' ship.
Knives seized aboard 'peace' ship.
IDF Spokesman

The Israeli defense establishment processed on Monday and Tuesday the aid cargo that the terror-sympathizers' flotilla was carrying and transferred it to Gaza. Much of the medicine on board was expired and useless. Weapons found on board were confiscated.

Before the convoy set sail, Israel had promised the flotilla organizers that it would transfer their cargo to Gaza if only they would give up their plan to break the Israeli blockade on Gaza.

The IDF said it will continue as it has up to now, to enable various goods, infrastructure equipment and medical supplies into Gaza, in order to enable the Gazans to have as decent a “fabric of life” as possible. However, the army added, through its ongoing efforts to arms itself and harm the citizens of Israel, Hamas is damaging the residents of Gaza and preventing their rehabilitation.

The IDF regularly allows residents of Gaza into Israel for medical treatment and for religious purposes, as well as purposes described as 'welfare', 'business' and 'diplomacy'. In the first quarter of 2010, about 95,000 tons of non-medical supplies were delivered to Gaza in about 4,000 trucks, as well as 1,068 tons of medical supplies. In addition, because of concern over a possible swine flu epidemic, three Israeli hospitals received flu patients from Gaza and 44,500 vaccinations were transferred to Gaza.