SS Officer Sentenced to Life

88 year-old former SS officer Heinrich Boere has been sentenced to life in prison for the murder of 3 Dutch citizens during World War II.

Malkah Fleisher , | updated: 10:08 PM

Boere in SS uniform
Boere in SS uniform
Israel news file (photo)

A German court has sentenced former Nazi Party member and SS Officer Heinrich Boere to life imprisonment for the murder of 3 Dutch citizens in 1944. Boere is 88 years old.

Boere was prosecuted for his crimes during World War II in Aachen, He was charged with murdering a bicycle shop owner, a pharmacist, and another citizen in 1944. 

Boere said the murders were carried out under orders by the SS. He was a member of a squad targeting anti-Nazi resistance, he said, and if he had not carried out the SS orders, they would have shot and killed him.  Prosecutors responded that Boere was a voluntary member of the Nazi Party and an SS officer. They said he enlisted in the party after Holland was occupied by the Nazis in 1940. 

Boere's lawyers will appeal the verdict.

The Simon Wiesenthal Center has listed Boere as the sixth most wanted Nazi criminal in the world.