Singer & Gimpel Previous Shows

Singer & Gimpel Show Previous Shows

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Here are links to the previous Singer & Gimpel shows, broadcast live overlooking the Temple Mount:

Does this exile have a deadline?
Is there a higher standard for Olim?
Is the Holocaust the War of Gog?
Are sacrificial offerings obsolete?
Who is the prophet following Moses?
How is G-d tied in with nature's forces?
Must I Enjoy the Mitzvot?
Why is G-d's Name in the Plural Form?
Does the Reunification of Jerusalem Herald the Mashiah?
Will there be one world power before redemption?
What parts of Torah can non-Jews learn?
Who were the three men that Abraham saw?
Is the end of days near?
Who is the Prophet in Deuteronomy 18:15?
Is there a cover-up in the Book of Judges?
Are Jews judged by G-d collectively?
Are people today given the 'Holy Spirit'?
Will there be signs pointing to Aliyah?
Can the Third Temple be built elsewhere?
Will Ingathering of Exiles bring Shechina?
Why is it so hard to convert to Judaism?
What Does "The King is in the Field" Mean?
Reacting to an enemy's downfall
Where is America in the Bible?
Why can't we give the Land back to G-d?
How to relate to enemies in the Psalms?
What is Israel's Future?
What Exactly is the Day of Judgement?
Is USA the Promised Land?
Why does G-d punish us?
Will there be war before redemption?
Is Obama Destroying America?
Should We Embrace Christian Zionists?
Must Gentiles Keep the Sabbath?
Judaism & Spirituality
Does Hell Exist?
Life After the Destruction of the Holy Temple
Torah & Sacrifices
Who is the Jewish Messiah - Part 2
Who is the Jewish Messiah - Part 1
Do we pay for the sins of our fathers?
Bible - Can we rely on the translated version?
Why don't Jews proselytize