Guma Aguiar Leaps, Saves Betar

Businessman and philanthropist Guma Aguiar saves Jerusalem's soccer team, games could be held on day other than Sabbath.

IsraelNN TV Staff ,

Guma Aguiar
Guma Aguiar
Israel national news photo

Businessman and philanthropist Guma Aguiar has saved Jerusalem's leading soccer team, Betar Yerushalayim, from collapse, and hinted that in the future league games could be held on a day other than Sabbath.

"I’m just here supporting the city and I know how important it is to the fans and the residents. But… it’s also important for the future of the nation. Sports is something I understand so well having grown up and I was just consumed with sports my whole life," Aguiar said at a news conference with Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat.

"I hope to be able to use this as a platform to help Nir [Barkat] as we plan towards the future of Jerusalem and the future of the nation," he added, "because at the end of the day Jerusalem is the future of the nation and it’s the future of the world.”

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