Becoming a Hamas Terrorist

French movie producer Pierre Rehov quotes mothers of Hamas terrorists about the kind of education they have received.

Avraham Zuroff, | updated: 20:00

Hamas terrorist in Gaza
Hamas terrorist in Gaza
Israel News Photo-Flash 90

French movie producer Pierre Rehov, in his short film, How to Make a Hamas Hero, quotes clerics, Hamas terrorists, and their moms about the kind of education they have received.
Rehov decided to expose the reality of Muslim jihadism after watching the news on October 6, 2000. He saw images of the shooting of Mohammed al-Dura, a 12-year-old Arab, who Israel was accused of targeting. “I was in shock,” says Rehov. “In this case, I knew as a producer that there was something very fishy about the images. The angles just weren’t right.”

The day after al-Dura was shot, a pro-Palestinian rally took place, with participants screaming, “Death to the Jews!” Rehov, who was chilled by his own country's 1894 anti-Semitic Dreyfus affair, felt that alleged al-Dura shooting by the IDF was another blood libel, and that he had to do something.

In his documentary about al-Dura’s death, he has concluded that the boy was killed by Arab bullets, and not by the IDF.

He has assembled a few clips that illustrate some important aspects of the jihad against Israel. In How to Make a Hamas Hero, Rehov instructs viewers, "First, you take a nice Palestinian baby. You teach him love and values.” A clip of a Muslim cleric preaches that the Jews will hide behind a rock or a tree, and the tree will announce, “Kill the Jew.”

Rehov shows videos of schoolchildren exposed to a “solid education,” holding lethal “toys,” guns that they plan to use as part of their holy war against infidels.

My Son the Terrorist
A terrorist, who was caught before blowing himself up, states, “If I died, my mother would have considered it a blessing. I’m basically good because I don’t drink…”

The terrorists filmed in 72 Virgins in Paradise claim that had their martyrdom succeeded. they would be guaranteed 72 virgins in paradise. Proud of suicide bombers, an Arab mother states, “It’s written in the Koran that when a martyr blows himself up, it’s good. He doesn’t feel pain.” Another Arab mother says, “We don’t just fight against occupation. Our goal is to spread Islam everywhere.”

The next scene is a graduate of the Hamas school for terrorism. Wearing a black ski mask, the recent graduate proclaims, “Thanks Mom and Dad for the beautiful education that I have received. Now I’m going to blow myself up. You’ll see me on CNN…”

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