Madness of Self-Destruction

Pretending that the Muslim threat is under control

Steven Shamrak

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לבן ריק
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I can't understand how the family of Mohammed (be it in Lebanon, Gaza, the West Bank, Syria, Jordan or Egypt) can afford to have eight children. He and his wife have not worked a day in their lives. They have been given a
Her main job is to reproduce and make more professional refugees.
house or an apartment and food. Their children go to school and even college. For 60 years, his family has been benefiting from the generosity of the international community, delivered by the United Nations. The family has been receiving education and medical care that most Arabs in the region can only dream about.

The family is a part of the so-called "Palestinian refugee" scam. They became the best-educated and looked-after group in the Muslim world.

Mohammed's father did not work either. The only thing he had to do was to sit and smoke his pipe, as his son does now. Mohammed's wife, as her mother before her, is a willing participant of this global charade. Her main job is to reproduce and make more professional refugees like Mohammed, in order to boost the legitimacy of the bogus claim of the fake Palestinian people and provide demographic ammunition to an arsenal of the anti-Israel coalition. And she is proud that some of her sons, instead of finding a job, are willing to martyr themselves at any time by killing Jews and bring perverted and warped honor to the family (as well as money donated by Iraq in the past, and by Saudi Arabia and Iran now).

Sixty years have passed since Israel won her independence. During this time, Israel absorbed several million Jewish refugees, including 850,000 from Muslim countries. When World War II ended, fifty million refugees were scattered across Europe. All of them have found a country where they can live and work, for themselves and their families. All this time, the international community has already willingly and quite eagerly subsidized four generations of professional Arab refugees. For some perverted, deeply embedded anti-Semitic reason, the nations of the world make sure that Mohammed and his family are the best-cared-for refugees in the world.

By not doing anything but sitting and smoking his pipe, and waiting, Mohammed gives permission to Islamic political expansionist machinery and traditional international anti-Semitism to make claims on his behalf - that Jews took his land - to prevent Israel from regaining full control over all Jewish land. Continuation of this travesty gives them an opportunity to maintain instability in the region, manipulate the price of oil at any time they wish, sell arms to Muslim countries with a high profit margin, build nuclear reactors for a huge amount of money (knowing that Israel will bomb them). In return, Mohammed receives free shelter, food, education for his children and medical services. Not bad for a day of no work.

I just would like to ask American and European taxpayers: Do all of you receive free housing, food, education and medical treatment from your own government? If not, why do you allow your government to subsidize these
They hate you (Crusaders, fascists, communists, etc.) even more than they hate Jews.
professional international parasites? So-called "Palestinians" are the nuts and bolts of a huge machine called "Islamic expansionism". Their goal is global domination of the world by Islam. Don't make a mistake, they hate you (Crusaders, fascists, communists, etc.) even more than they hate Jews.

Their brothers in Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan and in Saudi Arabia, the nest of Wahabbi Islam and a major sponsor of international jihad, have already declared holy war against you. They have bombed you in New York and Washington, Bali, many towns of India, London and Madrid, and they are planning to do so until all of you bow and submit to Islam. Until all of you shout with them, "Allah Hu Akbar!"

Your governments, due to stupidity or impotence, are pretending that the Muslim threat is under control or just a nuisance. Is your hatred toward Jews and Israel so uncontrollable that you, knowing what Islamic terrorists are capable of and are planning for you, are still willing to allow your government to facilitate your own demise? Israel is your first - and quite frankly, your last - line of defense.