Jewish Anti-Semitism - Part II

A recent political attack on Israel by Hedy Epstein, a 79-year-old Holocaust survivor, seemed to follow a suspiciously familiar script. After first claiming Holocaust survivor status, and after a perfunctory acknowledgement of Jewish victims, she then launched her attack.

Rachel Neuwirth

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The Neturei Karta (Guardians of the City)

"Rabbi Moshe Hirsch, known as the 'Foreign Minister' of Neturei Karta, has never hidden the fact that he prefers a Palestinian state in place of Israel - the Neturei Karta sect refuses to recognize the state of Israel until the coming of the Messiah. However, now it appears, from documents disclosed by the Israel defense establishment, that Rabbi Hirsch has also been in the pay of PA Chairman Arafat himself." (From the October 25, 2004, Maariv International, an Israeli newspaper.)

Please go here and read the article that begins:

"Among the hundreds of documents (captured from the Muqata during Operation Defensive Shield) dealing with money allotted by Arafat, two were found which related to large sums paid to Rabbi Hirsch for 'expenses for activities.' The payments in question, one after another, were unusually large ($25,000 on January 13, 2002, and $30,000 on February 14, 2002) and may indicate that Arafat paid him monthly. It should be noted that the amounts are significantly larger than those given to other cronies, which varied between a few hundred and a few thousand dollars."

It is one thing for Jews to have disputes over theological issues - it happens all the time. It is quite another for them to ally with Arafat, the father of modern terrorism, who has killed more Jewish civilians than anyone since Adolf Hitler. Hirsh and his Neturei Karta are in alliance with the PLO, which has never changed its original covenant that requires the eradication of the State of Israel. Here is an example of seemingly orthodox Jews acting in concordance with those who systematically slaughter Jewish men, women and children. And they even take blood money in the process.

American Council for Judaism

This organization is an offshoot of the America Jewish Reform movement. It was founded in 1942 during the darkest days of World War II. They argued that Judaism is a religion with no connection to any territory, despite what the Bible teaches. They opposed the Zionist program to restore Jewish sovereignty in the historic and Biblical land of Israel. Their position also opposed any Palestinian escape routes for Europe's Jews threatened with extermination. Their web site is They remain narrowly focused on a negative message and lacking any broad, constructive program to build up the Jewish people or defend their rights, or oppose anti-Semitism, which they blame on "the Zionists".

The Holocaust Survivor as Jewish Anti-Semite

These people present a special public relations problem to the general Jewish community. How can anyone possibly challenge the opinions of an elderly survivor after all they have suffered? Simply claiming that near-martyr status is like having a hand of cards holding four aces - it trumps everything else. Suddenly, it does not matter if they were atheists, communists, self-hating Jews, or even just plain nuts before or after the Holocaust. It may be considered bad form to even raise such questions. Being a Holocaust survivor is the ultimate in moral credentials, and to then attack Israel could even be seen as displaying heroic courage and wisdom.

A recent political attack on Israel by Hedy Epstein, a 79-year-old Holocaust survivor, seemed to follow a suspiciously familiar script. After first claiming Holocaust survivor status, and after a perfunctory acknowledgement of Jewish victims, she then launched her attack. She is a member of the International Solidarity Movement (ISM), which advocates for the Arabs and against Israel and she is on a speaking tour. She complains about witnessing Israeli measures to control hostile Arabs and cites examples of their "humiliation". In her own words, she personally and repeatedly reached out to comfort inconvenienced Arabs, but cites no similar effort on her part to comfort bereaved Israeli families who are victims of Arab terror. Her double standard is evidenced in her own words.

Hitler's 'Final Solution' targeted all Jews without moral distinction. Therefore, Holocaust survivors are not necessarily more moral or more wise than Jews in general, including Hedy Epstein, although we respect their suffering. We also have a duty to both the living and the dead to never become a party to slandering fellow Jews. To allow slander is to repeat the old demonizing of Jews that in the past has contributed to their mass murder.

Evidence That Israeli Leftists Encouraged Terrorism

Headline: Hamas: Israeli leftists encouraged terrorism. Prisoners say 'fragmentation' of Jewish state emboldened them to attack

Posted: September 10, 2004, by Aaron Klein, on

The following are excerpts from the Klein article:

"Terrorists imprisoned in Israel said in a series of interviews released this week that the actions of Israeli leftists helped encourage Hamas to carry out suicide bombings and that Palestinians view Israel's planned withdrawal from Gaza as a reward for terror.

"'The Israeli left-wing and your "peace-camp" are what ultimately encouraged us to continue to carry out suicide bombings. We tried, through our attacks, to create fragmentation and dissension within Israeli society, and the left wing encouraged us in that regard,' said an imprisoned Hamas terrorist in one of many interviews for a new book,
The Seventh War by Israeli journalists Avi Yissocharov and Amos Harel.

"Yissocharov told Israel's Channel 1 'New Evening' program last night Hamas leaders told him repeatedly that it was the Israeli left wing that encouraged them to continue to carry out terror attacks. Many have blamed the Israeli peace camp and the Clinton White House, which sought Israeli territorial concessions for Palestinian promises of peace, built Arafat from a guerrilla warrior to a legitimate leader and ignored years of PLO incitement against Israel, for the continued attacks against Israeli civilians.

"Yissocharov also said the Palestinians view Sharon's disengagement plan as a victory for terrorism. He outlined the general consensus among those he interviewed:

"'The disengagement from Gaza is proof of our victory. The fact that Sharon is willing to withdraw unconditionally is basically equivalent to raising a white flag and retreating. Only by force are we able to teach the other side what to do.'"

The views seem to concur with a confidential memo written by Dr. Mahmoud al-Zahar, the Hamas leader in the Gaza Strip:

"The memo reveals that after Israel vacates, Hamas plans to become a dominating political force in Gaza. 'The movement will... demonstrate a street presence in an active and powerful manner and will strive to form requisite alliances in a way that will guarantee, on the one hand, that the PA makes no decisions separately, and on the other hand, continues taking care of the people's needs,' the memo states. Al-Zahar says terror attacks against Israelis will continue even after the withdrawal takes place. Hamas will 'preserve the weapon of armed struggle and not relinquish it or give it away under any circumstances.'"

All of the above examples illustrate the wide range of Jewish anti-Semitism and the many forms it can take. It can even resemble a chameleon, a creature that can change its outward appearance at will in order to blend into its surroundings and thus become more difficult to detect. It is important to recognize the traditional, gentile anti-Semites, and it is just as important to recognize and to expose the Jewish anti-Semites.