He supports Israel, US Jewish issues, Trump - thanks, Chairman Long

Chairman Michael R. Long, Chair of Conservative Party of New York believes the time has come for him to step down.

Cindy Grosz

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Long and Grosz

Michael R. Long concluded the formal portion of the 52nd Annual Conservative Party Political Action Conference, with a major announcement.  After decades of leadership, he is going to retire.

Chairman Long, in a full state statement, stated that while he has “a heavy heart,” the time has come to step away, and he does so with a clear mind.  He has led New York’s most recognizable third party since 1988.

“I am fully aware that the fight for conservative values carries on and that many battles remain, but I feel the time for new leadership is upon us.”


Chairman Long has always stood with Israel. Because of his constant support of Jewish concerns, we became friends and allies during the fight against President Obama’s Iran Nuclear Deal.  I called on him to stand with me at the Rally in Times Square.  He stands with Israel opposing BDS. 

As one of New York’s earliest Donald J. Trump’s supporters, and the most vocal leader in New York consistently backing him, he and I have spoken many times about the Pro Israel agenda of Trump’s administration and the many pieces of legislation passed that help Jews and Conservatives nationwide.

I was honored to be a guest at the last New York gala, as the Jewish activist representative.

Long: I have always tried to focus my efforts on furthering the cause that inspired this great party’s founding so many years ago. I have always felt that fighting the good fight was worth it back in the early days of the party and remain steadfast in that belief -- the fight continues today.
Jews, especially religious ones, have mutual agendas on education, religious freedom and many social issues.  The Conservative Party has given me a unique opportunity, especially during these days of polarization.  I get to work with Democrats in a bipartisan way.  We discuss issues and hopefully reach a common ground.  It happens a lot when it comes to Israel. The Conservative Party has endorsed Simcha Felder, Kalman Yeger, Simcha Eichenstein, Dov Hikind, Noach Dear, Philip Goldfeder, Michael Simanowitz and David Greenfield.

My friend, Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis, a candidate for Congress from Staten Island (NY11) in 2020, has known Long for years.  “I thank Chairman Mike Long for his 30 years of service leading the Conservative Party and the many more years he dedicated to fighting for the conservative values of less taxation, limited government and common sense. I’m proud to call him my constituent and friend and look forward to working with him in other capacities as we continue the fight for the principles we believe in.”

Another friend, Gerard Kassar, former Chair Of Conservative Party of Brooklyn, has known Long for over 30 years and is considered to be the next New York State Chair.  “Mike Long is one of the most honorable individuals I have ever met. No one is more devoted to advancing conservative principles on a moral, social and economic level. He represents a fading element in politics - a man whose word is his bond. The Conservative Party has held and grown due to his efforts.  Long made our state politics known to a the national stage. He will be very much missed.”

Pieces of Chairman Long’s letter can be read here: 

"In 1962 the Conservative Party of New York was founded to counter the ideological shift that had been taking place within state politics at the time. The intended purpose of the party was to provide the people of New York with a meaningful voice and political party and platform rich in conservative social and fiscal ideology. I found my way into the Conservative Party and movement in 1964, two years after its founding, looking to join the fight against what I had perceived as an unsustainable long-term path that our elected officials of the time had embarked on. I believed then, as I believe now, that the Conservative Party and movement serves a critical role not only in the State but across the country. If not for any other reason, the party serves to hold current and future leaders accountable to a philosophy that holds true to the core principles that this great nation was founded on; individual liberty, popular sovereignty, limited government, federalism, private property and separation of powers.

"I have been proud to be just a small part of this movement and fortunate to fight beside you for more than 55 years. I was honored to serve as the Kings County Chairman for nearly 17 of those years. I was humbled to be nominated the fourth State Chairman in the party’s history and grateful for the confidence of the members of the party to carry the torch in that role for the past 30 years. The years that I have spent in the Conservative Party have afforded me the gift of many lifelong friendships and unfortunately, on occasion, resulted in the end of other relationships. While I am certainly an individual and leader with his faults, I have always tried to focus my efforts on furthering the cause that inspired this great party’s founding so many years ago. I have always felt that fighting the good fight was worth it back in the early days of the party and remain steadfast in that belief -- the fight continues today.

"I have been blessed with the support of so many great people along the way, true patriots who have kept this party going and allowed me to do what I have truly loved. We have battled shoulder to shoulder for over half a century, we have experienced highs and lows, but we have always seen it through together. I have had the support of my loving wife, Eileen and my 9 children, who themselves have sacrificed a great deal over the years. Without their support, none of this would have been possible."

Todah Rabah Chairman Michael Long!!!

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