The End of the State of Israel

On Sunday afternoon, the 25th of May 2003, the State of Israel ceased to exist. It became, by its own action and consent, a protectorate of the United States of America.

Ya´akov-Perez Golbert

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On Sunday afternoon, the 25th of May 2003, the State of Israel ceased to exist. It became, by its own action and consent, a protectorate of the United States of America. Prime Minister Ariel Sharon presented the cabinet with the ?Road Map?, the plan that calls for the creation, in Eretz Yisrael, within five years, of a sovereign state for the Arabs who call themselves ?Palestinians.? Israel gives up the right to enter ?Palestinian? cities in pursuit of terrorists and terrorist organizations that attack and murder her citizens; commits herself to desist from ?targeted assassinations,? which is what the world calls the surgical attacks on terrorist commanders. It is understood that Israel must desist from un-targeted strikes against the population at large, even against parts of a city where terrorists operate. That?s obvious, when Israel may not even hit the specific persons who endanger and murder Israeli civilians. In short, Israel forgoes the right of self-defense.

Israel also forgoes the right to judge whether Palestinian compliance with its obligations is acceptable or even fraudulent. That judgment is given over to the Americans and the other members of the?Quartet?: the European Union, Russia and the UN, all of whom are implacably hostile to the State of Israel and the Jewish people. Their observers will determine whether Palestinian compliance is satisfactory. In the past they all, including the United States, have judged anything the Palestinians have done to be satisfactory, proof positive to the contrary notwithstanding.

Sharon faced some opposition in the government, lackluster and spineless though it was. Seven of the 23 actually voted against. Four abstained, including Binyamin (?Bibi?) Netanyahu, the man who would be Prime Minister again. Sharon offered them a fig leaf and they rushed to hide behind it. Netanyahu made a point of attaching Sharon?s 14 points of objection to the plan, as if that made any difference, given the fact that the cabinet approved the plan by a vote of 12 to 7, with 4 abstentions. Of course, the American government had given assurance that Israel?s objections would receive ?due consideration? when it comes to implementation. It cannot be lost on any intelligent person, not even an Israeli cabinet minister, that the phrase is utterly meaningless blather, given the fact that the objections are entirely contrary to the plan, which the Israeli government voted to accept by a decisive majority. That did not stand in the way of Netanyahu posturing as Bibi the Bold, insisting that it be appended to Israel?s acceptance. It was empty bluster.

Israel has many friends in the United States, and many enemies. In government, Israel?s friends are mainly in the Congress. Congress has sided with Israel overwhelmingly, often putting individual representatives at odds with the president. Israel?s enemies are in the State Department, the CIA, the Defense Department, the foreign policy establishment in general. Sharon and his government have decided to leave her friends in the lurch and place Israel?s fate in the hands of its enemies in the State Department.

Will America protect Israel? Don?t be stupid. This is the very same State Department that has worked to undermine Israel by duplicity and treachery since the Balfour Declaration in 1916; the very same State Department that imposed an arms embargo against Israel in 1948, while selling arms freely to the Arabs; the same State Department that withheld intelligence information from Israel that the US was obligated by treaty to give Israel, information about Iraqi weapons of mass destruction, capabilities and strategies. Will the US protect Israel? Ask Jonathan Pollard. They railroaded Jonathan Pollard to life in solitary, without ever having had a trial, for having had the temerity to give Israel that information.

The very tack taken by the US now has been used before, to Israel?s disaster. Israel must accept the Road Map so as not to undermine Abu Mazen. If Israel is seen to be the one to scrap the Road Map, it will destroy all chance of Abu Mazen, whom they assiduously paint as a ?moderate?, to succeed and leave the field to the ?extremists? like Hamas. This is the same argument that prevented Israel from mobilizing its forces in 1973 against a planned Egyptian-Syrian aggression. Israel was persuaded not to mobilize, because Israel would appear the aggressor and that would provoke the Egyptians and Syrians and force them to attack.

And who is Abu Mazen? He is a ?moderate? Holocaust denier, a ?moderate? terrorist, who believes in using terrorism only when it produces positive results for the terrorist organization, one of the founders of the PLO (Remember when it was a terrorist organization?), the ?moderate? financier of the Munich Massacre. His only point of disagreement with Hamas is over the question of whether terror tactics in the present circumstances produce a positive or a negative result. Hamas believes the result is positive. If it has gotten them Israeli acceptance of a ?Palestinian? state, who can say they are wrong?

The Road Map will cause more terror, G-d forbid, not less. It will increase the threat to Israel, not decrease it. The State Department knows that and, if they push these policies nevertheless, it is because they want that result.

It should be clear to all that the Israeli government will not protect Israel either. Our future depends on us. We have seen it all before. We can expect to see it again, this time much worse, G-d forbid. Enough of complaining. Now is the time for action.
Ya'akov-Perez Golbert is a practicing lawyer in Jerusalem. He was a full professor of law in Los Angeles until his aliyah in 1984. He represents several non-governmental organizations and is a founder of Netzah Yisrael Lo Yishaqer.