Mother Rachel, History, and Trump

Today a majority of the world, including many Jews, don't  know and understand our history.  Do something about it.

Cindy Grosz

OpEds קבר רחל. ארכיון
קבר רחל. ארכיון

On Rochel Imeinu’s Yarzeit, I was presented the the Rochol Imeinu Chesed Award from the Rachel Children’s Reclamation Foundation.  It is the only group that maintains that Kever Rochel is open 24/7 and features women’s shuirs.

Among the featured speakers were Joshua Wander, friend of Ari Fuld, touring the United States on the trip Fuld planned before his bestial murder.

“I am on a whirlwind tour across the United States in tribute to my dear friend, Ari Fuld HY”D. It started in NYC, continues across Florida, the Carolinas, Georgia and the West Coast. Speaking about Ari, his passions, Israel advocacy and the building of Jerusalem and the redemptive process. My goal is to influence and inspire American Jewry and to try and bring a little bit of the Land of Israel to the Diaspora.

"Rachel’s Children Reclamation Foundation is doing vital work to promote one of the holy sites in Eretz Yisrael that has been neglected. I’m sure with the assistance of these great people, we will merit to see the final redemption.”

I was introduced by Assemblyman Dov Hikind and Ateret Cohanim Executive Director, Shani Hikind.

I was chosen for my writing and work on behalf of preserving “Real History.”  Here are some of the remarks from my speech:

"I am not here to give a D'Var Torah.  We know Rachel as our Matriarch.  We know of her sacrifices and hardships.  She hears our cries and she listens. She pleads before G-d on our behalf above.

"Today, we must be her messenger.  Those here today are among a minority.  Today a majority of the world, including many Jews, don't  know and understand our history.  

"I am sending you home today with several tasks.  

"First, we all must vote on November 6th. This is the most important election in our lifetime, especially for Israel, and coincidentally, Rachel's Tomb.  If we do not help President Donald J. Trump gain seats in both the House of Representatives and Senate, I guarantee you the Democrats, with their progressive, pro BDS agenda will hurt Israel and worldwide Jewry.

"I personally support our president, the most pro-Israel commander in chief.  That's real history.

"The only Jewish Republican Congressman, Lee Zeldin, the most pro Israel Senator, Ted Cruz, and Ron DeSantis, Florida's next Governor, who will be the most pro Israel Governor ever all need your help.  So do the others running, as well as some newcomers. 

"We have more Jewish Republican candidates running throughout the country that ever before.  First time candidate, Naomi Levin, is giving Jerry Nadler his first real challenge.  We even have our first Republican, Orthodox Jew running for congress from New Jersey, Daryl Kipnis.  I am helping arrange phone banks, walks from door-to-door, and yes you can contact me to where to send donations.

"We also have state and local campaigns.  Don't say your vote doesn't matter in New York.  We must keep control of the State Senate or more attacks on Jews like the ones we saw in Boro Park and Crown Heights or on Columbia University's campus against the Consul General Dani Dayan's daughter will happen daily.  

As taxpayers, walk into your schools. Demand to see textbooks, handouts and teacher's guides.
"We must call out too many elected officials, even those that are Jewish and some that even wear yarmulkes, who remain silent when CAIR runs programs in Queens and when Linda Sarsour influences the NYCDOE School's Chancellor, Richard Carenza and Mayor Bill DeBlasio in publicized school visits.

"Real history---we are reliving the days of pre-Holocaust Europe around the world.  

"As taxpayers, walk into your schools.  Demand to see textbooks, handouts and teacher's guides.  The unions are not supporting Israel, or ensuring American history is taught factually.  How many of the educators have ever been to Israel, know where it is located on a map, or can tell you why Golda Meir, Theodore Herzl  and Alfred Dreyfus are even famous?  How many staff members are even Jewish?

"By the way, Jewish Day Schools and Yeshivas use the same textbooks and hire teachers trained in the same classes that influence public school teachers. 

"The other night, I was honored to hear my friend, Fox and Friend's Weekend CoHost, Pete Hegseth, accept the Ronald Reagan Legacy Award.  He, like myself, a school choice and voucher supporter, suggested schools honor the pledge of allegiance and saluting our flag more.  I couldn't agree more.  It builds self esteem and national pride.  It makes people want to learn about real history.

If I could make a suggestion to those in Washington, it would be to end the globalist common core curriculum, as promised.  It elevates Islam while creating bias and prejudice against those with Judeo and Christian values.

"I am proud to say that I have been working with members of the Trump 2020 and National Diversity Coalition committees to improve Black-Jewish  and Jewish Republican and Conservative relations.

"I can say lots more, but suggest you read my columns in Israel National News, The Times of Israel, other outlets and on The Jersey Joe website.  You can hear me cohost the Jersey Joe Show Sunday's at 10PM on 710WOR or anytime, anywhere on iHeart Radio.

"Follow me on  Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

"Thank you again for this wonderful honor. Remember, education is a non partisan issue that needs bipartisan support."

It should be noted that although elected officials from both parties were invited, only the Republican State Senator, Marty Golden, Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis and Assambly Candidate, Steve Saperstein attended, met the group and spoke to participants individually about concerns in their community.

Rochel Imeinu is listening, even as the United Nations is trying to tear her farther away and classrooms change our history.  Luckily,  we have a leader in the United States helping us listen to our cries.

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