Supreme Ct. decision on unions won't impact NY schools' anti-Semitism

Breaking news: Supreme Court decision will have little impact on NY schools increasing anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism. Why is most of the Jewish leadership silent?

Cindy Grosz

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US Supreme Court

Don’t be fooled by the United States Supreme Court decision, Janus vs AFSCME. While it might impact in a financial blow to democratic candidates and elected officials, it will have little bearing on the existence of anti-Israelism, misinformation on the Holocaust, BDS Support and overall anti-Semitism in the schools of New York.

1. The ruling:

2. The proof:

Election Night, New York Primaries, June 26:

One need look no further than the results of the primaries in New York.

The win of a 28-year-old Democratic Socialist, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez,  who just ousted a powerful, 10-term congressman in New York, Joe Crowley.  Crowley, often considered inline for Majority or Minority Leader, lost his primary to a candidate who had much less money, less name recognition and little official union help. She is also pro-Palestinian and outspoken against Israel.

Congresswoman Yvette Clarke, a union endorsed politician, who voted for the Iran Deal, barely survived her primary challenge by a 30-year-old unknown, novice politician, Adem Bunkeddeko. 

The wave of lifetime guarantees in government elected jobs, union support, and respect for Jewish Issues and Israel has been dying a slow death, and is taking on its last breath, in New York.

The new generation of politicians learned something from 2016.  Donald Trump won an election  despite every obstacle thrown at him, and Bernie Sanders started a revolution to take over the Democratic Party despite every obstacle thrown at him by his own party.  That included the lack of support for him from Clinton best friend, Randi Weingarten, and the financial backing of the powerful Teachers's Union.

The next generation of leadership willl see a group of Jewish progressives standing against Israel.  Sanders, the self-hating Jew and Palestinian supporter, sets that tone.

In New York, Cynthia Nixon, running for Governor in the primaries on the Democratic and Working Party lines, speaks up about making a Bar Mitzvah for her son and raising her children Jewish.  Yet, she does nothing to stop the anti-Semitism in our schools.  

State Senator Marty Golden from Brooklyn is facing a challenge by 30-year-old, Ross Barkin. Barkin, a Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez supporter, benefits greatly from her win in his quest for victory in November.

The Reality In New York

In New York, we have a progressive mayor, Bill DeBlasio.  We have a sitting governor, Andrew Cuomo, up for reelection. He is facing obstacles on all fronts, including losing support every day from multiple Teachers' unions across the state.  

We also have an anti-Semitic Senator, Kirsten Gillibrand, being handed a re-election.  Come November, due to a weak New York State Republican Party, Democrats will control both the Assembly and State Senate.  Democratic candidates really don't need union money.

Additionally, most Jewish leadership remains silent, something that non-Jews are mystified about and often ask me about their lack of interest.

The left is comparing the illegal immigrant in the United States to the Holocaust, and getting away with it.  

There is nobody who will need union support of any kind to fight for Jewish issues.  Anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism in our classrooms is trendy and growing.  It's an issue that easily unites a base that will allow illegal immigrants to vote from countries where they were either taught to hate Israel or have no knowledge about the issues within anti-Semitism.  It's an issue that somehow gets twisted into issues that are not related, including diversity in classrooms, free healthcare and more public school funding.

The best example is how the left is comparing the illegal immigrant in the United States to the Holocaust, and getting away with it.  Ask any Holocaust survivor if he received food, shelter and a warm place to stay while awaiting death in a gas chamber, being hanged in a street for display by onlookers, being shot near a pile of dirt he just shoveled knowing his fate, or being burnt alive in a crematorium.  

Even the most determined fake news can't share a picture of any of that near the US borders. President Trump is no Hitler. 

Reaction From The Unions

In New York, the United Federation of Teachers shared this information with its members:

If you are a UFT member, you will remain a member. You’ll still receive all of the union benefits that you have paid for and enjoyed over the years.

If you paid agency fees, that arrangement ended with the U.S. Supreme Court ruling in the Janus case.

Nonmembers will still be covered by the specific terms of the collective bargaining agreements, but you will no longer receive or have access to these services offered by the union:

Certain free legal services
Free counseling
Free or discounted training or professional development
An attorney during 3020-a employee discipline procedures
Member discounts through the UFT, NYSUT and AFT
And you will not be able to participate in union elections, contract ratification votes or votes about school-based options.

Public School Advocates shared this:

Randi Weingarten, American Federation of Teachers: “Don’t count us out. While today the thirst for power trumped the aspirations and needs of communities and the people who serve them, workers are sticking with the union because unions are still the best vehicle working people have to get ahead. … The teacher walkouts this spring, with educators fighting for the funding children need, were an example of how we will continue to make that case—in the halls of statehouses and the court of public opinion, in our workplaces and communities, and at the ballot box in November—through organizing, activism and members recommitting to their union.”

Lily Eskelsen García, National Education Association: “Today’s radical decision by the Supreme Court is a blatant slap in the face for educators, nurses, firefighters, police officers and all public servants who make our communities strong and safe. … Even though the Supreme Court sided with corporate CEOs and billionaires over working Americans, unions will continue to be the best vehicle on the path to the middle class.”

The Democratic wave is not for a middle class, it is closer to being Socialist.  It stands for more government dependency, including the regulation of how everyone should think, how all should view Jews and Israel.

For now, the Supreme Court decision has little impact in places like New York and California on Jewish concerns.  The only real solution is to vote Republican, support President Trump - and pray for Moshiach.

Education is a nonpartisan issue that needs bipartisan support

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