Jesus, the Palestinian Arab

Do not confuse anti-Semites with the facts.

Giulio Meotti

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giulio meott
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It doesn’t matter that Jesus was Jew, born to a Jewish mother in a Jewish city of Judea, 135 years before the name “Palestine” was even coined by the Romans to erase the Jewish kingdom and 650 years before the Arabs started their conquest of the Middle East. 

When the big lie takes root, it soon becomes an oak.

When the big lie takes root, it soon becomes an oak.
The US Methodist Church just voted to divest from five Israeli banks: BDS, the boycott movement, has scored a great victory. A victory more important than an academic appeal to eliminate the Israeli professors from European universities or a pension fund’s decision to blacklist an Israeli firm. The Methodist decision means that Jesus has become a Palestinian Arab.

The World Council of Churches, founded in 1948, based in Geneva and representing 5 million Christians, mostly mainline Protestants, is very hostile to Israel and the Jews. The US Presbyterian Church adopted a similar decision to that of the Methodists when it divested from some Israeli companies.

There are the Episcopalians, with two million members, seven churches and communion with the Church of England, who embraced “the positive investment” instead of the boycott, but it does not change: an attempt to achieve economic isolation of Israel.

In northern Europe the church boycott of Israel is mainstream: in Sweden, with the Church of Sweden and the Lutheran State Church; in Norway, with the International Council of Advice of the Norwegian church; in the Netherlands, with the Protestantse Kerk which has decided to review its “policy of solidarity with Israel”; in England, with the British Methodist Church, but, above all, with the Church of England, which has revised its investment in Veolia, “guilty” of working at the Jerusalem-Tel Aviv railway line.

During the Second Intifada, when Palestinian Arab terrorists took possession of the Basilica of the Nativity in Bethlehem, in Denmark a Lutheran bishop delivered a sermon in the cathedral of Copenhagen comparing Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon to King Herod. Meanwhile, a cartoon of George Forattini in on one of the largest Italian newspapers, La Stampa, revived the accusation of deicide with a drawing of the child Jesus looking at an Israeli tank and saying: “Do they want to kill me again?”. Three days before that work of art was published, 30 Israelis were killed by a suicide bomber in Netanya while they were celebrating the Passover. But for that Jewish Passion, there were no tears to shed.

Now, in the middle of a Third Intifada, Christians boycott the Jewish State of Israel. But what would happen to their "Palestinian" Jesus if he tried to enter Bethlehem in 2016? He would be lynched as a Jew.