President Trump will Undo Obama's Iran-First Policy

Within a year of Trump's election, Obama's policies will recede from memory. Trump knows how to get things done.

Mark Langfan

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Mark Langfan
Mark Langfan

Obama doesn't have a dual-loyalty problem regarding the United States and Iran; Obama's loyalty is to Iran.  Obama's policy is Iran first, second, and third, no matter how disastrous and harmful Iran is to the national security of the United States and the free world.  But like a magician who conjures a magic act, levitating a woman who, when the magic act is over, falls to earth, Obama's Iran-First  policy is a magic act that only works because Obama is currently President of the United States. Obama's term ends in 1 year and 40 days, and his Iran-First policy will end in 1 year and 40 days.  And the man who will erase everything Obama did to harm US national and domestic security will be Donald Trump.

If it was thought that Barack Obama was qualified enough to be President of the United States in 2008, Donald Trump has to be super-qualified-plus to be President of the United States in 2016.  

America loves a winner. Say what you want, Trump is a winner.
Real estate dealings? Obama's only real estate deal was the one where, when Obama was a sitting US senator, Obama committed fraud with one Antoine Rezko, a Syrian-American dual national, to buy the neighboring sliver of land to Obama's Hyde Park home for pennIes on the dollar.  Conversely, in the toughest city in the world, New York City, Trump has made billions for himself and other people who have bought apartments in his buildings.
As for friends, Obama's friends were Reverend Jeremiah "chickens come home to roost" Wright, Louis "kill the Jews" Farrakhan, and Bill "let's blow up a federal building" Ayers.  Trump has got more top quality friends than you can shake a stick at.
Executuve ability? Obama has single-handily (with help from Valerie Jarrett) destroyed the American empire that had protected the free-world from pure evil such as the Islamic Republic of Iran and Russia.  Trump by himself has built a real empire stretching across the globe and employing thousands of happy employees. If he does half as well for the United States, we'll be in like flint.
Second, Republican voters are sick and tired of Republican politicians whom they think are Democrats in Republican drag. (No offense to cross-dressers.  It's just an expression.)  Hence, they will nominate someone who is uses common-sense, and not the regular Republican political mumbo-jumbo that translates into de facto Democratic policies.  

Take the "Iran Review Act" that the Senate Republicans invented and passed with the help of AIPAC.  Sen. Cotton accurately said it was the stupidest bill in the world because it pre-approved an Iran nuclear deal like a fast-track trade deal without any of the normal trade deal protections.  So, instead of Obama needing the Republican majority of 51 to pass a new bill to erase the Iranian  sanctions, Obama only needed 34 senators to preserve his veto to erase the Iranian sanctions or 41 senators to avoid a cloture vote altogether.  

So, the Brutus-like Republicans betrayed Israel and actually pre-passed Obama's Iran nuke deal way back when they first voted on Senator Corker's Iran Review Act.  Again, Republican voters are sick of Republicans' talk, and their Democratic walk. Republicans are in love with common-sense.  And Trump evinces common-sense.
Thirdly, Trump will demolish Clinton, Sanders, or Biden or Warren or whomever the Democrats throw up (and I do mean that literally and figuratively).  All the Democrats have is a bunch of tired politicos and socialist-cum-communists who haven't worked an honest day in their lives, haven't ever made a payroll, or built anything except their egos.  

America needs someone who can get the job done.  I'll never forget how the Wollman ice skating rink in New York City was mired in hopeless renovation failure until Trump took the project over and fixed the ice skating rink in six months. Any general election that pits the get-it-done ability of Trump against Democratic communists will bring a Trump victory.  

America  loves a winner.  Say what you want, Trump is a winner and all the Democratic candidates' are philosophically socialistic/communistic losers.
Thirdly, on Iran, Trump will make Reagan's Operation Praying Mantis look like a Macys' fireworks display.  In Operation Praying Mantis, Reagan, in ten minutes and without UN approval, destroyed Iran's oil producing ability by bombing Iran's Ahwaz, Achilles heel, the area west of the Zagros mountains which holds all Iran's oil producing area.  100% of Iran's oil production is based in this one small area highly exposed to American attack and totally indefensible by Iran.  In two hours, and without a single US casualty,

Trump could bring Iran to its knees and bring a regime change to that evil regime and freedom to the Iranian people.  The billion Sunnis in the world will see Trump as the second coming of Allah.  And, in two hours of bombing Iran's west of the Zagros oil facilities, Trump will have erased the eight years of Obama's catastrophic Iran-First policy.
Fourthly, if the Republican candidates can't beat Trump, how are they ever going to beat Hilary, or Biden or any other Democrat?  Republicans are sick of nominating nice pasties who can't fight their way out of a paper bag.  Romney and McCain are real "nice" guys, and they lost. Republicans see Trump as a pit bull who can dish it back to any Democratic candidate.  That's why Trump poll numbers go up when he attacks.  Republicans are tired of losing because they nominate nice-guy candidates that won't fight Democratic attacks.  Trump will give it to the Democrat like never before.
In short, get ready for a President Trump.  But, more importantly, Trump, and only Trump, has the guts to erase Obama, and the vestiges of Obama's traitorous Iran-First policies, like Obama never existed.  Just call Trump the Eraser-Man.  America will elect Trump because they want to erase Obama, and all of his domestic and national security policies.

After one year of President Trump, Obama and his policies will be just a bad dream.