Israel is All of Us! Solidarity Now!

Leonard Bernstein and Arturo Toscanini set an example for action in the face of the UNHRC Report, growing anti-Semitism and the continuing attempts to destroy the Jewish state.

Giulio Meotti

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giulio meott
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The echoes of phrases and symbols of Nazi propaganda are used against the Israeli people today - in newspapers, in schools, in books, in university halls and in Europe’s Parliaments. The specter of Joseph Goebbels has just reappeared in the West. He said that Denmark was a threat to the Third Reich. Today it is Israel’s turn.

A state that has paid for its right to exist with 22,000 Jews killed in attacks or wars. A state that does not have space to which to retreat. The world knows that perfectly and in the last few years has intensified its despicable campaign against Israel.

At the United Nations, global diplomacy is demonizing Israel’s right to defend itself, its very right to exist - among enemies who want to destroy it. The UNHRC report is just another addition to the list, as expected as it is shameful.

The boycott movement, which is the face of the economic war against Israel, is growing every day. Even some musicians are abandoning the Jewish State and cancelling their tours in the region.

Israel is the only bastion of civilization founded on freedom and justice. But Israel can die of constant mobilization. It can offer heroic resistance, but it cannot survive in a endless Masada. What can we do, all of us,  in the West? Show solidarity.

And we should learn from the great musicians, those who betrayed the Jews but also those who supported them. During the War of Independence in 1948, Leonard Bernstein decided to conduct the orchestra in the southern Israeli city of Beersheba. Around him there were Israeli soldiers with rifles slung over their shoulders and the music of Beethoven and Ravel in their ears.

Leinsdorf took a taxi to the airport and left. He abandoned Israel so quickly that he left his tuxedo in the Opera House in Tel Aviv.
But to understand what solidarity for Israel means, you have to compare it with the story of Eric Leinsdorf. Without saying anything to anyone, in 1967 when the Egyptian radio was calling to “Slaughter the Jews”, instead of going to the theater to perform one night, Leinsdorf took a taxi to the airport and left. He abandoned Israel so quickly that he left his tuxedo in the Opera House in Tel Aviv. It is still there to remind us of his abandonment of Israel.

A fellow Italian, the great musician Arturo Toscanini, flew to Tel Aviv to play for the Israeli pioneers, without any compensation, before a Jewish State had been created. All the traffic in the Mandatory Palestine stopped to hear his celestial music at the concert also attended by Chaim Weizmann and David Ben Gurion. It was December 12, 1936 when the master took the podium and said those immortal words: “I do this for humanity”.

I am personally convinced that the creation of the State of Israel in the Middle East will prevail over the Arab-Islamic rejection; and perhaps only then, with a new and young heart, the Arab world will also be able to get out from its backwardness, a situation into which it dragged itself just because of the hypnosis that  lets it concentrate only on war against the Jews.

Therefore, let’s leave the sheiks, the emirs and the caliphs engaging in their most brutal policy of anti-Semitism, and let’s pressure democratic governments and public opinion, primarily that of Europe and the United States, to fulfill their responsibilities, knowing that Israel, the conscience of the world, is right on our border.

Israel is all of us. Israel will live!