Yossi Dagan and Bezalel Smotrich pay a condolence visit to Tal Tamari, Meir Tamari's widow
Yossi Dagan and Bezalel Smotrich pay a condolence visit to Tal Tamari, Meir Tamari's widowCourtesy of the photographer

Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich (Religious Zionism) on Monday morning paid a condolence visit to the Tamari family, following the murder of Meir Tamari in a terror attack last week.

Tamari, 32, was killed at the entrance to Hermesh when terrorists in a passing vehicle opened fire at him at close range. He is survived by his wife Tal and their two young children, ages three and one.

"Tal, Meir's wife, and his entire family are strong people, determined and believing in a way which inspires astonishment," he said. "I heard from them just demands to change the IDF's security perspective in Judea and Samaria, bring back the checkpoints which prevent terror attacks and save human lives, and more offensiveness, as well as strengthening the settlements in northern Samaria, including the town of Hermesh, where they live."

"Around Hermesh there are thousands of dunams of State land, and we can and need to build thousands of housing units on them. And that, with G-d's help is what we will do."

Tal Tamari told Smotrich, "Our lives were cut short in the middle. Yesterday was our fourth anniversary. Meir was a man of solutions, and we need to see how we will make replacing the checkpoints happen. Do not look at it as a problem. There is no limit - it is only an issue of desire."

Samaria Regional Council Head Yossi Dagan, who accompanied Smotrich on his visit, told the Finance Minister, "The issue of the checkpoints is one of saving lives. You are a member of the Diplomatic-Security Cabinet. We ask you to help us, because there is no security here. We need to bring solutions. We cannot continue to live like sitting ducks in a firing range. It needs to be known that this fire will not stop here. If it is not dealt with now, in the most aggressive way there is, it will flow out to central Israel, and we will see shooting at civilians in the streets. It is in your hands."