Meir Tamari
Meir Tamarinone

An investigation into the murder of Meir Tamari showed that the terrorists traveled in a vehicle with forged Israeli license plates, and fired a burst of bullets from a long weapon.

According to Kan News, the military post a few meters from where the terror attack took place was manned immediately following the attack.

IDF forces are searching for the terrorists, who escaped the scene following the terror attack.

Meir Tamari, who would have celebrated his 32nd birthday on Wednesday, was a resident of Hermesh, where his wife grew up, and had recently finished building his home. He is survived by his wife Tal and two young children, ages one and three.

Yossi Dagan, head of the Samaria Regional Council, said, "This is very difficult news. Our heart breaks together with that of the entire family, the town, and the entire nation of Israel. It hurts so much to say this now, but we all understand: The writing was on the wall. We could have prevented this terror attack. This terror attack occurred just meters from a checkpoint which, if it were active, this terror attack would have been prevented."

"We begged that the checkpoint be reopened, we warned that we would pay in blood, and we were not answered. If the government of Israel had not caved to international pressure and removed the security checkpoints, including this checkpoint, Meir would be here with us today, and this evening he would once again laugh and play with his little children and his wife Tal. I demand, now, that the security checkpoints be reinstated. If soldiers had stopped the terrorist at a checkpoint which still exists but is unmanned, Meir would still be with us."

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said, "I send my condolences from the bottom of my heart to the family of the late Meir Tamari, who was murdered today in a shooting attack near the village of Hermesh where he lived. God will avenge his death."

"Our forces are now pursuing the terrorists to settle a score with them - and it will be settled soon. As we have reached every terrorist to date and settled our score with him - we will do the same this time."