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Tishrei 27, 5775 / Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Abbas Toughens PA Law Against Selling Property to Israelis

After recent Jewish real estate purchases in Jerusalem, Mahmoud Abbas adds hard labor to sentence for Arabs caught selling to Jews.
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Defense/Security, 5:30 PM

Arab Rioters Fail to Force Jews from Jerusalem Neighborhood

Arab extremists attack new Jewish residents of Kfar Shiloach with firebombs, rocks just hours after they moved in.
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Inside Israel, 5:37 PM

Danon Vows to Fight Netanyahu's 'Underhanded Opportunism'

Likud Central Committee chair charges PM of harming party democracy with early primaries, as elections look increasingly likely.
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Inside Israel, 3:46 PM

Courageous: Israeli Avalanche Victim Laid to Rest

Hundreds pay their final respects to Lt. Tamar Ariel z''l, Air Force's first religious female navigator. 'She fought to continue walking.'
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Inside Israel, 4:34 PM

Police 'Failing' to Allow Jews to Visit the Temple Mount

Temple Organizations Headquarters report calls on Netanyahu to change policy, after police helpless against Arab riots on Sukkot.
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Inside Israel

'Two Eternal Nations' Meet at Jerusalem's Japanese Culture Week

Though separated by thousands of miles, Japan and Israel are closer than you might think; Mayor Barkat lauds ties at fascinating event.
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Jerusalem Mayor Kisses Gerrer Hassid by Mistake Nir Barkat was not aware that the Gerrer (Gur) hassidic sect forbids men from kissing each other. He asked: 'What are they, Muslims?'


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