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Iyar 2, 5775 / Tuesday, April 21, 2015
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Terrorist Attacked Jews to Avenge 'Miserable Life'

Terrorist Khaled Kutina told investigators he specifically sought out Jews in brutal car attack in Jerusalem.
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Inside Israel, 2:38 PM

Abu Khder Added to Har Herzl Terror Victims List

Family of Arab youth who was murdered by Jews reportedly does not want him honored alongside Jewish terror victims.
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Inside Israel, 12:56 PM

Likud Dismisses Kulanu Ad Man's 'Devil' Remarks

Advertising director Udi Pridan called Netanyahu 'Satan'. Likud: he joins Waxman, Garbuz and Kimhi.
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Inside Israel, 12:42 PM

Israel's Population Grows 2% Over 2014 to 8.345 Million

Independence Day census: 176,000 babies were born and 32,000 people immigrated in 2014; Israel now has 6.251 million Jews.
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Middle East, 2:06 PM

Russia Wants to 'Redesign' the Middle East

Russia thinks American policy in the Middle East has been irresponsible, but is pursuing a strategy where Iranian power would dominate.
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Inside Israel

Rabbi Aharon Lichtenstein Laid to Rest

Thousands in Gush Etzion pay final respects to leading Religious-Zionist, Modern Orthodox figure; burial to take place in Jerusalem.
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Police: Rocks Pelted at Herzog's Car 'An Accident'Security footage apparently shows a car in front of Michal Herzog's hitting rocks on the road, causing them to fly into the air, police say.


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