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Av 20, 5776, 8/24/2016

One wounded in Samaria terror attack

Defense/SecuritySoldier wounded in stabbing attack near Samarian town of Yitzhar.
Daily Israel Report

Cop fined for attacking Samaria resident

Defense/Security, 3:49 PM The court ordered compensation of 13,000 shekels, after a cop refused to identify himself to a Binyamin security guard - and attacked him.

Elderly haredi man brutally attacked in Ramat Gan

Haredi Community ‏, 4:00 PM An 80-year-old haredi man attacked and seriously injured by unknown assailants on Chazon Ish St. in Ramat Gan.

Man indicted for hitting a 6 year-old, then fleeing the scene

Inside Israel, 3:07 PM Indictment filed against 21-year-old Jerusalemite who hit a child with his car on a crosswalk, injuring him badly, and then drove away.

Photos: Gaza's last tiger leaves 'world's worst zoo'

Inside Israel, 2:04 PM The inhumane neglect of the Khan Younis zoo came to an end when the last animals left today. "I am very sad," lamented owner Ziad Aweda.


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