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Tevet 7, 5775 / Monday, December 29, 2014

Rabbi Yosef's Children 'Cynically Used' to Defend Deri

Children of Shas spiritual head gather at grave to back Deri and decry 'desecration of honor,' after recording revealed him slamming Deri.
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Inside Israel, 3:51 PM

Former Shin Bet Head Returning to Politics on Likud List

Avi Dichter returns to Likud after brief hiatus, says he supports peace deal - but also that Israel should defang Gaza.
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Defense/Security, 2:33 PM

Rock Throwing Terrorist Eliminated by IDF Fire

Terrorist lobbing potentially lethal rocks at Israeli cars shot in IDF confrontation - soldiers now likely to be faced with investigation.
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Global Agenda, 4:07 PM

'Neo-Nazis are Raising Their Heads' in Greece

After the desecration of Larissa's Jewish cemetery, Rabbi Mordechai Frizis warns it is a 'sad symptom of what could happen in Greece.'
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Jewish World, 2:51 PM

UK Gov't to Unveil Tough New Measures to Combat Anti-Semitism

British minister warns 'dark forces' of anti-Semitism rearing their head in the UK, says anti-Semitism 'like a cancer.'
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Middle East

PA UN Bid to be Postponed for Next Year

PA FM reveals Arab ambassadors mulling unilateral resolution demanding recognition and withdrawals, likely to be put off yet again.
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Daily Israel Report


In Time for Hanukkah: 'A New Light' New single by Mati Shriki pays a fitting tribute to the festival of light.

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'Biblical Zoo' Mystified after Rare Tiger Eats Her Two New CubsEndangered Sumatran tiger eats five-week-old cubs, dealing a blow to Biblical Zoo's captive breeding program; just 400 survive in the wild.


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