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Tishrei 29, 5775 / Thursday, October 23, 2014

'Next Time We Won't Treat Haniyeh's Daughter'

Liberman responds to Hamas leader's praise of Jerusalem terrorist who killed a baby; Ecuadorian seminary girl still fighting for her life.
CurrenciesShabbat Times
Middle East, 5:11 PM

Abbas's Fatah Pledges 'Loyalty' to Jerusalem Terrorist

'Moderate' Fatah praises 'heroic' murderer of three-month-old, celebrating his 'wedding' to 72 virgins in paradise.
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Defense/Security, 4:16 PM

Netanyahu Vows 'Harshest Response' to Future Terror

After three-month-old murdered by Hamas terrorist in capital, PM reiterates unity of Jerusalem and warns against attacks.
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Inside Israel, 5:39 PM

Bennett Potential Prime Minister, Notes Financial Times

Next government will be more hawkish than current one, predicts Jewish Home chairman.
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Middle East, 5:39 PM

Iran, P5+1 in Day 2 of Nuclear Talks

Sticking points: size of uranium enrichment capacity, how to remove anti-Iran sanctions, duration of final agreement.
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Inside Israel

Heartbreaking: Last Picture of Baby Terror Victim

Photo was taken at the Kotel just hours before 3-month-old Chaya Zisel Braun was murdered in a terrorist attack in Jerusalem.
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