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Shevat 9, 5775 / Thursday, January 29, 2015

Netanyahu: Iran Responsible for Golan Attack, Soldiers' Deaths

None other than Iran was behind the attack on an IDF patrol on the Golan Heights Wednesday, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said.
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News from America, 1:20 PM

Boehner: Obama Administration Has Deep Antipathy for Netanyahu

In interview aired on Fox News Wednesday, House Speaker John Boehner defends his decision to invite PM to speak before Congress.
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Inside Israel, 12:37 PM

'Where You Should Have Buried Me, I Bury You'

Funeral of Major Yochai Kalengel, 25, killed in Hezbollah's attack on the IDF Wednesday, held at Moutn Herzl Cemetery in Jerusalem.
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Middle East, 12:32 PM

UN Envoy Furious over Attempt to Storm Gaza HQ

Robert Serry blames Hamas authorities for turning a blind eye as protesters tried to smash their way in to UNRWA offices.
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Inside Israel, 1:24 PM

With Ohana Off List, Rabbis Return to Jewish Home

With Eli Ohana off the Jewish Home list, key figures in the Religious Zionist community said they could once again support the party.
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Inside Israel

Rabbinical Org. Urges Religious to Reclaim Sex-Education

Tzohar Rabbinical Organization hosts special session, says Torah community must reclaim topic from 'less appropriate' sources.
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