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Elul 24, 5774 / Friday, September 19, 2014

Hamas: End the Blockade or There Will be Another War

Hamas deputy leader says the group does not want another war with Israel, but says fighting is inevitable if blockade on Gaza isn't lifted.
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Middle East, 11:05 PM

ISIS Captive Urges UK to Negotiate His Release

British journalist John Cantlie seen telling the 'truth' in propaganda clip - his suspected captor thought to be ISIS beheader.
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Inside Israel, 10:21 PM

Jerusalem Passes Landmark Arab Building Project

Hareidi parties leave hall letting project giving contiguous Arab control over eastern Jerusalem pass, threatening capital's demography.
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Inside Israel, 10:22 PM

Possible Split Within Jewish Home?

New 'camp' forming in Jewish Home to oppose new constitution, after dissenters say it detracts from Religious Zionist values.
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Global Agenda, 9:04 PM

Released: The "Official" List of Hamas Violations of Int'l Law

NY-based legal rights group publishes list of blatant Hamas violations, ahead of UN investigation of Israeli "war crimes."
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Global Agenda

Canadian PM Vows to Stand With Israel 'Through Fire and Water'

Stephen Harper says international community's push for Canada, world to be 'ambivalent' on Israel is 'wrong.'
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Hassidic Superstar Fried in Beit El: Shehechayanu! 2,500 people went to Beit El in Samaria to see and hear hassidic song great Avraham Fried perform.

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Carer Steals 250,000 Shekels From Elderly Man50-year-old woman in Golan Heights suspected of manipulating her position to pocket vast sums over the course of nine years.


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