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Av 22, 5776, 8/26/2016

White House: Iran's actions in the Gulf a cause for concern

Middle EastWhite House says recent encounters between Iranian vessels and American warships in the Gulf are unacceptable.
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Shabbat Shalom from Israel! Updates continue from N. America

Jewish World, 6:55 PM Shabbat about to begin in Israel. Arutz Sheva's North America desk will continue to update the site until Shabbat begins in New York.

Terrorist shot dead in Samaria

Defense/Security, 1:53 PM Arab terrorist sprinted towards army position near Ofra in Samaria, was neutralized by IDF forces.

Four years later, evacuation from Syria's Daraya begins

Middle East, 9:03 PM Rebels and civilians begin evacuating the Syrian town of Daraya after a four-year army siege.

Here is incontrovertible proof of Israel's title to this land

Radio, 7:11 PM Fatah explains: Who is a Palestinian?


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