Sivan 7, 5778, 5/21/2018

Report: US to release Mideast peace plan next month

Trump administration reportedly set to release its Middle East peace plan for Israel and the PA at end of Ramadan in June.

Israeli army cadet sparks controversy at Auschwitz

Soldier representing Israel in delegation to Auschwitz carries sign in Polish reading 'You're also responsible'.

Tragedy in southern Israel

Two-year-old toddler drowns in Telamim in southern Israel. Second toddler in critical condition after near-drowning in Petah Tikva.

Bernard Lewis, Jewish Mideast expert, dead at 101

Lewis, dubbed 'West's leading interpreter of Middle East', advised Bush administration, warned of Iranian nuclear threat.

The Western Nakba: Hating Israel

Europe's response to the intentional misreporting of the terrorists killed at the Gaza fence boggles the mind. Op-ed.


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