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Shevat 6, 5775 / Monday, January 26, 2015

Herzog: We Are the Real Zionism

Labor Central Committee approves "Zionist Center" list for the coming elections. Livni: This time we will win.
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Defense/Security, 8:37 PM

Watch: Terrorist Told: 'Smile, You %&@#'

Authorities are trying to find out how a citizen managed to approach the Tel Aviv stabber in his hospital bed.
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Inside Israel, 10:04 PM

Yishai – Ben Ari Talks at Impasse

Otzma Yehudit wants 4th and 6th spots reserved for it in joint list and demands Temple Mount issue as a plank in the platform.
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Global Agenda, 8:56 PM

ISIS Confirms it Executed Japanese Hostage

Terror group's representatives state on radio that they executed Haruna Yukawa, after ransom deadline expired.
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Inside Israel, 9:38 PM

Report: R' Haim Amsalem, Eli Yishai Discussing Joint List

Rabbi Haim Amsalem and Eli Yishai, both Shas defectors, reportedly in serious talks over possible joint list ahead of Thursday deadline.
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The Gift of a Daughter

Family ties strengthen when a surprise pregnancy raises feelings never felt before by a mother of three.
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