Kislev 5, 5778, 11/23/2017

Report: PM considering firing Hotovely

Netanyahu reportedly examining how to legally fire Hotovely following her statements on US Jewry. 'Don't put the government in hot water.'

'Rabbi Shteinman had a difficult day, but he's improving'

Rabbi's spokesperson to Arutz Sheva: 'Yesterday was very difficult for him, but today there are definite signs of improvement.'

Who is responsible for Israel's rupture with Diaspora Jewry?

The crisis between Israel and world Jewry has nothing to do with Israel's non-recognition of the Reform and Conservative movements. Opinion.

Watch: Jew and Arab dance together in Huwara

'On a personal level, I succeed in finding common ground with our Arab neighbors. The problem begins with national identity.'

Is it true the UN created Israel?

It iseventy years since UN General Assembly Resolution 181.


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