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Elul 24, 5774 / Friday, September 19, 2014

PA: 'Nothing in Place' to Reconcile Fracturing Hamas Unity Pact

Unity PM says each faction is responsible for its own problems, hours after Hamas declares it is looking for 'alternatives.'
CurrenciesShabbat Times
Middle East, 12:38 PM

Islamic State Conquering Syria's Turkish Border

Thousands of Kurds flee to border as ISIS takes 21 border towns; Turkey doesn't let them in - same night 21 wounded Gazans let in.
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Global Agenda, 11:30 AM

Iranians Caught in Kenya with Fake Israeli Passports

Terror attack or just criminal? Mystery deepens after Iranians attempt to board flight to Tel Aviv with stolen passports.
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Inside Israel, 11:46 AM

IDF Central Commander Alon Discriminates Against Jews?

Jewish teen arrested breaching distancing order from Judea home; Arab woman in Ramallah suspected of terror let off for same breach.
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Global Agenda, 12:39 PM

German Muslims Rally Against Extremism

Four main Muslim groups protest Islamist extremism, hate crimes of all kinds Friday after 'Sharia Police' debut in German countryside.
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Global Agenda

Filipino UN Peacekeepers Flee Golan Heights Early

As Syrian rebels conquer Syrian side of Golan and in wake of recent abduction, Philippines pulls out forces a month early.
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Hassidic Superstar Fried in Beit El: Shehechayanu! 2,500 people went to Beit El in Samaria to see and hear hassidic song great Avraham Fried perform.

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Carer Steals 250,000 Shekels From Elderly Man50-year-old woman in Golan Heights suspected of manipulating her position to pocket vast sums over the course of nine years.


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