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Sivan 9, 5775 / Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Massive Fires Burn Around Israel, 3 Homes Decimated

Huge fire in forest outside Beit Shemesh spreads out of control, after blaze in Tel Mond sets gas balloons on fire and levels homes.
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Defense/Security, 1:15 PM

'We'll Do Whatever Is Needed to Preserve Quiet'

Netanyahu says IDF acted 'immediately and forcefully' in response to rocket fired from Gaza.
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Defense/Security, 12:02 PM

Arab Threat Shuts Down New Road Hours After It Was Opened

New road from Ramallah to Bitin opened in 'gesture,' closed less than a day later after Arab blocks Jewish car in potential attack.
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Defense/Security, 1:00 PM

IDF Drill Prepares for Terror Surge in Judea and Samaria

Soldiers train for gamut of terror threats including mass marches on checkpoints, as IDF vows not to be 'caught off guard' again.
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Inside Israel, 12:35 PM

Cabinet Approves Ministerial Committee on Arab Sector

Ministerial committee will be chaired by Prime Minister, with Minister Gila Gamliel as his deputy.
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WWII Bomb Causes 20,000 Germans to Evacuate

Un-exploded bomb near Rhine River brings city, shipping and air traffic to a halt as authorities deactivate potential 'blast from the past.'
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