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Elul 22, 5776, 9/25/2016

MDA Director takes the witness stand in Azariya case

Inside IsraelEli Bin, Director of MDA: We don't approach a wounded person if we think he might have an explosive device.

Aharon Benita's widow: Pain and anguish in every breath

Inside Israel, 3:22 PM Adele Banita, widow of Aharon Benita who was murdered in a terror attack 12 months ago, described her situation in a Facebook post.

Ben Gurion airport prepares for mass flights to Uman.

Jewish World, 3:34 PM Airport authorities are preparing for the yearly mass flights to the grave of Rabbi Nachman of Breslav in the Ukrainian town of Uman.

Three children killed, one son disabled

Jewish World, 3:39 PM A series of tragedies leaves a family bereft and in need of help.

Supporting Mishpachtonim: Israel’s children are your children

Inside Israel, 3:56 PM Help us care for the children of Israel.


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