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Shevat 12, 5775 / Sunday, February 01, 2015
Elections heat up

Watch: Livni in Angry Confrontation with Bennett

Tzipi Livni gets in Naftali Bennett's face and calls him a liar after he says she favored Golan withdrawal.
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News from America, 9:59 PM

Baker: Congress Speech Could Backfire on Bibi in Elections

Former secretary of state draws parallel to former PM Yitzhak Shamir, who confronted the US and was ousted by Rabin in 1992.
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Inside Israel, 9:41 PM

Comptroller: Reporter Had No Business Releasing PM Document

State Comptroller Yosef Shapira on Sunday slammed Channel Ten reporter Raviv Drucker for publishing a draft document report he is preparing.
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Inside Israel, 9:16 PM

Livni in 2009: Syria Peace Means Ceding Land

Was Naftali Bennett right when he said Tzipi Livni favored withdrawing from the Golan in the past? You be the judge.
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Middle East, 10:36 PM

Blast in Damascus Pilgrim Bus Kills Nine

Al-Qaeda's Syrian branch blows up bus carrying Lebanese Shiites. Hezbollah decries 'barbarity of the terrorists'
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IDF Foils Two Potential Stabbing Attacks in Hevron

IDF forces successfully foiled two stabbing attacks on Sunday, both in the area of the Machepelah Cave in Hevron.
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Renowned Israeli Conductor Dies Mid-ConcertIsrael Yinon dies of unknown causes while conducting symphony in Switzerland.

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