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Tishrei 28, 5775 / Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Jerusalem Rock Attacks Continue as Police Announce Task Force

Arabs throw rocks in three different locations in Jerusalem, as "silent intifada" continues.
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Middle East, 2:12 AM

Pentagon: Airstrikes Have Helped Keep ISIS Away from Kobane

Pentagon spokesman warns that the town of Kobane could still fall into the hands of ISIS and that the situation is "tenuous".
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Inside Israel, 1:15 AM

Bennett: Something New Has Begun in Jerusalem

Members of the Jewish Home party welcome the results of the election of Jerusalem's new Chief Rabbis.
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Defense/Security, 10:23 PM

IDF Finally Admits: Hamas Planned Terror-Tunnel Massacre

Attack, potentially timed for Rosh Hashana, would have involved 200 heavily-armed terrorists and been on an unprecedented scale.
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Middle East, 9:25 PM

Jordan Pressing Israel not to Allow Jewish Temple Mount Prayer

Jordanian ambassador to 'Palestine' reveals diplomatic war against new prayer bill, and vast financial network to Arabize Jerusalem.
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Middle East

Watch: US Weapons Airdrop Falls into ISIS Hands

American support for Kurdish fighters in embattled city of Kobane goes awry, as brutal jihadists sarcastically thank US for the ammo.
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Jerusalem Mayor Kisses Gerrer Hassid by Mistake Nir Barkat was not aware that the Gerrer (Gur) hassidic sect forbids men from kissing each other. He asked: 'What are they, Muslims?'


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