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Elul 20, 5774 / Monday, September 15, 2014
Another terror effect

More Girls Than Boys Born in Rocket-Plagued City

More premature, underweight births found in rocket-plagued Sderot – and more female babies. Juvenile diabetes also linked to war.
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Defense/Security, 11:55 AM

'Color Red' Siren in South Was a False Alarm

Sirens sounded in Hof Ashkelon region but no explosion was heard.
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Middle East, 9:19 AM

Report: Abbas Will Ask France to Recognize 'Palestine'

Arab news agency says PA chairman wants European countries to recognize 'state' before he heads for UN.
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Middle East, 7:27 AM

Qaradawi Opposes US Action against IS

Leading Sunni Muslim religious authority opposes ISIS but doesn't want US to be the one to fight it.
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News from America, 6:14 AM

Senate Majority Leader: Hamas is Just as Bad as Islamic State

Senator Harry Reid says the failure to condemn Hamas as one would condemn the Islamic State is "stunning hypocrisy."
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News from America

How Israel Protects 'Europe's Achilles Heel'

Arutz Sheva's strategy analyst delivered the keynote lecture to a packed house at the historic counter-anti-Semitism conference at the UN.
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Satan and a Jewish Woman Give Birth to ISIS in Iraqi Satire 'The Superstitious State' parodies brutality of 'Islamic State' - and throws in a little anti-Semitism for good measure.


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Middle East Seasoned Stuffed PotatoesA nice dish for lunch on Shabbat.

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Teddy Roosevelt and Palestine - "Bully for You!"He said: "There can be no peace worth having" until Armenians and Arabs are granted independence "and the Jews given control of Palestine."