Nissan 28, 5777, 4/24/2017

WATCH LIVE: March of the Living

Watch the 29th March of the Living live on Arutz Sheva.

Bedouin man gets 10 months for sexually assaulting haredi girl

Man convicted of sexually assaulting 15-year old girl in Beitar given 10 months in jail, his friend just 3 months community service.

'All our memories of the Holocaust were burned with our home'

Holocaust survivor whose home was burned in November's arson intifada says she and her husband lost pictures of Holocaust victims in fire.

Do banks discriminate against customers with 'kosher' phones?

Banks require customers to enter codes received via text message, haredi MK gets mad, calls it 'discrimination.'

Holocaust survivor activates Remembrance Day siren

Holocaust survivor Stephanie Fortuno activates Holocaust memorial siren Monday morning.


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