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Tamuz 18, 5776, 7/24/2016

Deadly machete attack in southern Germany

EuropeSyrian refugee kills one, injures two others in machete attack near Stuttgart, Germany.
Daily Israel Report

Father that left baby in car resolves to prevent future tragedy

Inside Israel, 8:34 PMThe father of 16-month-old baby who died on Friday after being forgotten in a car, resolves that similar incidents won't happen in Israel.

Woman locks son in the cupboard- and heads to the beach

Europe, 6:12 PMTwo Muslim women in Britain jailed for locking five-year old boy in darkened cupboard for a day while they went to the beach.

Number of women enlisting for combat positions increasing

Inside Israel, 9:20 PMSurvey shows 40% increase in preference for combat positions among female draftees July 2016.

'The social atmosphere in Israel is combustible'

Inside Israel, 7:57 PMReserve IDF General Gershon Hacohen walks back some of his remarks in support of General Buchris, who has been indicted for sex crimes.


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