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Adar 11, 5775 / Monday, March 02, 2015

Netanyahu: Despite Disagreements Israel and America are Family

Prime Minister tells AIPAC US and Israel have 'family disagreements' but share values and goal of stopping Iranian nuke.
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Inside Israel, 6:13 PM

Avigdor Liberman vs. The Supreme Court - Does He Stand a Chance?

After allowing MK Zoabi to run, Yisrael Beytenu head wants to clip the Court's wings; expert says he's got his work cut out.
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News from America, 4:36 PM

Power Tells AIPAC 'US Support of Israel Transcends Politics'

US Ambassador to UN talks about Holocaust, 'ugly' attacks on modern Israel, and the ties between the Jewish state and United States.
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Middle East, 4:00 PM

As Nuclear Talks Drag on, How Iran is Slowly Encircling Israel

Tehran no longer even bothering to hide its aggressive expansion throughout the Middle East, even as nuclear negotiations continue.
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Defense/Security, 4:34 PM

How Hamas Smuggled Military Goods From Israel During War

3 Israeli businessmen just tip of iceberg as operatives funneled thousands of tons of materials into Hamas's war machine.
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Inside Israel

Child Firebomb Victim Ayala Shapira Speaks for the First Time

Girl critically wounded by Arab terror tells of fateful night of attack, dreams to be a writer and have her Bat Mitzvah on Temple Mount.
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