Iyar 26, 5777, 5/22/2017
PM and Trump

'Chance for peace greater than before'

US President and Israeli PM give joint report to press, say chance for peace greater than ever before because of regional developments.

'Trump, make history'

Education Minister calls on President Trump to emulate Harry Truman and be first world leader to recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

Israeli drug achieves dramatic results with lung, colon cancer

Eliminates 70% carcinogenic cells in recent molecular biology experiments; Gammora research named 'outstanding cancer research paper'.

White House live feed says 'Jerusalem, Israel'

White House would leave Israel out of descriptions of Jerusalem under previous administrations.

Israeli spy Shulamit Cohen-Kishik dies at 100

Spy who worked undercover in Lebanon for 14 years, helping to bring persecuted Jews from Arab countries to Israel.


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