Tamuz 3, 5777, 6/27/2017

Israel looks to end crisis with Diaspora Jews

Bennett, Shaked intensify efforts to find compromise, prevent break between Israel and American Jewish leaders.

6 killed in fatal car crash in Binyamin

4 children among the dead in 3-way collision between 2 Arab vehicles and Israeli bus.

Watch: CNN producer admits Russia story lacks basis

3 CNN reporters resign after publishing story about a nonexistent meeting between Trump adviser and Russian businessman. Language warning.

EU fines Google a record $2.7 billion

Internet giant accused of favoring its own results in searches, making customers purchase its products over others.

Mossad to invest millions in Israeli start ups

Libertad to invest in cutting edge R&D programs and allow Mossad to use new technologies developed by entrepreneurs in the start-up nation.


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