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Nisan 12, 5775 / Wednesday, April 01, 2015

PA Officially Joins ICC to Sue Israel for 'War Crimes'

PA's ICC request takes effect on April 1 to charge 'settlements' and 'war crimes,' even as PA source admits the move will likely backfire.
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News from America, 10:25 AM

Senator Urges US to 'Walk Away' from Iran Talks

Republican Tom Cotton calls for new sanctions to stop 'negotiating out of weakness,' says talk extension shows Iran is 'calling the shots.'
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Defense/Security, 9:51 AM

IDF Scenario for Next Hezbollah War: 1,500 Missiles Per Day

Army updates estimates for damages in possible northern war, expects dozens or hundreds of lives lost per day.
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Jewish World, 10:35 AM

The Next Exodus? New Mexico's Crypto-Jews Seek Liberation

Communities in New Mexico and southern Colorado have found irrefutable evidence to say they are descended from Jews. What next?
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Global Agenda, 7:57 AM

Video Reveals Horrifying Final Moments of Germanwings Crash

Cell phone video of cabin seconds before crash shows passengers shouting 'my God' in several languages as pilot tries to save them.
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Inside Israel

Watch: The Passover Story as You've Never Seen It Told

Technion students dazzle with a mechanical engineering feat, retelling Israel's redemption from Egypt in an amazing contraption.
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After Germanwings crash, how do you feel about flying?
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