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Shevat 7, 5775 / Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Bennett Confirms Anat Roth Slated for MK Seat

Dr. Roth, a former leftist, will be moved from current 22nd spot to the realistic 14 spot.
CurrenciesShabbat Times
Inside Israel, 10:21 AM

Watch: Livni, Herzog Squabble Again in Latest Likud Video

Caricatured Labor leaders can't agree on who is prime minister in latest campaign video, even as a top IDF officer waits with urgent news.
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Global Agenda, 10:58 AM

Anti-Semitism Doubled in France in 2014

Days after report says France is the world's most dangerous country for Jews, CRIF reveals huge increase in anti-Semitic violence in 2014.
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Global Agenda, 9:52 AM

Boehner: No One Can Talk about Iran Like Bibi

Army Radio quotes official sources who claim senators asked Israel: 'Save us from our own mistakes.'
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News from America, 11:34 AM

Rivlin Meets with Parents of Fallen Lone Soldiers

President, First Lady meet with the parents of Max Steinberg and Liran Adir, American lone soldiers who fell in the Gaza war.
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Inside Israel

Deputy Police Commissioner Named in Sixth Police Scandal

Direct subordinate of Yohanan Danino suspected of engaging in inappropriate relationship with junior police officer.
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Daily Israel Report


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