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Av 1, 5774 / Monday, July 28, 2014

UN Security Council Calls for Immediate Gaza Ceasefire

Palestinians disappointed with decision, say it fell short of a formal resolution demanding that Israel withdraw its forces
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Defense/Security, 7:50 AM

Senior Officer: 'We Have All of the Attack Tunnels'

A few more days are needed in order to blow up the remaining tunnels between Israel and Gaza.
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Features, 8:33 AM

New Video on Terror Tunnel Threat Packs a Wallop

With very few words, a new hasbarah video explains what this war is about and why talk of 'proportionate force' is irrelevant.
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Defense/Security, 1:15 AM

IDF Says it Was Not Responsible for UNRWA School Deaths

IDF confirms firing a mortar round into UNRWA school in Gaza, but says the school was empty at the time.
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Middle East, 5:44 AM

Video: Abbas's Son Criticizes Obama, Compares Israel to Nazis

During a televised interview as he donated blood to "Gaza martyrs", PA Chairman's son verbally attacked Israel.
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Inside Israel

Zoabi 'Too Busy' to be Questioned

MK Hanin Zoabi summoned for questioning by police, but her representative says she "has no time".
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‘They Won’t Determine’ – In Appreciation of Southern Residents Song in appreciation of sacrifices made by southern residents declares 'They (Hamas) will not determine for us...'

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