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Tishrei 26, 5775 / Monday, October 20, 2014

IFA to Discipline Soccer Club Which Rewarded Traitor MK

Israel Football Association says Bnei Sakhnin soccer club violated two regulations for honoring former MK Bishara.
CurrenciesShabbat Times
Jewish World, 7:34 PM

UK Man Jailed for Anti-Semitic Tweet to Labor MP

Garron Helm, 21, sentenced to 4 weeks in jail for sending a “grossly offensive” anti-Semitic tweet to Liverpool Labor MP Luciana Berger.
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Middle East, 6:44 PM

PA Kids' Show: Israel is 'Occupied Palestine'

Official PA children's program host says several Israeli cities are 'Palestinian lands' - including Haifa, Yafo, and Akko.
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Inside Israel, 7:22 PM

Kahlon Vows to Fix Cost of Living When He Returns to Politics

Former minister reiterates intent to form new party, says cost of living 'needs to be dealt with.'
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Jewish World, 8:45 PM

Kosher Butcher in Germany Admits to Selling Trief Meat for Years

Butcher admits to fraud in court, sold 88,000 pounds of non-kosher meat as kosher to escape bankruptcy.
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Inside Israel

Special Forum Marking 19th Anniversary of Rabin's Murder

Members of the General Staff of the IDF gather at the Rabin Center to mark 19 years since Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin's assassination.
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