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Tamuz 20, 5776, 7/26/2016

Letter from a 'Jewish Termite'

Op-EdsDear Rep. Hank Johnson, it seems you believe that we Jews of Judea-Samaria are 'termites'. I fear you have been misinformed.
Daily Israel Report

Flashback: Congressman Johnson afraid island will capsize

US & Canada, 10:38 AMRepresentative Hank Johnson of Georgia, who said yesterday that Jewish 'settlers' are like 'termites', has a history of curious statements.

Trial drama continues as Elor Azariya cross-examined

Inside Israel, 10:43 AMProsecutors cross-examine soldier who shot wounded terrorist in Hevron, claiming his actions were premeditated, not in response to danger.

Congressman issues weak apology for calling 'settlers' termites

US & Canada, 9:59 AMGeorgia Democratic Congressman Rep. Hank Johnson acknowledges 'poor choice of words' but fails to issue full apology.

Bennett: Netanyahu hid terror tunnels from the Cabinet

Inside Israel, 10:42 AMEducation Minister Naftali Bennett harshly accuses PM Netanyahu, in the aftermath of Operation Protective Edge and the recent terror wave.


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