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Kislev 9, 5777, 12/9/2016

Likud minister: Amona evacuation 'much ado about nothing'

Inside IsraelTzachi HaNegbi rejects claims Jewish settlement in Judea and Samaria threatened, says Amona eviction just a matter of a few dozen families.

Shooting attacks foiled in Jerusalem

Defense/Security, 11:05 AM Eight Arabs from eastern Jerusalem arrested while planning series of terror attacks in the capital.

Kulanu MK causes uproar by speaking at haredi yeshiva

Haredi Community ‏, 10:55 AM Head of organization of haredi yeshivas criticizes yeshiva for allowing MK Azaria to speak at dinner dedicating new building.

Arab father to Lehava: Save my daughter from her Jewish suitor

Inside Israel, 8:24 AM Anti-assimilation group receives urgent request from Arab man hoping to prevent his daughter from marrying a Jew.

More Israeli-Arabs enlist in the IDF

ILTV ISRAEL DAILY, 10:40 AM Israeli-Arabs are not mandated to serve in the IDF. Despite objections from Arab world, the number of enlistments is increasing.


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