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Shevat 8, 5775 / Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Two Dead After Hezbollah Attacks IDF Positions on Lebanon Border

Mortars and missiles target IDF troops; six wounded, two dead. UN soldier killed in crossfire.
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Defense/Security, 5:22 PM

Is Hezbollah Digging Tunnels to Israel? IDF Intends to Find Out

For many, the prospect that Hezbollah is preparing an underground assault is far more worrisome than a mortar attack.
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Middle East, 5:19 PM

Arab Scholars Debate Free Speech After Charlie Hebdo Attack

Rampage over Mohammed cartoons leads to tough questions for Arab scholars, including if Holocaust is 'indisputable.'
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Defense/Security, 4:18 PM

Liberman Calls For 'Disproportionate' Response Against Hezbollah

Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman urges IDF to respond fiercely to Hezbollah attack, 'as if it were the US or China.'
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Defense/Security, 3:52 PM

Fearful of Response, Lebanese Slam Hezbollah for Israel Attacks

Many Lebanese say they are tired of Hezbollah using the country's territory to attack Israel – because they are the ones who pay the price.
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Inside Israel

Lawyers Called Upon to Use Their Skills in Israel’s Defense

Unprecedented legal activist training seminar hopes to raise the next generation of Israel's courtroom defenders.
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