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Shevat 9, 5775 / Thursday, January 29, 2015

Ohana Quits Jewish Home List Following Party's Fury

Former soccer player Eli Ohana told Jewish Home chairman Naftali Bennett Wednesday night that he will not run for the Knesset after all.
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Global Agenda, 9:10 AM

Israeli UN Ambassador Not Invited to Discussion on Attack

The Security Council conducted a discussion of the attack on IDF troops in which a Spanish peacekeeper was killed as well.
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Defense/Security, 8:55 AM

Ya'alon: Hezbollah Doesn't Need Tunnels to Start a War

Israelis concerned that Hezbollah is digging underground tunnels can relax – at least for now, said Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon.
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Global Agenda, 9:46 AM

Rivlin at 9-11 Memorial: We Will Continue to Fight Terror

Before returning to Israel, President Rivlin visited 9-11 Memorial at Ground Zero, and had a long chat with former President Bill Clinton.
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Global Agenda, 9:00 AM

Canada Condemns Hezbollah Attack On 'Region's Only Democracy'

Canadian FM John Baird calls Hezbollah a 'brutal terror group bent on Israel's destruction'; supports Israel's right to self-defense.
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IDF Resumes Search for Hezbollah Tunnels

After a temporary shut down, following Hezbollah's attack on an IDF convoy Wednesday, soldiers resume scanning the area for terror tunnels.
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