Iyar 10, 5778, 4/25/2018

Romanian PM to visit Israel

Romanian PM to visit Yad Vashem, Western Wall, during 2-day trip to Israel.

Rabbi Yeshayahu Hadari passes away

84-year-old rabbi served for three decades as Yeshivat Hakotel head in Jewish Quarter, taught thousands; Funeral date not yet determined.

'After what I went through here, anything can happen'

Nirit Zmora, seriously injured in stabbing attack while terrorist charged only with causing aggravated injury, arrives at military court.

Jewish Defence League sends open letter to Bernie Farber

JDL writes open letter to 'hate crime expert' who claims anti-Semitic imam is 'not a hateful person' but slams JDL as working with 'Nazis.'

Open Orthodoxy reveals alien religious moorings

Among other things, Open Orthodox Rabbis include rabbis who endorse accepting Jewish-Christian intermarriage, Opinion.


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