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Tammuz 14, 5775 / Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Terror Victim Laid to Rest; 'We Will Not Be Defeated'

Malachi Moshe Rosenfeld, 26, who died Tuesday from wounds sustained in Monday night's terrorist shooting attack, laid to rest.
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Inside Israel, 3:35 PM

Arab List Calls on Arabs not to Cooperate With New Police Chief

MK Ayman Odeh, who attacked police during Second Intifada, vows to petition Supreme Court over Bentzi Sau's past of cracking down on terror.
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Inside Israel, 3:01 PM

Leftist MK Rages Against Building as Response to Terror

MK Yoel Hasson says gov't 'endangering' Israel by engaging idea of building in Judea-Samaria as response to terror.
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Defense/Security, 1:00 PM

ISA, IDF Nab 40 Hamas Terrorists in Shechem Area

Security forces uncovered a large-scale effort by Hamas to create an operative terror infrastructure.
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Middle East, 3:05 PM

Dozens of Egyptian Soldiers Reported Killed in Bombings

Jihadist multi-pronged attack against Egyptian military included car bomb and attacks on checkpoints.
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From Captivity in Ukraine to a New Home in Israel

D., a Ukrainian held in captivity by pro-Russian separatists, arrived in Israel on Wednesday with a group of 91 Ukrainian olim.
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Netanyahu Hosts Mariah Carey at Prime Minister's ResidencePop diva and boyfriend hosted for dinner with PM and first lady, share family pictures; Carey hits it off with Sarah.

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Mystery Picture: A Fountain Found and a Windmill DisappearsOne would think the Turks had Photoshop from comparing the pictures in this article.


Israeli App Catches New Zealand BurglarFree Israeli app turning old cell phones into motion-sensor alarms helps New Zealand couple nab serial thief without endangering themselves.