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Kislev 5, 5775 / Thursday, November 27, 2014
Synagogue massacre

MK Asks Terrorist Widow: Where's Your Mercy for 25 Orphans?

Widow of Har Nof multiple-murderer begs not to evict her, but MK Ben-Dahan notes her 'shocking' lack of compassion.
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Global Agenda, 9:01 PM

Lawyer Punched Stopping Lethal Hit-And-Run Trial

Trial in France of two men who killed an Israeli woman in Tel Aviv with their car and fled the country postponed by attack on lawyer.
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Middle East, 8:29 PM

UNRWA Declares 'State of Emergency' in Gaza'

UN agency shown to have ties with Hamas in a panic after heavy rains cause flooding in terror enclave.
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Inside Israel, 8:04 PM

Report: Divorced Mothers Turning to Prostitution

Dozens of divorced Israeli mothers have joined the prostitution trade in Eilat, as divorce rates skyrocket.
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Inside Israel, 7:33 PM

Ahmadi Muslim Sheikh Says Attacks on Jews 'Stain Islam'

Israeli Sheikh, part of Ahmadiyya branch persecuted by other Muslims, visits Har Nof synagogue, says terror attacks against Koran.
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Inside Israel

Father of Murdered Druze Officer Visits Har Nof Synagogue

Moving meeting at synagogue where Zidan Seif was murdered by Arab terrorists as he tried to stop attack, details of massacre given.
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Daily Israel Report


Nationalist Ex-MK's Nephew Astounds with Debut Single Hanan Ben-Ari is not just the relative of a famous nationalist leader - new single from his debut album shows he's on his way to greatness.

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Australian Cricket Player Dies After Being Hit by BallPhillip Hughes dies just days before his 26th birthday after being struck in the neck in a freak accident.


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Oatmeal LatkesA healthier substitute for the potato variety, as Hanukah approaches.

History in Pictures

Centenary of WWI: Armies that Fought in the Holy LandJews in Palestine starved in WWI, but the Jewish soldiers from overseas rejoiced to see them.