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Elul 24, 5776, 9/27/2016

Analysts: Russia looking to strong-arm US

Middle EastAs tensions between the two world powers escalate, experts say the Russians are 'going all out' in Aleppo to make US accept its demands.

Houston shooter was wearing Nazi uniform

US & Canada, 9:50 PM Shooter who injured 9 in Houston mall was wearing a military uniform with a Nazi insignia.

Appeal: send Azariya home for the holidays

Inside Israel, 9:34 PM MK Hazan asks Eizenkot to release Azariya for Rosh Hashanah so he can be with his ill father for the holidays and the rest of his family

Rivlin addresses Ukraine Parliament 75 years after Babi Yar

Europe, 7:35 PM President Rivlin: 'We must not play a part in the sin of forgetting or denial. Leaders who support anti-Semitic ideas won't be welcomed.'

Standing Upright to Receive a New Light

Radio, 9:50 PM The Parashat Nitzavim-Rosh HaShana Nexus: Choosing to Choose Life


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