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Nisan 9, 5775 / Sunday, March 29, 2015

Hotovely: Netanyahu Will Form a Nationalist Government

Likud MK dismisses claims that Netanyahu will form a unity government, advises voters not to believe every headline they read.
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Inside Israel, 7:56 AM

Magal: PM Stopped Being 'Heroic' When Elections Ended

Jewish Home MK-elect Yinon Magal continues to assert Netanyahu offered his party nothing in the forthcoming government.
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Inside Israel, 8:24 AM

Haredi Stores More - Not Less - Expensive for Passover

Myth that haredi grocery stores are cheaper shattered by Army Radio study, which finds that even matzah is more expensive at Osher Ad.
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Global Agenda, 8:37 AM

Putin: Russia Ready to Help 'Palestine' Become Reality

In address to Arab League on Saturday, Russian President Vladimir Putin stressed his country's plan to help Palestinians achieve statehood.
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Middle East, 6:39 AM

Rouhani Aide Reportedly Defects While Covering Nuclear Talks

Close media aide to Iran’s President reportedly seeking political asylum in Switzerland after travelling there to cover nuclear talks.
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Inside Israel

Likud MK-Elect Considering Moving to Samaria

MK-elect Nava Boker, who lost her husband in the Carmel fire, visits the Shomron region, calls to "keep every piece of land we have here."
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