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Tishrei 20, 5777, 10/22/2016

Trump outlines first 100 days in White House

US & CanadaIn Gettysburg speech, Trump outlines first 100 days in White House and what he plans to do.

Italy: Our vote was a mistake

Global Agenda, 7:07 PM Italian PM Matteo Renzi compares saying Jews have no connection to Jerusalem to saying sun brings darkness.

Vegas crowd chants 'Lock her up!'

US & Canada, 7:29 PM Las Vegas crowd disrupts CNN panel with shouts of 'Lock her up!'

ISIS goes on a killing spree

Middle East, 6:49 PM ISIS kills 284 boys and men, then throws their bodies into a huge mass grave.

Hamas complains about security cameras

Defense/Security, 7:41 PM Senior Hamas official complains security cameras in Judea and Samaria are so Israel can 'expose terrorist cells.'


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