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Adar 10, 5775 / Sunday, March 01, 2015

Obama Will Veto New Bipartisan Legislation on Iran Deal

White House National Security Council condemns new legislation, states openly President Barack Obama will use executive powers to veto it.
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News from America, 8:07 AM

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach - In the Heart of the Storm

Rabbi Shmuley Boteach agitated the US Jewish community after accusing Susan Rice of turning blind eye to genocide.
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Inside Israel, 7:40 AM

Herzog: Bibi to Blame for Airplane Chocolate Scuffle

At event in Ramat Gan, Labor head Herzog claims fight on airplane over chocolate is direct result of desperation Netanyahu has created.
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News from America, 6:03 AM

Republican Senator: Obama Doesn't Support Israel Enough

Senator Marco Rubio says Obama wants a deal with Iran to be the hallmark of his second term.
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Middle East, 4:35 AM

Report: 'Jihadi John' Contemplated Suicide in 2010

London man believed to be ISIS executioner told a report he was contemplating suicide because of the surveillance on him.
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Middle East

Hamas: Egypt a 'Friend of the Israeli Occupation'

Hamas denounces Egypt for declaring it a terrorist organization, saying the decision targets "the whole Palestinian people".
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Daily Israel Report



Is Netanyahu right to agree to address Congress?
Daily Israel Report

In Other News...

Birds of a Feather: Ahmadinejad Meets DieudonneFormer Iranian president infamous for Holocaust remarks and anti-Semitic comedian meet in Tehran, for at least the second time.


Blintzes the Easy WayWe realize it is a long way to Shavuot, known as the blintzes holiday, but these are really easy and kids love them.

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