Tishrei 15, 5780, 10/14/2019

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Wishing a joyous Sukkot holiday to all our readers. News coverage ends this evening, resumes Monday evening.

IDF fires towards suspected drone on Syria border

IDF soldiers open fire at suspicious object near the border with Syria. Investigation finds no drones infiltrated Israel.

Russian hacker: I'm also in prison because of political games

Russian hacker whose case has been linked to Naama Issachar's: I strengthen Naama and her family, I'm not a spy.

Who are those so-called 'Palestinians' who claim our land?

Arabs who claim centuries of history in this land as "Palestinians" are either ignorant of the facts or political charlatans.

A shot across the demographic bow

Douglas Altabef A research center has come up with a hard to believe statistic on the number of Jews in America.

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