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Elul 22, 5774 / Wednesday, September 17, 2014
Arutz Sheva Interview

Why Qatar is Abandoning the Muslim Brotherhood - And Hamas

Whether or not recent rumors of Khaled Mashaal's expulsion are true, Qatar's policy shift could soon leave him out in the cold.
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Inside Israel, 2:36 PM

Israeli Christians' New Nationality: Aramaean, not Arab

130,000 of Israel's 160,000 Christians, hitherto registered as Arabs, are expected to re-register as Aramaeans; their leaders are ecstatic.
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Global Agenda, 3:25 PM

Intelligence Minister Warns EU Against 'Bad Deal' on Iran

Intelligence Minister Yuval Steinitz says Iran nuclear talks 'going in the wrong direction,' hints EU is 'rushing' into agreement.
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Inside Israel, 1:44 PM

Why Did the Government Dally on the Terror Tunnel Threat?

State Comptroller ordered to investigate decisions in operation on Hamas tunnels, as Danon decries fiasco 'everyone knew about.'
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Inside Israel, 12:46 PM

Calls for Death Penalty Against Repeat Terrorist Murderer

Arutz Sheva speaks to family of superintendent Baruch Mizrahi, as trial starts on his murderer - a terrorist freed in the Shalit deal.
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Global Agenda

Watch: ISIS Declares War on Obama Hollywood Style

Is it a Hollywood trailer? No - it's the Islamic State threatening to kill US troops after Dempsey suggests Iraqi deployment.
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Hassidic Superstar Fried in Beit El: Shehechayanu! 2,500 people went to Beit El in Samaria to see and hear hassidic song great Avraham Fried perform.

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Carer Steals 250,000 Shekels From Elderly Man50-year-old woman in Golan Heights suspected of manipulating her position to pocket vast sums over the course of nine years.


PollShould the West intervene militarily to stop ISIS?


Middle East Seasoned Stuffed PotatoesA nice dish for lunch on Shabbat.

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Teddy Roosevelt and Palestine - "Bully for You!"He said: "There can be no peace worth having" until Armenians and Arabs are granted independence "and the Jews given control of Palestine."