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Elul 26, 5774 / Sunday, September 21, 2014

Interior Minister's Resignation Stalls Final Ethiopian Aliyah

'Official' Aliyah ended in 2013, but activists say Gideon Sa'ar's announcement may leave thousands of families torn apart.
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Middle East, 10:44 AM

Moroccan Poet: Arab World is Imperialist, 'Palestine' is Jewish

Outspoken poet angers Arab countrymen by provocatively quipping that Arabs 'are more Zionist than the Jews.'
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Inside Israel, 8:22 AM

Regional Head Slams Plans for Bedouin Town on Jewish Land

ICA's plans to build Bedouin town near Jericho on Jewish areas of Judea-Samaria 'steal state lands,' Regional Council head fumes.
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Inside Israel, 10:04 AM

Two New Supreme Court Justices to Be Elected

New President and Vice-President of the Supreme Court goes to vote Sunday - and many candidates stand to take the position.
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Global Agenda, 9:17 AM

Lipman: Improvement in Israeli-South African Relations Ahead

MK Dov Lipman's visit to Pretoria the first official meeting in 5 years - and could see economic partnership between the two countries.
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Middle East

Hamas and Fatah to Try to Save Crumbling Unity

Fatah and Hamas will hold talks in Cairo in an attempt to iron out issues that have prevented the implementation of unity deal.
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