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Tammuz 12, 5774 / Thursday, July 10, 2014

Abbas: Israel 'Committing Genocide' in Gaza

PA Chairman claims Israel is "defending settlements" when it strikes in Gaza.
CurrenciesShabbat Times
Middle East, 5:46 AM

Iran Says it Wants to Greatly Expand Enrichment Program

Iran reveals some of its demands in nuclear talks with West as it admits "substantial differences" remain between the sides.
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Defense/Security, 2:15 AM

IDF: 234 Rockets Have Hit Israel Since Operation Began

IDF releases summary of the second day of Operation Protective Edge.
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Middle East, 4:46 AM

Watch: Hamas Spokesman Encourages Using Civilians as Shields

In a video released by the IDF, Hamas spokesman is heard encouraging Gazans to continue volunteering to be human shields.
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Middle East, 3:12 AM

Gaza is 'on a Knife Edge', Warns UN Chief

The Middle East faces one of its most serious challenges in years, says Ban Ki-moon amid tension between Gaza and Israel.
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Terrorists Fire 40 Rockets Towards Southern Israel

Terrorists from Gaza fire a salvo of at least 40 rockets in 20 minutes. Six of them intercepted by Iron Dome.
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