Adar 1, 5777, 2/27/2017

Delaware JCC forced to evacuate three times in two months

Eight JCCs evacuated in 5th mass bomb threat in two months. Several JCCs evacuated multiple times.

Record interest in aliyah at New York event

NBN aliyah fair attracts record crowd of 1,500 attendees. 'Each and every one of you has a special place in Israel.'

'Good education options for parents making aliyah with children'

Head of English-speaking high school in Jerusalem says parents have no need to fear making aliyah with older children.

27-year-old murdered in Bat Yam

Man shot, mortally wounded from passing car on Ben Gurion street. After lengthy resuscitation efforts, medics forced to declare death.

Arab who blinded Jew will not sit one day in prison

Court sentences Arab who fired marble at Jew causing blindness in the eye to only community service.


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