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Shevat 8, 5775 / Wednesday, January 28, 2015
'No soldiers abducted'

Hezbollah Fires Antitank Missile at IDF Vehicle Near Border

Mortar shells fired at IDF outposts and a missile shot at an IDF vehicle, in escalation. There are casualties and the IDF is firing back.
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Defense/Security, 12:43 PM

Netanyahu Warns Hezbollah 'Look What Happened to Hamas'

Netanyahu holds emergency meeting over Hezbollah attack on Har Dov, as airports and sites close in north.
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Middle East, 2:00 PM

Report: Jordan Agrees to Prisoner Swap with ISIS

Jordanian gov't says it is willing to free a senior female terrorist in return for a pilot captured in Syria, as 24-hour deadline looms.
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Global Agenda, 2:03 PM

Major Canadian Muslim Group Found to have Funded Hamas

Canadian police raid reveals Muslim Association of Canada, that runs 20 schools nationwide, gave funds to Hamas front.
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Middle East, 1:16 PM

Angry Gazans Try to Storm UN Headquarters

After UN says it can't pay to repair for Hamas's war because world donors didn't deliver, protest in front of HQ turns violent.
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Global Agenda

Moscow Talks to Defuse Syrian War Begin

Rebel forces - who didn't boycott talks hosted by Assad's ally - present a 10-point list to ease the war that has killed 200,000 already.
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