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Iyar 6, 5775 / Saturday, April 25, 2015

'In Their Death They Ordered the People of Israel to Unite'

Gabriel Sassoon, who lost seven children in the Flatbush fire, speaks about the tragedy 30 days later.
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Inside Israel, 8:27 PM

Haredim Assault IDF Officer in Jerusalem, Politicians Condemn

PM Netanyahu and other Knesset Members outraged after a religious IDF officer is attacked by haredim in the Mea Shearim neighborhood.
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Inside Israel, 11:31 PM

Liberman Blasts South Africa After Israel Denies Minister a Visa

South African Communist Party describes Israel as "apartheid regime", evoking harsh response from FM Liberman.
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Global Agenda, 10:03 PM

Putin Angers Turkey by Referring to Armenian 'Genocide'

Turkey condemns Russian president after he uses the word "genocide" during commemorations of mass killings of Armenians.
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Global Agenda, 1:33 AM

Poland Cautiously Accepts FBI Chief's Apology on Holocaust

Poland's leaders guardedly accept James Comey's words of regret over remarks on Poland's role in the Holocaust.
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News from America

WSJ Says Obama's Iran 'Obsession' Has Sunk the Democrats

Deputy editor Henninger assesses how Obama's Iran 'legacy' will turn into another hostage crisis-like fiasco a la Carter for his party.
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