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Elul 27, 5774 / Monday, September 22, 2014

High Court Undoes Infiltrator Law

Court annuls key sections in the law. 2,000 African infiltrators currently being held in detention center must be freed in 3 months' time.
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Inside Israel, 9:58 PM

Minister Decries 'Black Day for Rule of Law'

High Court overturned Infiltrators' Law for the second time Monday. Nationalists dismayed, leftists pleased.
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Inside Israel, 10:47 PM

Beit El's Rabbi Melamed: Netanyahu Cheated Me

Rabbi Zalman Melamed says there will be 'a real war' over government's intention to raze a building in the community.
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News from America, 9:59 PM

Americans Have Returned After Joining Islamists, US Admits

Obama administration concedes citizens' involvement with ISIS, Al Qaeda for the first time as concern over homegrown terror grows.
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News from America, 8:47 PM

NY Congresswoman 'Backed Out of Klinghoffer Protest'

Republican nominee for Congress slams Democratic rival who he says opted out of speaking at protest against Met's anti-Semitic opera.
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Ahead of New Year, Aliyah Hits 5-Year High

24,800 new immigrants arrived in Israel in the Jewish year 5774 – more of them from France than any other country.
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