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Iyar 7, 5775 / Sunday, April 26, 2015
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Nepal Mission Departs: 'What The IDF Stands For'

Watch IDF briefings ahead of rescue crew departure; Netanyahu praises 'true face of Israel,' Rivlin lauds 'messenger angels.'
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Inside Israel, 9:38 PM

Watch: Independence Day Joy at 'Three Teens Town'

Hundreds came out to Oz VeGaon in Judea to celebrate at new town established for the three teens murdered by Hamas terrorists.
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Inside Israel, 9:43 PM

Haifa Cemetery Appeals for Help Against Funeral Attacks

Vandals have stopped operation of cemetery in Haifa, as a fight between private security companies gets ugly.
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Inside Israel, 9:04 PM

Netanyahu Sends Nebi Shu'eib Greetings to Israeli Druze

PM releases message to Druze 'brothers and sisters' in time for holiday celebrating the Biblical figure Jethro.
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Defense/Security, 8:14 PM

How Will Israel Deal with the Iran Nuclear Deal?

Institute for National Security Studies conference analyzes Israel's strategy on final agreement, plus what happens the day after.
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Watch: IDF Relives 67 Years of Heroism

In time for Independence Day, inspiring IDF video dusts off historical footage spliced with futuristic capabilities of today.
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