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Nisan 9, 5775 / Sunday, March 29, 2015

Source: PM Could Seek Unity Government

A source in the Likud said that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu was strongly considering asking Yitzchak Herzog to join his coalition.
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Middle East, 8:27 PM

'PA Cancels ICC Moves against Israel in Exchange for Tax Funds'

Also as a result of Israel's decision to free up the tax funds, the PA reportedly won't stop its security cooperation with Israel.
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Defense/Security, 7:33 PM

Take a Sneak Peak at Israel's Secret Submarine Fleet

Israel's nuclear-capable INS Tanin able to operate deep within enemy territory - to lethal effect.
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Middle East, 8:37 PM

PA Report: Gaza 'Fat Cats' Driving Up Price of Gas

A Hamas publication discussed the high price of gas and points the finger of blame at local gas companies.
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News from America, 6:58 PM

Boehner: Obama's 'Animosity' to Israel is 'Reprehensible'

House Speaker, who is set to visit Israel, says US pressure on Netanyahu over 4-5 years 'pushed him to the point where he had to speak up.'
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Inside Israel

Arabs Uproot 225 Israeli Olive Trees Near Jerusalem

At an olive grove at Mishor Adumim, east of Jerusalem, 225 saplings were uprooted over the weekend.
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