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Shevat 6, 5775 / Monday, January 26, 2015

Sir Ben Kingsley: Europe Did Not Grieve the Holocaust

Award-winning actor and storyteller says Europe is in danger of 'sliding back' unless it faces up to its dark past and achieves 'catharsis'.
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Inside Israel, 6:14 PM

Netanyahu: Iran Agreement is Unacceptable to Israel

At a visit to Israel's Aerospace Industries, PM Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ya'alon address the threat Iran poses to Israel.
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News from America, 5:38 PM

Report: US Considered Swapping Al Qaeda Terrorist

Swap deal of citizens for terrorists had been on the table, ex-diplomat confirms. Are prisoner swaps now a matter of policy?
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Inside Israel, 5:35 PM

Bennett Keeping Likud-Jewish Home Union in Back Pocket

Jewish Home Chairman Naftali Bennett says he has a response should the Left decide to unite, indicating a possible consolidation with Likud.
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Inside Israel, 5:01 PM

Media Adviser for Kulanu Implicated in Corruption Scandal

PR firm owner Ronen Moshe arrested over alleged involvement in the Yisrael Beytenu corruption case; lawyer insists his innocence.
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Leftist IDF Refusers to Be Dishonorably Discharged

Unit 8200 soldiers who protested Operation Protective Edge in Gaza to be dismissed.
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