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Elul 26, 5776, 9/29/2016

Bill Clinton pays his final respects to Shimon Peres

Inside IsraelThe public is invited to the Knesset plaza to pay their final respect to the former President and PM, last of the founding generation.

Bahrain minister in surprise tribute to Shimon Peres

Middle East, 12:51 PM Foreign Minister of Arab country pays tribute to Peres, inviting swift condemnation from colleagues, calling Peres a 'killer of children'.

Buchris' indictment for rape

Defense/Security, 11:19 AM Brigadier General Ofek Buchris appeared before a military tribunal today. His bill of indictment will be read before the court.

Obama under fire for Syria policy

US & Canada, 10:26 AM US President defends his refusal to use force in Syria, as diplomatic efforts fail and carnage continues with no end in sight.

Nissim Ze'ev remembers Peres as a man who respected Torah

Inside Israel, 9:38 AM In former Shas Party MK Nissim Ze’ev's assessment, Shimon Peres changed his views on the Middle East in his final years.


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