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Tamuz 20, 5776, 7/26/2016

Knifemen take hostages in French church, 'slit priest's throat'

EuropeAt least two unidentified attackers take hostages in church in northern France. Hostage-takers killed by police SWAT team.
Daily Israel Report

Letter from a 'Jewish Termite'

Op-EdsDear Rep. Hank Johnson, it seems you believe that we Jews of Judea-Samaria are "termites". I fear you have been misinformed.

Nurse inspired by Dafna Meir makes aliyah

Inside Israel, 12:51 PMYoung American inspired by Dafna Meir, the nurse who mas murdered near her home in Otniel, to make aliya to Israel - to work as a nurse.

56 violent Betar Jerusalem fans arrested

Inside Israel, 12:44 PMPolice arrest members of fanatic fan club "La Familia", after six-month operation gathering evidence of violent conduct.

EU builds illegal Palestinian homes - next to Israeli town

Inside Israel, 11:45 AMResidents of the town of Carmel, in the Har Hevron region, were shocked on Shabbat to discover their new Palestinian neighbors.


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