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Tishrei 19, 5777, 10/21/2016

WikiLeaks: Hillary received debate questions ahead of time

US & CanadaTrump suggests Brazile, Hillary resign after Wikileaks reveals Clinton received debate questions ahead of time.

Jewish Chamber of Commerce Aims to Beat BDS

Jewish World, 12:35 PM Orthodox Jewish Chamber of Commerce works to fight BDS on several levels.

Hamas: Neither Temple ever existed

Global Agenda, 1:34 PM Senior Hamas official claims there is no proof Temples ever existed, no archaeological remnants have been found.

Dore Gold: Israel's increasing isolation a myth

Global Agenda, 12:00 PM Outgoing head of Foreign Ministry says despite recent UNESCO vote Israel becoming less isolated.

WATCH: Special visit to US Air Reserve Base

Defense/Security, 12:01 PM Yissachar Ruas records special visit to US Air Reserve Base in Atlanta


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