Adar 3, 5776 / Friday, February 12, 2016

World powers agree on Syria ceasefire plan

New Syrian peace will introduce gradual cessation of hostilities and delivery of humanitarian aid.
Daily Israel Report
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Middle East, 12:13 AM

Progress reported in Israel-Turkey talks

Officials say progress was made in meeting between Israeli and Turkish teams, but some issues still remain to be solved.
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Jewish World, 1:16 AM

High Court allows Reform 'conversions' in public mikvehs

Chief Rabbi slams ruling that allows Reform and Conservative 'conversions' in Be'er Sheva mikvehs.
(Photo:Shlomi Cohen)
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Jewish World, 2:15 AM

Tatarstan Jewish leader: Jews won't take up Putin's offer

After Putin proposed the Jews of Europe take refuge in Russia, head of the Jewish Autonomy of Tatarstan expresses doubts.
(Photo: Reuters)
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Europe, 3:14 AM

French parliament sets up probe into 2015 terror attacks

French lawmakers form a commission of inquiry into possible security failings over 2015 terror attacks in Paris.
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Watch: Israel Daily newscast

Ex-Nazi set for trial on war crimes, Netanyahu shoots down two state solution, and UNESCO recognizes a world treasure in the Holy Land.
(Photo: ILTV)
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