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Av 24, 5776, 8/28/2016

Elor Azariya returns to court

Defense/SecurityThe Azariya trial continues today, with new testimonies expected over the week.
Daily Israel Report

Poll: Hamas will win the Palestinian elections

Inside Israel, 9:13 AM Hamas stands neck-and-neck in Judea-Samaria, and wins by a massive margin, in a recent poll conducted ahead of PA elections.

'Haredim will not decide who is a Likud minister'

Inside Israel, 8:33 AM Coalition chair MK David Bitan comes out strongly against a seeming 'haredi takeover,' after haredi politicians score Shabbat victory.

Trump promises crackdown on immigrants who overstayed visa

US & Canada, 5:20 AM Republican presidential nominee says he will institute a tracking system to ensure immigrants who overstay their visas are removed.

Likud's haredi branch backs Katz on Shabbat work

Inside Israel, 4:44 AM Likud's haredi headquarters expresses support for Transportation Minister on issue of rail work on Shabbat.


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