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Elul 3, 5774 / Friday, August 29, 2014
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Thousands Visit the Grave of Israel's First Chief Rabbi

Rabbi Avraham Kook zt''l, visionary founder of religious Zionism, commemorated 79 years after his passing.
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Inside Israel, 2:57 PM

Watch: Reclaming the Mount of Olives from Rock Attacks with Song

Thousands in night of singing and study for anniversary of Rabbi Kook's passing, as Arutz Sheva learns of efforts to take back the cemetery.
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Defense/Security, 10:48 AM

Wounded Soldier Dies of his Wounds

Gaza operation death toll rises to 71 as Natanel Maman hy''d dies of his wounds; he was critically wounded by shrapnel the week before.
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Inside Israel, 12:22 PM

Memorial Erected in Judea for Three Murdered Teens

Work completed on memorial in honor of Naftali Frenkel, Gilad Sha'ar and Eyal Yifrah, abducted and murdered by Hamas terrorists.
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Inside Israel, 11:42 AM

Watch: Wounded Hero Saved Wife and Son from Shrapnel

Immigrant from Belgium recounts how he was seriously wounded by Hamas mortar shrapnel; saved family because 'nothing else matters.'
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Burial of Missing Student Aharon Soffer z''l

US yeshiva student who went missing last Friday in Jerusalem Forest brought for burial, after search ends tragically.
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Christian Zionists Worldwide Tell Israel: 'You're Not Alone' American Christian group HaYovel releases heart-warming country music video in solidarity with the Jewish state.

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Israeli Judoka Wins Silver at World ChampionshipYarden Gerbi was unable to defend her judo gold medal but bags silver, dedicates victory to the Israeli people.


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Middle East Seasoned Stuffed PotatoesA nice dish for lunch on Shabbat.

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Teddy Roosevelt and Palestine - "Bully for You!"He said: "There can be no peace worth having" until Armenians and Arabs are granted independence "and the Jews given control of Palestine."