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Iyar 8, 5775 / Monday, April 27, 2015

Bush Bashes Obama: Naive on Iran, Losing to ISIS

In meeting with Jewish supporters, former president slams Obama for global 'retreat,' not knowing how to 'kill 'em' in war on terror.
CurrenciesShabbat Times
Global Agenda, 2:51 PM

Four Israelis Rescued in Nepal, Others Stranded in Danger

Helicopter mission gets stuck tourists out of Everest area; mother of one tourist gets panicked message from mountain-locked daughter.
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Inside Israel, 12:45 PM

Terror Victim's Family Confront Murderer in Court

Jerusalem court indicts terrorist who ran over Shalom Yohai Sherki and his fiance; relatives tell murderer to 'burn in hellfire.'
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Middle East, 1:36 PM

Fear in Jordan: Arabs Abandoned Us, We Can Rely Only on Israel

Jordanian columnist expresses concern that country's weakness leads it to 'dangerous' situation of having to rely exclusively on Israel.
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Jewish World, 2:37 PM

UK Candidate Suspended for Calling Ed Miliband 'The Jew'

Gulzabeen Afsar had taken to Facebook to say that she would never support 'the Jew', Labor leader Ed Miliband.
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Terrorists Killed in Border Attack Were Sons of Israeli Druze

Report reveals 2 of the 4 terrorists eliminated while placing explosive on border Sunday night are sons of terrorist from Majdal Shams.
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