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Nisan 7, 5775 / Friday, March 27, 2015

France to Push for New UN Resolution on Israel-PA Peace

France plans to begin talks on a new Security Council resolution to revive Israeli-Palestinian peace prospects.
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Jewish World, 6:05 PM

Shabbat Shalom from Israel! Updates Continue from N. America

Shabbat about to begin in Israel. Arutz Sheva's North America desk will continue to update the site until Shabbat begins in New York.
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Middle East, 9:13 PM

Hamas Denounces EU Decision to Keep it on Terror Blacklist

Hamas spokesman says EU's decision to keep the group on its terrorism blacklist "encourages the occupation to continue its crimes".
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Inside Israel, 5:39 PM

Israel Releases Frozen Palestinian Authority Tax Funds

Prime Minister's Office confirms millions of dollars in tax revenue will go to PA; Netanyahu says important to act 'responsibly'.
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Global Agenda, 3:12 PM

Assad Wants More of the Russian Army in Syria, Middle East

Assad calls for backers in Moscow to increase military presence to bring 'stability,' while saying no to 'outside' influence from West.
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Inside Israel

Leftist Tel Aviv Teacher in 'Disgusting' Election Loss Post

Responding to results, teacher wishes right-wing voters that they bury their loved ones, and get 'brutally raped in synagogues.'
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Is Netanyahu right to agree to address Congress?
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BDS Fail: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West to Visit JerusalemLeak reveals hushed up visit of top celeb couple, who already booked a hotel in Jerusalem - and are eyeing a mansion in Tel Aviv.


Jerusalem SaladSurprise your friends with this "Yerushalmi" salad instead of cakes and cookies.

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WW100 - The Ottoman-German Attack on the Suez Canal -- 1915WWI battles in the Middle East preserved in photos by the armies of the waning Ottoman Empire.