Tamuz 6, 5778, 6/19/2018

Erdan: Investigate Joint List chairman

Public Security Minister asks A-G to investigate MK Odeh after he took part in Jerusalem conference organized by terror groups.

American official says Israel behind Syria air strike

U.S. official tells CNN an air strike close to Iraq-Syria border was carried out by Israel. IDF not commenting.

UN chief: Gaza on the brink of war

UN Secretary-General condemns Gaza violence, expresses shock over deaths in violent riots.

Why do Trump's policies seem to come straight from the 1970s?

From trade to coal to crime, many of the topics that President Trump goes back to over and over again seem to harken back to the 1970s.

Anti-Israel disruptors face criminal complaints

Precedent set when students filed police complaint so those who disrupted pay the price. UCLA soon followed suit. Op-ed.


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