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Av 25, 5776, 8/29/2016

Report: Israel agrees to peace summit, but PA places conditions

Middle EastJordanian newspaper reports that Israel agreed to an American-initiated peace summit with the PA, but the PA is placing preconditions.
Daily Israel Report

Duma bombing survivor visits Hamas terrorist’s demolished home

Inside Israel, 7:42 AM Arab survivor of firebomb attack that killed his parents and brother taken for 'solidarity visit' to terrorist murderer's demolished home.

Khamenei: Our enemies will face a harsh response if they attack

Middle East, 6:42 AM Iran’s Supreme Leader warns his country’s “enemies” that they will face Iran's harsh response if they dare to attack.

Poll: Most Florida Jews support Clinton

Jewish World, 5:42 AM The vast majority of Florida Jews will vote for Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump, but Orthodox Jews overwhelmingly support Trump.

Radical Palestinian organization: Boycott local elections

Middle East, 6:13 AM Radical Islamic Palestinian Arab organization urges boycott of October 8 elections, says democracy is a creation of the West.


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