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Av 4, 5774 / Thursday, July 31, 2014

Netanyahu Vows: We Won't Stop Until the Job is Done

PM says 'with or without ceasefire' the IDF will neutralize threats to Israel; operation just 'the first step' in demilitarization of Gaza.
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Defense/Security, 11:44 AM

Turkish 'Humanitarian Aid' to Gaza: Ball-Bearings, Cement Mixers

Is Turkey supporting war against Israel? Customs officials seize 'humanitarian' aid, fear suspicious cargo destined for Hamas.
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Defense/Security, 11:03 AM

Government Demolishes Homes of IDF Soldiers Fighting in Gaza

Homes belonging to soldiers near the Samarian village of Kfar Tapuach torn down even as they served their country, some in Gaza.
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Middle East, 10:32 AM

Iranian 'Qods Force' General Scoffs at Calls to Disarm Hamas

Secretive leader of elite Revolutionary Guard force says terrorists should only disarm when Israel 'in the graveyard'.
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Defense/Security, 8:34 AM

Despite Risks, PA Says Its Ready to Join ICC

While the PA could pursue claims against Israel, Israel could do the same against the PA - and make a better case, many legal experts say.
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IDF Calls Another 16,000 Reserve Soldiers to Service

In what may be a sign that the IDF operation in Gaza is expanding, 16,000 more reservists are being called up for service.
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