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Adar 11, 5775 / Monday, March 02, 2015

Report: Obama Has Cut Intelligence Cooperation with Israel

Israeli report indicates a deep crisis as disagreement on Iran has stopped cooperation for IAEA reports on Iranian nuclear facilities.
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Inside Israel, 10:12 PM

State Folds on Demolition of Glick Shooter's Home

After pressing for demolition, state decides to settle for merely sealing the room of would-be assassin Arab terrorist.
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Middle East, 8:59 PM

US Takes Back Seat as Iran Runs Op on Key ISIS Stronghold

US says it hasn't been asked to provide airstrikes for massive operation on Tikrit, although Iranian planes may be involved.
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Inside Israel, 8:40 PM

Watch: Beating Ambulances to Save Lives

United Hatzalah recognized at AIPAC for revolutionizing emergency medical care, reaching astounding 3 minute response time.
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Middle East, 8:22 PM

Hamas Admits It's Producing Rockets to Attack Israel Again

Hamas terror head says siege 'bound to fail' as Hamas making its own domestic missiles, bypassing efforts to limit rearmament.
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Middle East

Obama's Iran Overtures Show 'He Doesn't Get Their DNA'

Fmr. National Security Adviser Amidror speaks about two fundamentals of Iran, folly of seeking regional stability from the Islamic regime.
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