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Tishrei 27, 5775 / Tuesday, October 21, 2014

'Tremendously Important' 2,000 Year Old Find in Jerusalem

IAA hails discovery of 'extremely rare' Latin inscription; researchers say it proves historical accounts of rebellions against the Romans.
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MKs Sizzling as PM Appears to Move Toward Hareidim, Elections

'Bibi trembles from the hareidim and has succumbed to them,' charges Tzipi Livni after Netanyahu dumps her Conversion Bill.
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First Female Druze Officer in Israel Police

Faten Nassraldin, 34, first female Druze to become a platoon commander and receive an officer's rank.
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New Details on Sad, Brave Final Hours of Religious IAF Navigator

Tamar Ariel, who delighted all with her strength and modesty, is laid to rest. A survivor recounts her courage, even as strength ebbed.
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Ya'alon: Palestinians Only Want to Destroy the Jewish State

The push for a two-state solution is a front, the Defense Minister says; the PA won't even use the phrase 'two states for two peoples.'
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Israel-Hatred 'Has Scaled the Wall of High Culture'

Phyllis Chesler saw part of 'The Death of Klinghoffer' and reports there were shouts of protest from the audience.
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President Rivlin Hosts Forum for Israel National LibraryRivlin praised Israel National Library: 'With the return of Jews, a great national, Zionistic effort to record the national history.'


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Lentil and Yam SoupIt's starting to get chilly at night in Israel, so this hits the spot.

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The Hardships of Aliya in the 30'sIn the '30s it wasn't only living in Israel that was hard; just getting to the Holy Land was fraught with danger.