Elul 5, 5778, 8/16/2018
Jews, get out of 'Palestine!'

Former Jordanian minister proposes 'peace deal'

Former Jordanian minister Salah Jarrar says Jews who arrived after 1917 should leave Israel, US and Britain compensate Arabs for 'damage.'

Meretz backing Netanyahu and Liberman

Meretz Chairwoman defends move led by PM and DM for political settlement in Gaza while attacking Bennett who opposes it.

Zim ship forced to leave port in Tunisia

BDS organizations claim they managed to force cargo ship working with Zim to change route rather than dock at Rades, Tunisia port.

Chemotherapy instead of a wedding

She should be planning a wedding. Instead, she's asking for someone to save her life. Could you be her match?

Why the Druze should continue supporting Israel

As Israel’s Communications Minister Ayoub Kara proclaimed, “The State of Israel honors the loyal Druze community.” Op-ed.


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