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Adar 9, 5775 / Saturday, February 28, 2015

Rep. King: There May Be Ways to Defund Iran Deal

Congressman Peter King tell Arutz Sheva White House attitude to the upcoming speech is “politics at its worst.”
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Inside Israel, 9:45 PM

Netanyahu: Relations with America Can Withstand Disagreements

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu explains it is his duty to try to stop an agreement with Iran that is "very dangerous" for Israel.
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News from America, 11:40 PM

White House: Netanyahu Visit Won't Affect Iran Talks

White House spokesman downplays notion that Netanyahu speech will affect Iran talks, adds the Israeli PM is only offering military action.
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Inside Israel, 11:17 PM

Political Correspondent: Bennett Won the Televised Debate

Kol Yisrael radio’s political correspondent says Jewish Home chairman was the clear winner of Thursday evening's eight-person debate.
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Jewish World, 8:29 PM

Actor Leonard Nimoy Dies at 83

Actor who played Spock based his "live long and prosper" gesture on the way kohanim recite the priestly blessing.
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Global Agenda

Italy 'Supports the Goal' of a Palestinian State

Italian deputies call on the government to support the goal of a Palestinian state, stop short of supporting recognition.
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