Av 5, 5778, 7/17/2018

Putin on alleged involvement in U.S. election: Ridiculous

Russian President hails cooperation between U.S. and Russia, says he's ready to extend START treaty.

Russian woman charged with spying in U.S.

29-year-old Russian woman accused of acting as a covert agent inside the U.S. on behalf of a senior Kremlin official.

McCain blasts 'disgraceful' Trump-Putin meeting

Arizona Senator among series of lawmakers to criticize Trump following his summit with Russian President.

Recovering from the fire: ‘Art of Revelation’

Yoram Raanan and his wife speak about the loss and the deep connection to God that defines their lives and life’s work.

1938-2018: No Jew in Germany

Anti-Semitism is a national addiction in Germany to begin with, but Merkel imported the Muslim variety. Op-ed.


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