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Nisan 30, 5775 / Sunday, April 19, 2015

PM: Russian Supply of S-300 Missile System to Iran 'Very Grave'

Netanyahu says Israel views with 'great severity' the deal with Iran – undertaken as Iran steps up its aggressiveness.
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Inside Israel, 11:53 AM

31 Civilians Killed in Terror Attacks Since Last Memorial Day

Terrorism on sharp rise in Israel as annual figure from 2013-2014 jumps from 2 civilian murders to 31 terror-related deaths in 2014-2015.
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Inside Israel, 12:21 PM

Mother Convicted of Murdering Her Two Children

Karina Brill faces two life sentences for murder of Mira, 5, and Igor, 7. Court rejects insanity plea.
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Inside Israel, 11:09 AM

Petition to Ban Joint Soldier-Terrorist Memorial Day Event

Bereaved parents demand Defense Minister prevent terrorists and families from entering Israel for 'alternative' Yom Hazikaron ceremony.
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Global Agenda, 11:42 AM

Holocaust-Deniers Hold 'Unprecedented' Major London Conference

Jewish, anti-fascist groups concerned as far-right anti-Semites hold vile event in central London; calls for criminal investigation.
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Inside Israel

Report: Jewish Home Seeks to Limit Bennett's Power

Discussion of Jewish Home branch heads shows deep unrest in party following election drop, anger targeted at chairman Naftali Bennett.
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