Tishrei 30, 5778, 10/20/2017

'I suggest that no one test our patience'

Defense Minister meet U.S. Defense Secretary, says Israel has clear red line when it comes to its security.

Report: UN promotes anti-Semitic, pro-terror groups

Human rights NGO issues stinging report showing how UN gives accreditation to anti-Semitic groups and groups which support terror attacks.

Rambam hospital prepares for chemical attack on Haifa

Rambam Medical Center holds drill prepping hospital for chemical weapons attacks on northern Israel.

'For about two years I didn't wear a kippah'

Naftali Bennett shares details of his personal life, including his decision to leave - then rejoin - the religious community.

Finding the right balance

How can we find the right balance between relying on help from above, and our own efforts?


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