Shvat 26, 5777, 2/22/2017

'What kind of Palestinian state do you want exactly?'

Netanyahu slams demands by former Australian PMs to recognize Palestinian statehood.

Jewish man indicted for attempted firebombing of Arab workers

Israeli man from Rehovot allegedly hurled stones at Arab workers, attempted firebombing.

Dershowitz to Balfour: Israel does not cause anti-Semitism

Professor Dershowitz refutes Lord Balfour's relative's claim Israel's policies lead to worldwide anti-Semitism.

Rami the rhinoceros joins his herd in the field

One month-old baby rhinoceros and his mother Rihanna join the rest of their herd on the safari.

Jewish man stabbed in Montreal

Unknown attackers stab Jewish man in Montreal, community unsure whether to classify attack as anti-Semitic.


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