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Av 20, 5776, 8/24/2016

Italy struck by 6.2 magnitude earthquake

EuropeAt least four people dead and many more trapped when Italy was shaken by massive earthquake overnight.
Daily Israel Report

Australia: Woman stabbed to death in possible 'extremist' attack

Global Agenda, 6:02 AM British woman stabbed to death at a hostel in Queensland. Attacker yelled "Allahu Akbar" while arrested.

Netanyahu and Putin discuss Middle East peace

Middle East, 6:17 AM Russian President and Israeli Prime Minister speak on the phone after Putin reportedly said he was willing to host Israel-PA talks.

London Mayor bombarded with anti-Semitism

Europe, 5:44 AM London Mayor Sadiq Khan attacked on social media after calling for the ouster of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

US Vice President Biden to visit Turkey

US & Canada, 7:36 AM In a sign of thawing relations, the US is sending its VP to meet and plan with Turkey's top officials.


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