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Tammuz 26, 5774 / Thursday, July 24, 2014

Exclusive Interview: 'Sharon Promised Me 40 Years' Quiet'

IDF Chief Rabbi during Gaza pullout, Rabbi Yisrael Weiss, says he was unfairly targeted over 'Disengagement'.
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Global Agenda, 2:58 PM

France to Give $14.8 Million to Gaza

Aid money, following $47 million US aid package, to go to Gaza - or, likely, Hamas.
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Defense/Security, 1:59 PM

Livni Surprises: No Cease-Fire with Hamas

Justice Minister Livni voices surprisingly strong statement for deterrence, IDF operation in Gaza, says it is a time to eliminate terror.
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Defense/Security, 1:21 PM

Netanyahu: We Cannot Give our Attackers Immunity

Prime Minister tells British Foreign Minister 'all the civilian deaths that are there... are the responsibility of Hamas'.
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Defense/Security, 1:40 PM

Disproportional Force? Bloomberg Nails It

Ex-New York mayor Mike Bloomberg gives what may be the best answer to date, to the claim that Israel uses 'excessive force' in Gaza.
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Liberman Compares Hamas to Nazi Germany

Meeting with UK officials FM says Israel expects 'special understanding,' as London itself was bombed in WWII - and fought back.
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‘They Won’t Determine’ – In Appreciation of Southern Residents Song in appreciation of sacrifices made by southern residents declares 'They (Hamas) will not determine for us...'

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Cult Flies Jewish Star, Swastika Over Major CitiesRaelians, who preach that Nazi symbol promotes 'peace,' at center of controversy over unusual banner.


Oven-Baked Sweet and Sour Chicken WingsFor Israeli mothers: To help keep the children happy despite the tension, try something healthy that will make them ask for more.

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The Balfour Declaration: the Legal Right to a Jewish StateThe Jews have biblical rights, historical rights and legal rights to the land of Israel.