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Elul 2, 5774 / Thursday, August 28, 2014

Report Claims Another 'Israeli Drone' Downed over Iraq

Lebanese reports say that the Hermes-class drone fell in the skies over Baghdad. Israel has not yet commented.
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Defense/Security, 9:00 AM

Israeli Negotiator: Gazans Have Nothing to Celebrate

Amos Gilad, who helped hammer out the ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, says that the terror group did not gain anything in the deal.
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Defense/Security, 8:03 AM

Report: Hamas Head Mashaal Sees Ceasefire as 'Hamas Failure'

Not all Hamas terror chiefs think that the terror group "won" Operation Protective Edge.
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Defense/Security, 8:30 AM

Poll: ISIS More Popular in France than in Gaza

One in six French residents like the idea of a "caliphate" run by Islamist group ISIS.
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Israeli UN Rep Prosor Demands UN Action on Hamas War Crimes

Israel's ambassador to the UN Ron Prosor is demanding that the UN Security Council act on Hamas' war crimes
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Korean Air Set to Resume Flights to Israel

Korean Air is set to resume flying to Israel on September 13, nearly two months after halting flights because of the Gaza war.
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