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Tevet 6, 5775 / Sunday, December 28, 2014
The 'Anglos' are coming

Anglo-Israeli Knesset Contenders Have High Hopes for Jewish Home

Electoral reform; curbing the High Court's power; more support for diaspora Jewry - Jewish Home's Anglos are determined to make a change.
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Inside Israel, 5:44 PM

Yisrael Beytenu Minister Uzi Landau Resigns from Politics

Tourism Minister tells Yisrael Beytenu faction meeting he does not intend to stand for reelection next March.
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Inside Israel, 4:16 PM

Poll: 61% of Voters Haven't Made Up Their Minds

Whatever polls appear in the coming days, there is one statistic to keep in mind: Most voters haven't decided anything yet.
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Inside Israel, 4:16 PM

Rabbi Amar: Knesset 'Most Kosher' Place in Israel

The comments heard there may not always be so “kosher,” but the food in the Knesset most definitely is, said Rabbi Shlomo Amar
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Middle East, 5:18 PM

Senior Iranian Military Officer Killed in Iraq

Elite Revolutionary Guards Corp officer Brigadier General Hamid Taghavi had been serving as a 'military adviser'.
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Inside Israel

How Big Can Your Bonfire Be? Knesset Has the Answer

Safety measure or legislative busybody-ism? The Knesset has decided to take on the issue of - bonfires
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In Time for Hanukkah: 'A New Light' New single by Mati Shriki pays a fitting tribute to the festival of light.

In Other News...

Argentina's Pres. Adopts Jew to Prevent Him Becoming a WerewolfArgentina's President Christina Fernandez adopts a Jewish child - to prevent him from growing fangs and claws.


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The American Colony Founds a Photography Dep'tThe American Colony founders were not missionaries, but wished to live a simple life and help others.