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Tamuz 22, 5776, 7/28/2016

Mother of wounded soldier: My son deserves to go home

Inside IsraelKnesset committee convenes to hear claims Defense Ministry failed in handling case of severely wounded Gaza operation veteran.
Daily Israel Report

Lapid: I'd take a polygraph test to prove I don't hate haredim

Haredi Community ‏, 1:10 PMDiscussing repeal of Core Curriculum law, MK Yair Lapid adamant he has no hate for haredim in his heart; 'not everyone who disagrees hates'.

Contamination feared in Israeli cornflakes

Inside Israel, 11:02 AMTens of thousands of boxes of breakfast cereals destroyed after routine check reveals contamination of Telma cornflakes.

Is Russia a better friend to Israel than the U.S.?

Middle East, 11:17 AMIsraeli jets attacked Russian-protected Syria this week. Would U.S. have allowed the same?

Data reveals haredi educational gap

Inside Israel, 10:37 AMStatistics regarding dropout rates among haredim in academia emerges to challenge haredi narrative that core curriculum is unnecessary.


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