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Sivan 11, 5775 / Friday, May 29, 2015
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Bomb Threat Temporarily Halts FIFA Congress, Israel Vote

Israel's future in world soccer will be decided; pro Palestinians storm hall, throw red cards at Israeli delegation; reports of bomb scare.
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Inside Israel, 1:42 PM

Rebellion? Likud Bill to Block Bibi

Senior Likud sources seek bill to limit prime minister's term, aside from proposals to limit Likud chairman's powers in party primaries.
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Middle East, 2:41 PM

Anatomy of the Suicide Car Bomb

ISIS is changing very face of warfare with unprecedented weapon - hulking armored vehicles packed with airstrike level explosives.
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US & Canada, 2:56 PM

Muslim HS Soccer Team Refuses to Play Team With Girls

Muslim high school team in Canada raises gender flap, despite association rules allowing female players at schools without girls teams.
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Middle East, 2:12 PM

Video Shows Turkey Smuggling Arms to Syrian Jihadists

Images and video leaked of Turkish state intelligence shipping weapons to Syria; weapons allegedly Russian.
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Middle East

Saudi Arabia Looks for New Executioners, Beginners Welcome

Not Raqqa - Riyadh: Saudi government giving free training for aspiring executioners to carry out capital punishment under Sharia law.
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