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Shevat 5, 5775 / Sunday, January 25, 2015

Malmö's Muslim Leaders Reach Out to Jewish Community

Sheikh Salahuddin Barakat 'the Jews should not feel that they need to move from the city - they are part of Malmö's history and culture.'
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Jewish World, 8:09 PM

Argentinean Jews Boycott Shoah Ceremony Over Iran

Jewish community still outraged over suspicious death of prosecutor Alberto Nisman, alleged ties with Iran - and are boycotting in protest.
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Inside Israel, 7:47 PM

Nationalists Determined to Distribute Charlie Hebdo in Israel

Yisrael Beytenu protests over last-minute cancellation of satirical magazine's debut in Israel after 'veiled threats' from Arab MKs.
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Defense/Security, 6:29 PM

Security Alert in North Sunday Was a False Alarm

Residents told to go indoors, then given all clear, as tension in the continues in aftermath of strike on Iranian general, Hezbollah.
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News from America, 6:21 PM

Obama's Revenge? Plans to Meet Rivlin

Efforts to coordinate meeting between President Rivlin, who is in New York, and Obama, seen as a tit-for-tat.
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Middle East

84% of Palestinians Believe Israel Behind Charlie Hebdo

Propaganda campaign within official PA media blames 'Mossad,' Binyamin Netanyahu for staging attacks to encourage immigration.
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Daily Israel Report



How should French Jews react to deadly Paris attacks?
Daily Israel Report

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