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Adar 14, 5775 / Thursday, March 05, 2015

Rabbi Yosef Gave Yishai Permission to Form a New Party

New posthumous video reveals Shas spiritual leader on his hospital bed gave Yishai the go-ahead to form Ha'am Itanu.
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Jewish World, 12:12 AM

What Did Ambassador Shapiro Dress Up As?

The American ambassador to Israel joined in the Purim festivities with a unique costume.
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Middle East, 9:57 PM

Experts Agree, Iran Deal Won't Stop Its Regional Power Grab

Iran influencing entire Middle East through terror groups, and experts say that will continue regardless of deal on its nuclear program.
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Radio, 10:11 PM

Israel and Iran - Is This a Purim story Redux?

The Purim story and its connection to the Holy Temple and the challenges facing us today.
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Inside Israel, 9:27 PM

The Haredi Entrepreneurial 'Revolution' Starts Now

Haredi burden? Manager of haredi incubator initiative program reveals the business vision just waiting to be tapped.
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Technology & Health

An Emissary for Life

An ordinary man becomes an emissary for life when a package drop-off sheds light on an unusual situation
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Daily Israel Report


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Fanta Ad Pulled in Germany After Nazi Gaffe Coca-cola pulls TV ad for Fanta, after it fails to mention that it was created due to supply shortages in Nazi Germany.


Blintzes the Easy WayWe realize it is a long way to Shavuot, known as the blintzes holiday, but these are really easy and kids love them.

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