Shvat 30, 5777, 2/26/2017

French MPs demand: Recognize Palestinian statehood now

Ahead of French presidential election, over 150 MPs sign letter calling on President Hollande to grant recognition of Palestinian statehood.

'The Chief of Staff has declared war on the Torah world'

Religious Zionist rabbi says IDF Chief of Staff Gadi Eizenkot lied, crossed a red line in forcing religious soldiers to serve with women.

'Thief kicked my baby, knocked him out of the carriage'

Man arrested for violent theft of cell phone, including attack on baby resting in a carriage.

'Stop selling Holocaust denial books, Amazon'

Director of libraries at Yad Vashem writes personal letter to Amazon CEO asking him to stop selling anti-Semitic literature on website.

'This is how we deal with those who attack haredi soldiers'

Attorney General announces new measures to deal with incitement and harassment against haredi soldiers.


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