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Nisan 13, 5775 / Thursday, April 02, 2015

Fatah to Jews: 'Take Your Dead And Get Out'

The Fatah terror group in its Facebook page Wednesday called on Jews to leave Israel, and “take their dead with them.”
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Jewish World, 5:45 AM

Anti-Semitism in Netherlands Up 71% in 2014, Says Watchdog

There was an increase of 71% in anti-Semitic incidents in the Netherlands in 2014, finds an annual report.
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Middle East, 1:12 AM

Iran Talks Extended Yet Again

Western powers extend talks in Switzerland for a second day beyond March 31 deadline.
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Middle East, 3:15 AM

Iraq: Militiamen Loot Tikrit After its Recapture from ISIS

Pro-government militiamen seen looting shops in the center of Tikrit, a day after it was recaptures from ISIS.
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News from America, 12:13 AM

Pro-Sanctions Senator Menendez Indicted on Corruption Charges

Democratic Senator Robert Menendez indicted for allegedly using his Senate office to push the business interests of a friend.
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Inside Israel

Personality Politics Dominate Israel's Coalition Negotiations

Personality-driven politics have taken over Israel, says Gideon Rahat, and they are doing so at the expense of idealism and ideology.
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Daily Israel Report


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Gaza Man Demands 'Refund' After Selling Banksy Door Too CheapA Gaza Arab claims that a local artist “duped” him into selling an “original Banksy” for NIS 700, when it is likely worth much more.


From Homemade to Store-bought: The Evolving Passover DietPrevious generations would be amazed at the variety of foods that can be obtained and are stringently Kosher for Passover.

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WW100 - The Ottoman-German Attack on the Suez Canal -- 1915WWI battles in the Middle East preserved in photos by the armies of the waning Ottoman Empire.