Tevet 18, 5777, 1/16/2017

'Nothing Abbas can do to block US embassy move to Jerusalem'

Inside IsraelMinister mocks threats by Palestinian Authority over planned move of US embassy to Jerusalem. 'They're shooting themselves in the head.'

'No to Palestine: Yes to sovereignty'

Inside Israel, 5:01 PM Jewish Home Chairman says choice is between sovereignty in Area C or Arab State on 1949 lines flooding Israel with refugees.

Lapid: Netanyahu's investigation has taken over everything

Inside Israel, 4:03 PM Yesh Atid chairman says country can't have PM who is busier with investigations than meetings on economy.

'Bibi: It will not help you'

Inside Israel, 4:36 PM PM tells press the publishing of transcripts of his meeting with Yediot Aharonot publisher will not help bring him down.

Gaza youth sets self ablaze to protest Hamas

Inside Israel, 4:11 PM Arab youth sets himself ablaze to protest electricity shortage sparked by Hamas' corrupt leadership.


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