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Kislev 25, 5775 / Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Poll: Lapid-Kahlon Pact Could Oust Shas, Yachad from Knesset

Centrist bloc could win 24 seats, new survey reveals - and oust Sephardic hareidi parties entirely.
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News from America, 9:33 PM

US Slams EU Removal of Hamas from Terror Blacklist

Washington urges the EU to maintain sanctions on the terror organization as Hamas spokesman declares 'victory' in ruling.
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Inside Israel, 8:55 PM

'Fashion Show' at Synagogue Slammed

MKs, community members, and religious officials decried what they called a “fashion show” at a Tel Aviv synagogue.
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News from America, 7:47 PM

Obama: Cuban Embargo 'Outdated' and 'Does Not Work'

Barack Obama announces formal renewal of diplomatic ties with Cuba in statement from White House.
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Jewish World, 7:26 PM

Special Candlelighting Ceremony Held for Dalia Lemkos

35-inch high hannukiah from medical parts donated from Yad Sarah, lit in Dalia's memory in moving ceremony.
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Inside Israel

Lapid 'Scores' Campaign's First Broken Promise

Arad, after much discussion with the former Finance Minister, was to get a new ice cream factory. The plan is now off the table.
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In Time for Hanukkah: 'A New Light' New single by Mati Shriki pays a fitting tribute to the festival of light.

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Four Year-Old Buys Nazi Ring in Vending MachineRing with the Nazi party symbol infuriates mother in Tulsa; vending company known to be 'problematic.'


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Oatmeal LatkesA healthier substitute for the potato variety, as Hanukah approaches.

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Centenary of WWI: Armies that Fought in the Holy LandJews in Palestine starved in WWI, but the Jewish soldiers from overseas rejoiced to see them.