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Elul 21, 5774 / Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Khamenei: U.S. Has 'Dirty Hands'

Iran’s Supreme Leader says his country rejected a U.S. request for cooperation against the “Islamic State”.
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Middle East, 5:45 AM

U.S. Expands Action Against IS in Iraq

U.S. airstrikes in Iraq target six vehicles near Sinjar and an IS fighting position southwest of Baghdad.
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Defense/Security, 4:43 AM

Akunis: 'Two-State Solution' will Bring Terror Tunnels to Center

Deputy Minister warns that a “two-state solution” will endanger the security of Israelis and bring rockets to the heart of the country.
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Middle East, 1:16 AM

PA Statement Equates IS with the 'Occupation'

In condemning IS over its terrorism, the PA's foreign ministry says that "occupation and settlements" are other names for terrorism.
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Middle East, 3:13 AM

Hezbollah: We Won't Leave Syria

Hezbollah official says the threat from the Islamic State means there "is a great need for Hezbollah to remain in Syria".
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Middle East

Report: Hamas Executes Officer over Spying Charges

Hamas executes a Palestinian Arab officer accused of spying for Israel, the latest in a series of similar incidents.
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