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Elul 7, 5774 / Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Egypt: Israel's State Land Designation An Obstacle to Peace

Egypt says Israel’s plans to declare land in Gush Etzion as state land contradict international law.
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Middle East, 4:46 AM

U.S. Carries Out Operation Against Al-Shabaab in Somalia

Pentagon says U.S. military forces conducted an operation against the Al-Shabaab terrorist network. No further information provided.
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Middle East, 4:15 AM

Ireland Calls for UN to Review Mandate for Golan Mission

Ireland’s Defense Minister says his country may not replace its forces in the Golan Heights given recent tensions.
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Inside Israel, 1:16 AM

UN Chief 'Alarmed' by Israel's State Land Designation

UN Secretary General fears Israel’s decision to declare 988 acres of land in Judea as state land will lead to "settlement activity".
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Defense/Security, 12:12 AM

No More National Geographic Channel for Terrorist Prisoners

National Geographic channel removed in Megiddo prison, out of fear terrorists would use its contents to plan escapes.
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Watch: Arutz Sheva TV's Daily Edition

Leaders go south to open school year. Friends of the fallen begin to learn. U.S. congressmen in Israel. The principal who was in Gaza.
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