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Tamuz 17, 5776, 7/23/2016

9 killed in Munich shooting attack

Europe18-year-old murders 9 people, wounds 27 others, in shooting spree in Munich mall; German authorities say he has no apparent terrorist ties.
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Hillary Clinton formally introduces running mate Tim Kaine

US & Canada, 10:03 PMIn advance of Democratic National Convention, Hillary Clinton announces Virginia Senator Tim Kaine as her pick for Vice President.

Jonathan Pollard appeals terms of release

US & Canada, 9:03 PMIn appeal to New York Federal Court, Jonathan Pollard petitions that some of the restrictions in the terms of his release be eased.

We must stop talking - and start acting

Radio, 8:48 PMThe good, the bad and the ugly.

Leaked emails threaten image of Democratic party unity

US & Canada, 9:00 PMRevelations of Clinton campaign's attempt to derail Sanders cast shadow over attempts to portray unity.


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