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Sivan 7, 5775 / Monday, May 25, 2015
15 years since the retreat

Bennett Hints 2000 Retreat from Lebanon Was Wrong

At 15-year anniversary of IDF retreat, Bennett notes Hezbollah was on defensive, now threatens all of Israel.
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Inside Israel, 9:56 AM

Irony: Spain Boycott Protest Targets Radical Leftist Singer Noa

Anti-Israeli singer shares protest calling to boycott her, in a tiff calls on respondents to censor themselves after they note the irony.
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Inside Israel, 8:44 AM

Ehud Olmert Given 8 Months in Talansky Affair

Former prime minister given more jail time and a hefty fine for his part in massive corruption scandal.
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Middle East, 8:50 AM

ISIS Claims Deadly Suicide Bombing on Saudi Shi'ite Mosque

Saudi King Salman vows justice after bombing kills 21 at prayer and wounds 81 others, as state cracks down on ISIS cell responsible.
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Middle East, 11:51 PM

Sec of Def Ashton Carter: Iraqis Have No 'Will to Fight' ISIS

US Secretary of Defense criticizes Iraqi forces for fleeing Ramadi and leaving the city to ISIS, despite having them 'vastly outnumbered'
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Middle East

Poll Shows Erdogan is Losing his Grip

Turkish President Erdogan's ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) drops in polls ahead of elections.
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