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Av 26, 5776, 8/30/2016

'When I heard our soldier shooting, I breathed a sigh of relief'

Defense/SecurityAshi Horowitz, member of the Hevron emergency response team, testified today for the defense at the Elor Azariya trial in Yafo.
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People rescued from elevators during nation-wide power outage

Inside Israel, 12:21 PM Israel saw nation-wide power outages today (Tuesday) following malfunctions in the generators of the Electricity Authority.

Liberman blasts plan to turn over school to illegal migrants

Inside Israel, 12:58 PM Defense Minister Liberman asks Naftali Bennett to intervene regarding South Tel Aviv school being turned over to illegal migrants' children.

'Exchanging live terrorists for dead bodies is forbidden'

Defense/Security, 9:35 AM In light of Defense Minister's comments against terrorists-for-bodies swap, "Machon Mishpatei Aretz" cited rabbinical opinion on the issue.

'National Service against the state? Madness.'

Inside Israel, 10:12 AM A new proposed law by MK Amir Ohana would cancel National Service appointments to organizations funded mainly by foreign countries


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