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Av 22, 5776, 8/26/2016

Coalition crisis averted as Shabbat work on train lines limited

Inside IsraelNetanyahu orders Shabbat work on train lines restricted to potentially life-threatening situations.
Daily Israel Report

Syrian Jews secretly evacuated to Kentucky

US & Canada, 9:33 AM Three Syrian-Jewish families, including seven children, spirited out of war-torn country and resettled in Jewish community in Louisville.

13 worshippers arrested inside Arab village

Inside Israel, 8:38 AM Group seeking to pray by tomb of Yehoshua Bin Nun entered Palestinian Authority village without authorization.

'Missionary work in Israel a silent Holocaust'

Inside Israel, 8:18 AM Lehava activists protest missionary event in Jerusalem.

Israeli safari welcomes white rhino baby boy

ILTV ISRAEL DAILY, 9:59 AM 23 year old rhino, "Tanda", gives birth in Ramat Gan Safari.


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