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Tishrei 27, 5775 / Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Jerusalem Elects Chief Rabbis for First Time in Over a Decade

Rabbis Shlomo Amar and Aryeh Stern win close election after long and hard-fought campaign
CurrenciesShabbat Times
Middle East, 8:13 PM

Iran Says it Foiled Sabotage on Bushehr Nuclear Reactor

Iranian intelligence minister announces arrests of foreign agents in Bushehr, Iran's 'nuclear hub.'
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Global Agenda, 9:06 PM

UN Head Says Israel, Palestinians Must End 'Unilateral Actions'

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon says 'tough compromises' need to be made, insists 'two-state solution' the only way forward.
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Inside Israel, 7:12 PM

Moshe Kahlon Officially Leaves Likud to Form New Party

Former minister officially cancels Likud membership in move needed to start new Knesset party, after Monday announcement.
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Middle East, 7:50 PM

Woman Stoned to Death by Her Own Father in ISIS Territory

Latest evidence of ISIS atrocities emerge as woman stoned for adultery; heartbreaking scenes as father refuses to forgive her.
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Inside Israel

The IDF's New Mission: Teaching Immigrant Children Hebrew

Soldiers in uniform gear up for the next operation - in the classroom, where they are helping children integrate into Israel.
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Jerusalem Mayor Kisses Gerrer Hassid by Mistake Nir Barkat was not aware that the Gerrer (Gur) hassidic sect forbids men from kissing each other. He asked: 'What are they, Muslims?'


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Lentil and Yam SoupIt's starting to get chilly at night in Israel, so this hits the spot.

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The Hardships of Aliya in the 30'sIn the '30s it wasn't only living in Israel that was hard; just getting to the Holy Land was fraught with danger.