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Cheshvan 1, 5776 / Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Cabinet Approves Revoking Residency from Terrorists

Security cabinet approves a series of additional security measures in wake of ongoing terror wave.
Daily Israel Report
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Global Agenda, 5:16 AM

South Africa Discourages Travel to Israel

South Africa's ruling party recommends that travel to Israel be discouraged unless it is for solidarity with the “Palestinian struggle”.
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Middle East, 4:15 AM

White House: Iran Missile Test Violated UN Resolution

United States admits a recent Iranian missile test was a violation of a UN resolution, but says nuclear deal will not be affected.
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Middle East, 3:12 AM

UNRWA Ignores Israeli Terror Victims, Raises $80m From Europe

UN refugee organization in Gaza expresses "deep alarm" at the loss of Palestinian terrorists' lives, ignores Israeli victims.
(Photo:Flash 90)
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Middle East, 1:16 AM

ISIS Vows to Defeat Russia as Airstrikes Intensify

ISIS spokesman calls for Muslims to launch "jihad" against Russians and Americans.
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The Wrong Policy of Israel

Jay Shapiro claims that the daily headlines are proof of the absurdity and stupidity of the Oslo Agreement.
(Photo:Hezki Ezra)
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Music & Entertainment

Watch: Israeli Flags Fly High as Matisyahu Rocks Jerusalem Jewish reggae superstar performs in front of thousands - all waving Israeli flags.



History in Pictures

The Sukkot Festival and Hoshana Rabba - 100+ Years AgoAussie at Kotel (we apologize for the quality of the photo), Sukkot in Samarkand, Jews at the Kotel in kittels on Hoshana Rabba.


NASA, Israel Space Agency Sign Cooperation DealOne small step for science: US-Israeli agreement to deepen cooperation over space exploration.