Nissan 4, 5778, 3/20/2018
Senior official to Arutz Sheva

US peace plan will be delayed considerably

US apparently uninterested in presenting plan when conflict between US and PA is only growing - and PA likely to refuse no matter what.

Israeli soccer player posts photo with captain of Iranian team

'In soccer there is one language without prejudice and wars. The captain of the Iranian national team and I show it can be different.'

Czech Republic considering moving embassy to J'lem

Spokeswoman confirms Czech Republic considering moving its embassy from Tel Aviv to J'lem, but still taking EU position into account.

Int’l women’s day march accused of anti-Semitism

ILTV speaks with Emily Schrader of Standwithus about the exclusion of Jewish organizations from this year's event.

Israel must begin producing historical movies

Israel’s public diplomacy would be greatly served by the production of historical movies. Opinion.


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