Kislev 18, 5776 / Monday, November 30, 2015

Liberman: Israel promised Hamas – no targeted strikes

Ex-foreign minister says Israel and Hamas reached an agreement 'under the table' after summer of 2014's war.
Daily Israel Report
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Global Agenda, 4:06 PM

Netanyahu, Abbas shake hands for the first time since 2010

What terror war? Israeli and PA leaders act cordially during UN conference in Paris.
(Photo:Moshe Milner/GPO/Flash 90)
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Technology & Health, 4:36 PM

Israeli corporation makes it big in Singapore

First Israeli company to go public in Singapore dedicated to - you guessed it - helping create startups.
(Photo: Courtesy: Trendlines )
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Global Agenda, 4:41 PM

EU vows to continue pushing Middle East agenda

Israel's outrage over 'settlement labeling' move will not deter EU working for 'Middle East peace', EU spokesman says.
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Inside Israel, 5:10 PM

Real estate firm's racist video gets thumbs down on social media

A real estate firm has pulled a video from Youtube that depicted what many called a racist portrayal of Mizrahi Jews.
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Global Agenda

Netanyahu, Obama hold 'important' meeting at climate summit

Israeli prime minister meets world leaders at sidelines of UN summit in Paris, invites UK's Prince Charles to visit Jerusalem.
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Israeli corporation makes it big in SingaporeFirst Israeli company to go public in Singapore dedicated to - you guessed it - helping create startups.