Tamuz 8, 5778, 6/21/2018
Public Security Minister:

'Big chance of large-scale Gaza operation'

Minister Erdan rejects claim that deterrence has been lost, but says Israel may have to launch larger operation. 'There may be no choice.'

Leftist operatives ambush Birthright: 'Stop the occupation'

Operatives wait for participants at Kennedy Airport in NY. 'They claimed Taglit works against Jewish morality,' says guide.

'Attorney General is afraid of women's groups'

MK Smotrich blasts AG's support for Tel Aviv municipality's ban on gender-separated Chabad event.

Haredi camp counselor killed in car accident

Rabbi Reuven Chaim Beiler, father of ten who served as counselor in US haredi camp, killed in road accident.

Trump vs DeBlasio: Who will win the Hamas battle

Elected officials have kept silent about honoring Hamas in NYC public schools.Opinion.


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