Tishrei 27, 5778, 10/17/2017

Avi Gabbay refuses to retract his remarks on 'the settlements'

'Land of Israel belongs to the Jews, God promised it to Abraham,' says Zionist Union chief.

Arab MK consoles family of murdered Samaria man

Meretz MK, mayor of Arab town visit Samaria town to console family of elderly Jewish man murdered by terrorists ahead of Sukkot holiday.

IDF rabbis will no longer read Book of Joshua at swearing-in

IDF decides that army rabbis will no longer read from the Book of Joshua at swearing-in ceremonies.

Mayim Bialik slammed for 'victim blaming'

Orthodox Jewish actress criticized for suggesting that dressing modestly can help reduce phenomenon of sexual assault.

Israeli TV show promises prize to sexual harassment victims

Morning show posts message: 'Go to our Facebook page and tell us if you were sexually harassed - and you can win concert tickets.'


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