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Adar 13, 5775 / Wednesday, March 04, 2015
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'Netanyahu is Our Esther'; Congressman Hails PM's Speech

Binyamin Netanyahu's warnings over a deal with Iran may prove to be 'invaluable' in preventing a bad deal with Iran, says GOP Rep.
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News from America, 4:18 PM

US State Department Slams Netanyahu's 'Magic Formula'

Harf condemns Congress address 'fantasy world,' dismisses 'scary hypotheticals' - like an Iranian nuclear arsenal in weeks.
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Inside Israel, 4:42 PM

'Failure of the Jewish People': Strategic Property Lost to Arabs

ILF chairman King announces last Jewish property in key J'lem area sold to Arabs despite his counter-offer, as greed wins out.
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Middle East, 4:46 PM

Israel to Double Water Supply to Gaza

COGAT says it hopes Hamas will not steal water from citizens as it steals construction materials to build terror tunnels.
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Inside Israel, 3:57 PM

Despite US Rift, Experts See Poll Boost for Netanyahu

Hostility from the White House aside, Americans will be asking the Obama administration to offer a response to Netanyahu's criticisms.
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Inside Israel

Watch: What Happens When a Christian Wears a Cross in Israel?

Israeli Christian group shows what it's like to be a Christian in Israel. The results might surprise you.
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