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Tishrei 25, 5777, 10/27/2016

'An absurd reality'

Inside IsraelNew report exposes that at least 7 extreme-left organizations actively working against Israel are eligible for National Service positions.

'Ascending the Temple Mount is a Torah command'

Inside Israel, 10:50 AM Rabbi Yisrael Ariel of the Temple Institute disagreed with Rabbi Aviner's opposition to ascending the Mount. 'That is exile mentality.'

Trump's Walk Of Fame star smashed to pieces

US & Canada, 12:55 PM A 40-year-old man used a sledgehammer to smash the Walk of Fame star in Hollywood bearing Donald Trump's name.

5 indicted for negligence in wedding hall tragedy

Inside Israel, 12:21 PM A giant chandelier that fell from a wedding hall ceiling last year, killing one and injuring others, was built from Youtube instructions.

18 injured in Tel Aviv bus accident

Inside Israel, 12:29 PM 18 people were injured Thursday morning in an accident involving a tow truck and a bus on Sderot Rokah in Tel Aviv.


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