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Nisan 12, 5775 / Wednesday, April 01, 2015

After Congress, Netanyahu, Boehner Meet Again in Jerusalem

In veiled jab at Obama, House Speaker warns: 'You can’t continue to turn your eye away from the threats that face all of us.'
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Inside Israel, 1:43 PM

PM Pans World Silence over Iran General's Call to Destroy Israel

Netanyahu reacts to Basij commander's 'wiping Israel off the map' comments, says P5+1 can and must insist on a better nuclear deal.
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Jewish World, 4:05 PM

'Shocking' Number of Americans Believe Jews 'Not Loyal'

The issue of dual-loyalty is an essential ingredient of modern anti-Semitism all over the world, and must be taken seriously, ADL head says.
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News from America, 2:09 PM

Obama's Iran Adviser Worked for Pro-Tehran Regime Lobby?

Investigative report reveals NSC Iran Director who briefed Obama on talks used to work for NIAC, thought to be Iranian mouthpiece.
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Defense/Security, 2:26 PM

Iran is Smuggling Precision Missiles to Hezbollah

Top colonel in missile defense system says Iran upgrading warheads to give Hezbollah pinpoint accuracy in striking Israel.
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News from America

Pro-Bibi Paper Headlines Article Depicting Obama as Collaborator

Israel Hayom's main headline quotes Washington Times article that presents Obama as 'the Iranian Candidate.'
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