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Tishrei 24, 5777, 10/26/2016

Watch: Trump's message to Israel

US & CanadaDonald Trump reiterates his commitment to Israel at Jerusalem Forever rally today and says that US will stand with Israel against Iran

Arab soccer players refuse to sing national anthem

Inside Israel, 8:15 PM Arab former soccer player says he wouldn't sing the national anthem with the rest of the team.

Barkat unfazed by UNESCO decision

Inside Israel, 9:12 PM Jerusalem mayor Nir Barkat unfazed by UNESCO decision over Temple Mount.

Only Chief Rabbis should decide if Jews ascend Temple Mount

Jewish World, 9:48 PM Rabbi Shlomo Aviner says only Chief Rabbis-and not the government or politicians-should decide if Jews can ascend the Temple Mount.

Netanyahu recalls UNESCO ambassador

Global Agenda, 8:35 PM Prime Minister Netanyahu recalled Israel's ambassador to UNESCO, says it is time to reassess Israel's relationship with the organization.


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