Av 28, 5777, 8/20/2017

Netanyahu to meet with Putin, Kushner

PM Netanyahu to meet Russia's President Putin and US envoys to discuss Iran, Syria, and renewing talks with the Palestinian Authority.

Barcelona: Terror attack could have been much worse

'Work accident' foils terrorists' plan to carry out three simultaneous attacks.

Holocaust survivor: Yes, it can happen again

Holocaust survivor Sonia K. speaks to CNN, tells them the world may be in for another Holocaust - unless attitudes change.

ADL is 'glad' Bannon won't advise Trump

Anti-Defamation League said Breitbart creator should not have been appointed, urges Trump to dismiss all staff with ties to 'extremists'.

BDS: Europe is responsible for Barcelona attack

In a statement, BDS 'condemns' Barcelona attack and the European governments' 'complicity' in human rights violations.


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