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Elul 21, 5774 / Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Last Casualty of Gaza War Leaves Hospital

Gadi Yarkoni was severly injured by a mortar shell in Kibbutz Nirim, one hour before the ceasefire began.
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Inside Israel, 11:41 AM

Video: Policeman Kicks Yeshiva Student in the Face

War between Lithuanian-hareidi factions led to destruction of a library with holy books last week. Police arrest three.
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Inside Israel, 8:49 AM

'Leftists Don't Care about Women Getting Raped'

Residents of working-class Tel Aviv demonstrate, call on High Court judges not to strike down Infiltrators Law.
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Defense/Security, 8:05 AM

Mini-Crackdown on Jerusalem Rioting: 22 Arrested

Minors arrested for firebomb and rock attacks in Abu Tor, Silwan, against light rail, after MK calls police commander a 'coward'.
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Middle East, 6:15 AM

Gaza Imam: Weapons Are Our Only Means to Establish the Caliphate

In a Friday sermon, a Gazan cleric brandishes a gun and declares that weapons are the only means "to establish a caliphate."
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Middle East

U.S. Expands Action Against IS in Iraq

U.S. airstrikes in Iraq target six vehicles near Sinjar and an IS fighting position southwest of Baghdad.
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