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Nisan 6, 5775 / Thursday, March 26, 2015
Case closed?

Court Lets Argentine President Off the Hook on Bombing Cover-up

Appeals court dismisses case against Kirchner, charged by Albert Nisman of shielding Iranian officials behind Jewish center bombing.
CurrenciesShabbat Times
Middle East, 9:01 PM

Watch: Child Reveals PA School Play Teaches 'To Kill Jews'

Education, PA style. On official TV, boy in Hevron theater contest says he joined to 'boycott Israel and kill the Jews.'
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Jewish World, 8:04 PM

Flatbush Fire 'Was a Personal Holocaust of One Family'

Rabbi Schonfeld tries to come to grips with the fire that killed seven Jewish children, noting on the unity and the unknown.
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News from America, 8:29 PM

US Army Reservist Nabbed Joining ISIS

Hasan Edmonds arrested on his way to use his military expertise for jihadists, as his cousin arrested in tandem planning attack on base.
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Inside Israel, 7:17 PM

'Our Daughter's Murderer Will Go Free'

Parents of Dalia Lemkos respond to two life sentences handed to terrorist, note it's 'worthless' because of terrorist swaps.
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Global Agenda

Iran Deal Near Final; Rouhani Speaks to Putin, Hollande, Cameron

A series of phone calls with world leaders signals deal over nukes in the home stretch, says analyst.
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