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Iyar 17, 5775 / Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Likud Tending to Agree: Shaked Will Be the Next Justice Minister

After nighttime negotiations, it appears Likud has agreed to Jewish Home's ultimatum; Left is worried.
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Defense/Security, 9:39 AM

Report: Israel Airstrikes Hit Hamas Weapons in Sudan

Arab media reports Israeli war planes hit Scud factory, missile storehouses near Khartoum, destroying Iranian missile shipment.
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Defense/Security, 10:31 AM

30 Years for Terrorist Who Tried to Blow up Jews in Jerusalem

Aziz Awisat sentenced for cutting gas pipes and trying to cause lethal explosion, ax attack on Jewish man that left him critically wounded.
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Jewish World, 11:14 AM

UK: Labour 'Outing' Gay Conservative MP to Sway Orthodox Jews

Left-wing activists seeking to unseat right-wing MP in key constituency taking a markedly un-liberal approach.
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Inside Israel, 10:48 AM

Top Religious-Zionist Rabbi Backs Bennett's Coalition Hardball

Head of Beit El Yeshiva Rabbi Zalman Melamed tells Bennett not to back down in last-minute demand for justice ministry.
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Inside Israel

Man Arrested for Joking about Police Paranoia on Temple Mount

Breach of free speech, freedom of worship, as youth arrested over Facebook post joking his prayers will 'set Middle East on fire.'
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