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Tishrei 8, 5775 / Thursday, October 02, 2014

Did Netanyahu Cave in to White House Demand?

White House reportedly demanded that Netanyahu declare commitment to the "two-state solution" before meeting Obama.
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News from America, 1:14 AM

Director of Secret Service Quits Following Security Breaches

Julia Pierson, director of the Secret Service, resigns her post, in the wake of the revelation of several serious security breaches.
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Inside Israel, 8:36 PM

Hundreds Protest Over Alleged Cover-Up of Terror Murder

Demonstrators send police a message: stop covering up the murder - and treating the family like pariahs.
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Jewish World, 11:48 PM

Interview: French Jewish Assets Say Adieu to France

As French Jews flee rising anti-Semitism and a tanking economy, Arutz Sheva finds out what happened to $1.4 billion of French Jewish assets.
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Inside Israel, 9:08 PM

Parents of Soldiers: 'The IDF is Not to Blame' for Suicides

In light of report that 3 soldiers committed suicide after Gaza war, parents come out in support of the IDF and call not to besmirch it.
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Jewish World

Rabbi Eliezer Berland Released on Bail for Yom Kippur

During the hearing of Rabbi Eliezer Berland, Netherland courts decide to release the Shuvu Bonim leader on bail.
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Kashrut Sees A Resurgence Among Milennial JewsAmerican Millennials are keeping Kosher at twice the rate of their parents.


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