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Nisan 12, 5775 / Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Confirmed: Iran Nuclear Talks Extended by One Day

United States confirms that nuclear talks with Iran and will continue beyond the self-imposed Tuesday night deadline.
CurrenciesShabbat Times
Middle East, 2:45 AM

Obama Releases Military Aid to Egypt

21 months later, President Barack Obama releases military aid to Egypt that was suspended after the overthrow of Mohammed Morsi.
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Jewish World, 2:13 AM

ADL: Trevor Noah's Tweets Play Into 'Anti-Semitic Stereotypes'

The new host of the "The Daily Show" faces mounting criticism over past Twitter posts accused of being anti-Semitic.
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Inside Israel, 11:03 PM

Barkat Creates a 'New Arab Neighborhood' in Jerusalem

Councilman King reports plan for 10,000 Arab housing units passes, as Barkat hikes building permits 50% in 2 years; Arab majority by 2030?
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Global Agenda, 9:37 PM

Israel's Top Ally in Africa Loses in Elections

Goodluck Jonathan, who revolutionized Israel ties, replaced by Muhammadu Buhari, Muslim former military ruler thought to have Islamist bent.
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Israel’s Dilemma: Iranian Nuclear Deal vs. the Passover Lamb

What's the Passover offering got to do with the Iranian nuclear deal?
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Fetus Clapping Video Was 'Lip-Synced' Viral video shows ultrasound of unborn baby clapping as mother sang 'If You're Happy and You Know It.' Was it real? Well, sort of.


From Homemade to Store-bought: The Evolving Passover DietPrevious generations would be amazed at the variety of foods that can be obtained and are stringently Kosher for Passover.

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WW100 - The Ottoman-German Attack on the Suez Canal -- 1915WWI battles in the Middle East preserved in photos by the armies of the waning Ottoman Empire.