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Iyar 7, 5775 / Sunday, April 26, 2015

Lancet Journal Petitioned Over Anti-Israel 'Hate Propaganda'

600 doctors, including Nobel laureates, demand noted medical journal editor and publisher retract their 'abusive dishonesty.'
CurrenciesShabbat Times
Global Agenda, 7:45 PM

Hollande Warns the Holocaust 'Could Yet Return'

Ceremonies in Germany, Croatia and France death camps recall the genocidal horrors, warn that the 'fight has not ended.'
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Defense/Security, 8:02 PM

Watch: IDF Relives 67 Years of Heroism

In time for Independence Day, inspiring IDF video dusts off historical footage spliced with futuristic capabilities of today.
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Inside Israel, 7:29 PM

Israel to Give Surrogate Israeli Babies Priority in Nepal

Babies and surrogate mothers along with Israeli parents to be 'first on plane' in rescue operation from Nepal earthquake.
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Middle East, 6:15 PM

Iran Threatens Saudis After Aid Planes Blocked

Iran says Saudi jets stopped Iranian planes carrying 'humanitarian aid' to Yemen, as tensions between Sunni-Shi'ite rival states grow.
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Technology & Health

Thanks to Israeli App, You Can Find Anything

Yuval Wirzberger of Datovo explains his platform, which will merge multiple apps and programs to find whatever you're looking for.
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