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Elul 22, 5774 / Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Syria: Israel Helping Golan Rebels, 'Playing with Fire'

Video: after Al-Nusra Front's success in the Golan Heights, Syrian ambassador to UN accuses Israel and Qatar of assisting the rebels.
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Defense/Security, 10:02 PM

IDF: Mortar Shell Fired From Gaza Hits Israel

IDF confirms first mortar attack since truce; Hamas denies responsibility, says it's dedicated to the ceasefire.
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Inside Israel, 10:57 PM

Ya'alon Slammed For Bennett Squabble Amid Gaza Mortar Fire

MK Struk defends her party chairman, as Hotovely says failure to respond clearly to ceasefire breach will return 'routine of sirens.'
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Jewish World, 10:01 PM

Why Israel's Terror Alert for Europe is so Worrying

Former Counter-Terrorism Bureau chief tells Arutz Sheva what the new travel warning means for Jews worldwide.
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Defense/Security, 9:10 PM

Rioters in Jerusalem as Young as Nine Years Old

Arab children joining in violent riots, rock and firebomb attacks, as police crackdown on 'silent intifada' in the capital.
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Jewish World

'No Doubt' that Belgian Synagogue Fire was Anti-Semitism

WZO's Ya'akov Hagoel tells Arutz Sheva synagogue was targeted by arsonists before, rejects officials claiming 'criminal' act.
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