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Shevat 7, 5775 / Tuesday, January 27, 2015
Tensions in the north

Rockets Strike Golan Heights, IDF Returns Fire

Two rockets hit Israel in 'intentional' strike, IDF responds and hits the source of the rocket fire.
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Inside Israel, 4:12 PM

'National Religious Factionalism Will Create an Arab Knesset'

Temple Institute head Rabbi Ariel slams ex-soccer player's addition to Jewish Home list, laments 'factionalism' of religious-Zionist public.
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Inside Israel, 3:56 PM

MK Zevulun Kalfa Resigns from Jewish Home Knesset List

In angry letter to Tekuma head Uri Ariel, Kalfa blasts 'cynical' addition of Eli Ohana to list, calls to annul union with Jewish Home.
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Global Agenda, 3:22 PM

EU Speakers Vow Zero Tolerance for Anti-Semitism - Except Turkey

Roundtable of Speakers of Parliament 'gravely concerned' about the rise in anti-Semitism - Turkey refuses to sign on.
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Inside Israel, 2:55 PM

Poll: Labor Still Strong as Jewish Home Weakens

Labor still ahead of Likud, at 25 seats vs. just 23; Jewish Home experiences slight loss, but may rebound after Ohana announcement.
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Global Agenda

Turkish Capital Hosts Holocaust Ceremony for First Time

Official ceremony designed to express solidarity with the Jewish community - but is it too little, too late?
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