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Iyar 17, 5775 / Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Iran Claims it Chased US Warship in Gulf of Aden

Iranian navy confronted US vessel and several aircraft, causing them to 'rapidly' change direction, off the coast of Yemen.
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Inside Israel, 2:14 PM

Tekuma Threatens Bennett over Shaked Appointment

Tekuma faction in the Jewish Home says it'll split off if Uri Ariel isn't given the Justice Ministry instead of Shaked.
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Middle East, 3:08 PM

Assad Denies His Regime Falling in Rare Public Address

Syrian president makes rare appearance to dismiss fears of impending defeat after rebels make significant gains.
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Global Agenda, 1:51 PM

Iran Threatens to Sell Ship it Seized

Iran claims it captured ship over unspecified shipping dispute, demands $10 million in fines to have it released or else will sell it.
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Inside Israel, 12:34 PM

It's Final: Ayelet Shaked Will Be the Next Justice Minister

Bibi blinked: Likud has agreed to Jewish Home's ultimatum. Shaked is expected to tackle leftists inside the judicial system head on.
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Jewish World

Should Married Men Wear a Ring?

Tzohar Rabbis Head issues halachic favoring rings at workplace. Objectors say the custom is un-Jewish and rings are feminine.
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