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Tammuz 25, 5774 / Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Again, Rockets Found in UNRWA School

It looks as if UNRWA again will hand over to Hamas the rockets it found hidden in a vacant school in Gaza.
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Defense/Security, 5:34 AM

Two IDF Officers Killed in Gaza will Be Buried Today

Funeral arrangements are announced for Lieutenant Natan Cohen hy"d, 23, of Modiin, and Dmitri Levitas hy"d, 26, from Jerusalem.
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News from America, 9:18 AM

Ex-Mayor Bloomberg Flies to Israel to Show It's Safe

‘The flight restrictions are a mistake that hands Hamas an undeserved victory and should be lifted immediately,' he says.
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Defense/Security, 7:54 AM

IDF Says Most Tunnels Have Been Found

Minister Erdan says Hamas's government should be toppled because 'nothing can be worse' than Hamas.
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Videos: Faith at the Front

In between the fighting, IDF soldiers dance and praise G-d.
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Global Agenda

BBC Reporter Attacked on Live TV

A man, apparently an Israeli, shoved the reporter and was apprehended by security men.
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Daily Israel Report


Daily Israel Report


Neil Young Cancels Israel Concert for Security ReasonsNeil Young and Crazy Horse cancel upcoming concert in Tel Aviv due to the security situation in Israel.

In Other News...

Cult Flies Jewish Star, Swastika Over Major CitiesRaelians, who preach that Nazi symbol promotes 'peace,' at center of controversy over unusual banner.


Oven-Baked Sweet and Sour Chicken WingsFor Israeli mothers: To help keep the children happy despite the tension, try something healthy that will make them ask for more.

History in Pictures

The Balfour Declaration: the Legal Right to a Jewish StateThe Jews have biblical rights, historical rights and legal rights to the land of Israel.