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Nisan 30, 5775 / Sunday, April 19, 2015

More 'Gestures': Israel Slashes Wait Time for PA Entry Permits

Israel has streamlined its admission policy for PA residents, cutting the process from days to hours.
CurrenciesShabbat Times
Jewish World, 5:50 PM

From Canada to Jerusalem: A Story of Conversion

In Part I of a three-part interview with Arutz Sheva, the coauthor of Spark Ignited discusses her journey from New Brunswick to Jerusalem.
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Global Agenda, 5:48 PM

NYT Covers Anti-Semitism on Temple Mount

Focus on 'feminist' Arab women who terrorize visitors accidentally shows extent of the violence Jews face at Judaism's holiest site.
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Inside Israel, 6:30 PM

Shas MK: Government Will be Formed, Despite Misgivings

Shas MK Yaakov Margi is very optimistic that things will work out with all of the Likud's “natural partners."
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Global Agenda, 5:29 PM

Poland Summons US Ambassador Over Holocaust Remarks

Warsaw demands apology after FBI chief stated that Poland played a role in Nazi's systemic genocide of Jews and other minorities.
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Six Months Later, Condemned Terrorists' Homes Remain Standing

A blame game has erupted over the unheeded demolition orders for the homes of the Har Nof terrorists, car attack terrorist - but why?
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