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Av 20, 5775 / Wednesday, August 05, 2015

3 Democrat Senators Shift to Pro-Iran Deal Camp, 3 Others Oppose

Senators Boxer, Kaine and Nelson endorsee the agreement, but Reps. Lowey, Deutsch and Boxer are against it.
Daily Israel Report
CurrenciesShabbat Times
US & Canada, 11:18 AM

Victims of Iranian Terror Sue to Block Sanctions Relief

Families waiting to collect rulings against Iran for terror attacks sue US administration to not release $100 billion to Islamic regime.
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Jewish World, 1:11 PM

Rabbi Says Gays Are OK, Parade Is Not

Rabbi Yaakov Meidan says some homosexuals are righteous Jews, but the political gay movement is ‘violent.’
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Jewish World, 12:55 PM

Watch: Ancient Mikveh With Rare Inscriptions Found in Jerusalem

Second Temple period ritual bath found during construction of kindergarten, with highly 'significant' wall paintings of Temple artifact.
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Middle East, 12:30 PM

Bedouins on Jordan Border Swear Loyalty to ISIS

Israeli security system on high alert after tribes join ISIS in exchange for money, with fears terror group may start Jordan conquest soon.
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Inside Israel

'The Army Puts Soldiers in Impossible Situations'

Attorney slams army for demoting soldier ordered to block 'friends and neighbors' from protesting against an Arab terror attack.
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