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Tishrei 24, 5777, 10/26/2016

UNESCO passes new anti-Israel resolution

Global AgendaMeasure demands Israel cease efforts against Jerusalem holy places, again ignores Jewish ties to Temple Mount.

'Azariya acted correctly, the terrorist could have had a bomb'

Defense/Security, 11:44 AM Security coordinator of Hevron contradicts testimony of Brigade Commander, insists Azariya acted correctly.

Knesset Members, IDF General Staff in service of the KGB

Defense/Security, 10:57 AM Documents reveal Soviet Union spies infiltrated many strata of Israeli governance - including the IDF General Staff.

Bill Clinton targets Jews in election push

US & Canada, 11:15 AM 'This election is about tikkun olam,' says former president, hints Jews should feel threatened by Donald Trump.

Will US reclassify Israelis from white to Middle Eastern?

ILTV ISRAEL DAILY, 11:47 AM Will the ethnicity of Israeli-Americans be re-categorized in US census studies as “Middle Eastern and North African descent”?


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