Adar 2, 5776 / Thursday, February 11, 2016

Shaked rules out adoption of historic Levy Report

Minister says report defining Israel's Judea-Samaria presence as legal is 'impossible' now, says region's law enforcement is unbiased.
Daily Israel Report
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Middle East, 4:20 PM

Israel, Turkey begin new normalization talks

Next set of covert rapprochement talks start in Geneva, as Ankara continues to demand Israel lift naval blockade on Hamas.
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Inside Israel, 4:39 PM

Caravans confiscated from Beit Hogla Farm

Four caravans belonging to Amana, which leads Jewish construction in Judea-Samaria, taken by IDF.
(Photo:Photo: Courtesy of photographer)
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Middle East, 3:15 PM

Russian engineers working with ISIS in Syria to produce gas

While Russia says it is fighting terror group, new evidence shows it is cutting economic deals amid the bloodshed in Syria.
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Moshe Ivgy announces break amid harassment scandal

As the actor faces sexual harassment allegations, he announces that he will stop performing in plays for now.
(Photo:Photo: Flash90)
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The Israel Navy vet looking to solve Europe's smuggling problem

Drugs, people, weapons all smuggled daily through Europe via its 'back door' - the ocean. An IDF veteran is leading the fightback.
(Photo: iStock)
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