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Adar 12, 5775 / Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Netanyahu Tells Congress: If Need Be, Israel Will Stand Alone

PM outlines 2 major problems with Iran deal; 'The greatest threat to the world is the marriage of radical Islam and nuclear weapons.'
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Middle East, 8:31 PM

Al-Arabiya Editor Demands Obama Listen to Netanyahu

In surprising op-ed by editor-in-chief of fiercely anti-Israel paper, Faisal Abbas admits Netanyahu is right, Iran must be dealt with.
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News from America, 8:07 PM

'Why Did Obama Fear This Speech?'

NY Assemblyman Dov Hikind says world should thank Netanyahu for unveiling 'uncomfortable truths' about the looming Iran nuclear deal.
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News from America, 7:48 PM

Congressman Backs Netanyahu in Slamming Nuclear Deal

Congressman Roskam says coming year 'pivotal' in stopping Iranian nuke, presents Bibi with painting by his wife.
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Middle East, 7:17 PM

Arab League to Discuss Creation of 'Unified Arab Force'

Annual summit to consider implementing Egyptian initiative for joint force to confront stability threats such as 'the rise of terrorism.'
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Middle East

ISIS Unleashes Guerilla Tactics in Bitter Battle for Tikrit

Battle for key ISIS stronghold bogged down by snipers and booby traps; may be preamble to operation on Mosul headquarters.
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Is Netanyahu right to agree to address Congress?
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