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Adar 12, 5775 / Tuesday, March 03, 2015

'Obama is Afraid Bibi will Expose Iran Coverup'

Marc Zell, Co-Chair of Republicans Abroad Israel, says the White House has good reason to worry about Netanyahu's speech.
CurrenciesShabbat Times
Middle East, 2:11 PM

'One Iranian Nuke, 3 Million Dead Israelis'

On Steve Malzberg show, Arutz Sheva's Mark Langfan explains exactly what Iran meant by saying Israel is 'a one-bomb country'.
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Inside Israel, 2:36 PM

Man Arrested for 'Spilling Drink' on MK Zoabi at College Event

The suspect, 28, is an activist in the Otzma Yehudit list, which says Zoabi had been making provocations. Organizers blame both sides.
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News from America, 11:22 AM

Obama Boycott of PM's Speech Backfires; Huge Demand for Tickets

Even Democrats are hanging on to their tickets, 'distributing them as if they were a form of valuable currency,' reports New York Times.
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Inside Israel, 12:03 PM

Is Israel's Election Culture Undergoing a Radical Change?

Last week's election debate may not have impacted the polls significantly, but it could signal a real shift in the way Israel does politics.
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Middle East

Saudi Arabia: Columnist Stands with Netanyahu, Slams Obama

Top Saudi government-controlled paper says Netanyahu's speech will serve Gulf interests more than Obama's 'foolish behavior.'
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