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Kislev 29, 5775 / Sunday, December 21, 2014

Ya'alon: Livni-Herzog Govt. Would Turn Judea-Samaria to Hamastan

Ya'alon slams Livni for asking for Kerry to veto PA UN bid to help Israeli Left in elections, views Hamas responsible for rocket attack.
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Inside Israel, 4:25 PM

MK Hanin Zoabi's Office Broken Into, Computers Stolen

Balad party MK says she suspects more than simple criminal intent in break-in Sunday.
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Inside Israel, 3:45 PM

'Price Tag' Arsonists Jailed for Two and a Half Years

Court hands down stiff sentence to two residents of Samaria arrested last year; lawyers say clients mistreated in custody.
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Global Agenda, 5:29 PM

Al-Qaeda 'Pot' Calls Taliban 'Kettle' Black Over Massacre

Al-Qaeda killed thousands in its attack on the World Trade Center, but their 'hearts bled' over last week's Pakistan massacre.
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Global Agenda, 3:57 PM

France Ups Security for Police Amid Fears of Jihadi Attacks

Worries over additional 'lone wolf' attacks inspired by Islamic State group after Muslim convert stabs three police.
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Inside Israel

Govt. Approves 20,500 'Price Target' Apartments

The government's 'price target' plan to lower the cost of apartments for first-time homebuyers kicks in on Monday.
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