Adar 2, 5777, 2/28/2017
State Comptroller report

Only Bennett demanded the destruction of terror tunnels

State Comptroller writes that government failed to take tunnel threat seriously, withheld essential information from ministers.

Verdict for Israeli facing death sentence postponed

Family of imprisoned Israeli imprisoned in an Islamic country conducting meetings with authorities to arrange a compromise.

Watch: The Ofra eviction as it unfolds

See albums from evacuation of nine houses in Ofra, Tuesday 2nd of Adar 5777

Globalist site claims 'exclusive' access to Trump speech

Infowars, which has scrutinized indications Israel involved in 9/11 attacks, says it received 'exclusive' access to Trump speech outline.

Three PA trucks impounded for illegal dumping

Supervisory Unit of Civil Administration confiscates three PA trucks after they are caught dumping trash at illegal site.


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