Tamuz 8, 5778, 6/21/2018
Senior commander:

'No reason to fear entering Gaza'

Former head of Home Front Command: 'If Hamas continues to escalate, it will find the IDF inside Gaza. Summer is a great time for us.'

Israeli vehicle robbed in southern Samaria

Robbers overtake vehicle, force driver to stop, break window and pull driver out. Army and police forces searching the area.

Home of terrorist who carried out ramming attack demolished

IDF forces demolish home of terrorist who murdered Ziv Daus and Netanel Kahalani.

Study: Haredim reversing Jewish population decline in Britain

High birthrates among haredim are responsible for recent growth in number of British Jews following decades of decline, a new study shows.

She may be the next president

Our foreign policy now has a backbone and it is Nikki Haley. Op-ed.


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