Kislev 27, 5778, 12/15/2017

Ramallah terrorist planned to carry out suicide attack

Terrorist stabs IDF soldier near Ramallah, authorities say he planned to carry out suicide attack near Israeli soldiers.

Shabbat Shalom from Israel! Updates continue from N. America

Shabbat about to begin in Israel. Arutz Sheva's North America desk will continue to update the site until Shabbat begins in New York.

Former haredi MK: Secular Israel should also miss Rav Shteinman

Former haredi MK Dov Lipman says 'all of Israel' owes Rabbi Shteinman a debt of gratitude for his contribution to the IDF.

An honest man is hard to find

The test of chessed is when the guy's a creep. If I do favors to nice people, that’s nice - but it’s not the test of chessed.

INTO THE FRAY: Why not a Palestinian State?

There is precious little reason to believe that a Palestinian state would not degenerate into a mega-Gaza near Tel Aviv.


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