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Tishrei 26, 5777, 10/28/2016

Trump: Cancel the election and declare me the winner

US & CanadaRepublican presidential candidate jokes that he'd like to "cancel the election" and be declared the winner.

WikiLeaks: Clinton's aides do Soros' bidding

US & Canada, 2:15 AM Leaked emails show billionaire George Soros having enormous influence over Clinton, with her aides working to keep him happy.

Anti-Semitic British lawmaker suspended

Europe, 6:16 AM British lawmaker Jenny Tonge quits Liberal Democratic party after it suspends her over her latest anti-Semitic escapade.

Former pitcher fires back at liberal Jewish critics

Jewish World, 4:14 AM Curt Schilling says liberal Jewish leaders who criticized his comments on Jews and Democrats are “clowns”.

Chinese airline flies to 'Palestinian Territories'

Inside Israel, 5:43 AM Passenger aboard a Hainan Airlines flight discovers the in-flight navigation map lists the “Palestinian Territories” instead of Israel.


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