Shvat 26, 5777, 2/22/2017

Eizenkot: 45% of terror attacks done by Israeli Arab citizens

Chief of Staff Gadi Eizenkot says in recent years nearly half the terror attacks perpetrated by Israeli ID card holders.

Israel's missile defense systems pass muster

New Tamir anti-missile interceptor product of Israeli-American cooperation.

EU parliamentarians demand to enter Gaza

5 EU parliamentarians slam Israeli refusal to allow them to enter Gaza, demand lifting of blockade on Hamas-run territory,

Tibi demands PM apologize for Umm Al-Hiran incident

Ahmed Tibi(Joint Arab List) demands Netanyahu apologize for death of Bedouin after media report that Umm al-Hiran event was not terrorism.

J.K. Rowling donates to Muslim fund to repair Jewish cemetary

Muslim-American activists raise thousands of dollars to repair tombstones in Jewish cemetary damaged in anti-Semitic incident


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