Sivan 13, 5778, 5/27/2018

Builder of Bet El, Philanthropist Jean Gluck Passes

Diaspora Jewish leader Jean Gluck passes. She and husband led thousands to support Jewish presence and institutions in Judea and Samaria.

'The Left is going down'

Leading rabbi attacks Israeli left, and explains why PM should not be criticized for 'Shehecheyanu' blessing during US embassy inauguration.

Public broadcaster compares Chief Rabbi to Iranian President

Segment run by Israeli public broadcaster asks children to determine who, from pictures of Chief Rabbi and Iranian President, is Iranian?

'The campaign against Iran is not over'

PM on Iranian involvement in Syria: 'We are acting against transfer of lethal weaponry from Syria to Lebanon or its creation in Lebanon.'

The Shidduch fraud

People are unfortunately desperate. That is precisely when peop swoop in for the kill. Op-ed.


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