Kislev 17, 5776 / Sunday, November 29, 2015

A warm embrace from Montreal

Arutz Sheva speaks to Canadian family that flew to Israel in order to attend Sara Litman's wedding.
Daily Israel Report
CurrenciesShabbat Times
Middle East, 7:01 PM

Gaza's 'Hitler 2' store spawns copycat

Another Gaza clothing store attempts to draw draws customers by placing knives in the hands of its mannequins.
(Photo: Abed Rahim Hatib / Flash 90)
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US & Canada, 7:26 PM

US lawmaker worried about Americans back from ISIS combat

'We've had hundreds of them travel over there and 50 have come back to the United States,' says Rep. McCaul.
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Inside Israel, 6:51 PM

'Muted' reaction to Magal scandal in religious sector

Religious journalists estimate that the Jewish Home MK will have difficulty making it into the next Knesset.
(Photo: Nati Shohat / Flash 90)
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Defense/Security, 5:32 PM

To beat terror Israelis must be tough - and politically correct?

Defense minister says while striking terrorists, Israelis must not be guided by 'stomach juices,' and respect all sexual tendencies.
(Photo:Yonatan Sindel / Flash 90)
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In Other News...

How would the French react to biased reporting of Paris attacks?

WATCH: Journalist tests how Europeans would react if the Paris terror attacks received the same headlines as attacks against Israelis.
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