Adar 5, 5776 / Sunday, February 14, 2016

Bombshell video: Rabbis for Human Rights scamming its US donors

Undercover video shows leftist provocateurs boasting that US donors are not aware that they're helping their nefarious activities.
Daily Israel Report
CurrenciesShabbat Times
Inside Israel, 6:40 PM

15 wounded in crash between bus and truck

Mass-casualty incident declared in horrific crash near Modi'in, many of the injured are still trapped in bus.
(Photo: ZAKA)
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Europe, 6:32 PM

Israeli couple rejected by anti-Semitic AirBnB host

London host sparks outrage after turning down Israeli couple for being 'aggressive settlers occupying lands, destroying houses.'
(Photo: Reuters)
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Inside Israel, 6:23 PM

Netanyahu warns world will 'buy gas from our enemies'

PM makes unusual showing in Supreme Court to defend gas deal from anti-trust petitions, urges approval now to defend energy security.
(Photo:Gili Yohanan)
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US & Canada, 5:52 PM

Obama’s 10-year aid package comes with a catch

As officials urge Netanyahu to accept military aid offer, new details show major shortcoming in the deal.
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Inside Israel

From MMA champ to Border Police squad commander

Despite impact on her career, ex-martial arts champion decides to take her skills and fight terrorists so as to defend Jerusalem.
(Photo:Police Spokesperson Unit)
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Megadeth in Israel: Leading heavy metal band returnsAfter cancelling 2014 performance, Megadeth schedules July 2016 concert, joining raft of other scheduled star performances.

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How the US Navy saved the Jews in the Holy Land 100 years agoWhy did the navy have to bring the aid the US sent Jews during WWI?

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100 years later scientists prove Einstein's theorySame day scientists find gravitational waves predicted in theory of relativity, Hebrew University presents the original documents.