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Adar 12, 5775 / Tuesday, March 03, 2015
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Binyamin Netanyahu Delivers 'Historic' Address to US Congress

After weeks of criticism, accusations and controversy, Prime Minister Netanyahu makes Israel's case on Iran before Congress.
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News from America, 5:35 PM

Kerry Won't Watch Netanyahu Congress Speech

Kerry makes known he won't watch speech live as he'll be negotiating with Iran about the very deal Netanyahu is warning against.
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Inside Israel, 6:05 PM

'Time has Come for an Alternative to Two-State Solution'

Right-wing leaders featured in new issue of Sovereignty Journal meant to stop leftist economic debate from creating 'Palestine.'
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Global Agenda, 6:18 PM

Watch: Rivlin Sings and Dances With Japanese Christians

New sign of blossoming Israel-Japan ties as president greets delegation of Makuya pilgrims and thanks them for decades of support.
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Middle East, 5:04 PM

PA Stops Paying Israel Compensation for Terror Attacks

PA decides to ignore fines on terrorist prisoners for attacks on Israelis, saying 'victims shouldn't pay for defending their rights.'
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Inside Israel

Campaign to Stop Voter Indifference from Crowning the Left

Im Tirtzu launches response to V15 campaign to replace Netanyahu, exposes 'true face' of Labor, Joint Arab List, Meretz.
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Is Netanyahu right to agree to address Congress?
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