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Elul 25, 5776, 9/28/2016

Unprecedented preparations for Peres funeral

Inside IsraelWorld leaders to converge on Har Herzl this Friday for massive state funeral for Shimon Peres.

Soldier's death was caused by colleague playing with grenade

Defense/Security, 7:14 PM The IDF has concluded investigation of grenade accident in July, stating that explosion was caused by soldier playing with pin of grenade.

'Free jailed soldier for Rosh Hashanah!'

Defense/Security, 6:14 PM The wife of Elad Sela, soldier jailed for revealing secret information to right wing activists,requested his release for Rosh Hashanah.

Jewish groups around the world laud Peres

Jewish World, 6:28 PM Jewish groups in Israel, US, and the world, praise Shimon Peres as statesman and peacemaker.

'Shimon Peres eliminated Israel's deadliest enemy'

Inside Israel, 4:13 PM Elyakim Haetzni of Kiryat Arba wonders 'how many of the Arabs who Peres made into leaders will show up at his funeral?'


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