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Av 21, 5776, 8/25/2016

Which MKs are promoting individual liberty?

Inside IsraelLiberty Index ranks the Knesset parties and MKs, revealing who is protecting personal liberty from government intrusion - and who is not.
Daily Israel Report

Agricultural Terror: Every night, at all times

Defense/Security, 12:20 PM Farmers complaining about daily burglaries and robberies find little help from police

'Everyone will understand who is in charge in Jerusalem'

Inside Israel, 10:31 AM A new controversy may have been sparked in Jerusalem by Nir Barkat, who announced that the Jerusalem cablecar will have a station in Silwan

Japanese truck driver playing Pokemon Go mows down pedestrians

Global Agenda, 11:02 AM Addictive cell phone game kills one, wounds another in Japan as distracted truck driver runs over pedestrians.

Haredi recruit thrown off bus, told to shave beard

Haredi Community ‏, 10:24 AM Army regulations create pitfalls for religious recruits.


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