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Tishrei 19, 5777, 10/21/2016

Trump will accept the election results-if he wins

US & CanadaAfter Donald Trump would not say that he would accept the results of the residential election, he now says that he will accept if he wins.

World parliamentarians: Jerusalem is Israel's capital

Inside Israel, 3:14 AM 19 parliamentarians visiting Israel sign declaration against UNESCO’s resolution which ignores the Jewish connection to Jerusalem.

Palestinian Arabs arrested for visiting a sukkah

Middle East, 1:42 AM PA security forces arrests three Arabs who visited the sukkah of the mayor of Efrat.

'To be merciful to the wicked is to be cruel to the righteous'

Inside Israel, 2:16 AM Dr. Michael Ben-Ari slams daughter-in-law of late Rabbi Menachem Froman for naive and dangerous notions of making peace with killers.

How all the Jewish MLB players did in 2016

Sports News & Analysis‏, 12:53 AM Many Jewish Major League Baseball players had their best seasons in years during 2016.


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