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Av 20, 5776, 8/24/2016

Tunisian singer under fire for picture with Israeli soldier

Middle EastTunisian singer Saber Rebai criticized for appearing in a photograph alongside an Israeli soldier.
Daily Israel Report

Holocaust Museum blasts award to anti-Semitic Hungarian

Europe, 5:13 AM U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum slams decision by Hungary to grant a prestigious award to Zsolt Bayer.

North Korea test fires ballistic missile via sumbarine

Global Agenda, 3:14 AM North Korea test fires ballistic missile near the coastal city of Sinpo.

Crude oil leak in Jordan's Aqaba could harm Eilat

Middle East, 1:15 AM Jordan informs Israel that 200 tons of crude oil leaked into the Gulf of Aqaba from Aqaba port and could possibly contaminate Eliat.

Living in the land of Israel: An intimate relationship with G-d

Radio, 4:16 AM Parshat Eikev: Program for survival – and success.


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