Tishrei 29, 5778, 10/19/2017

PA Arabs lobby Supreme Court to block new Jewish town

Petitioners looking to prevent establishment of new town in Samaria to house now-homeless former residents of Amona.

Will Shas be left out of the next Knesset?

Shas, which once held 17 seats, plummets in latest poll to just 4, on verge of falling below minimum threshold.

Borough Park rabbi arrested at gunpoint cleared of charges

Rabbi Berl Fink was cleared of evading arrest in August police chase that ended in Fink being handcuffed at gunpoint.

Quebec bans Muslim face coverings

Canadian province bans public workers from wearing full-face coverings, wearing niqabs and burqas on public transit.

Journalist to apologize to Sara Netanyahu

Ma'ariv journalist to apologize to first lady for distress caused by accusation she fired 70-year-old gardener. Paper to pay NIS 50,000.


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