Shvat 7, 5778, 1/23/2018

Israeli poet compares Ahed Tamimi to Anne Frank

Defense Minister orders Army Radio to stop playing or interviewing Yehonatan Geffen, who wrote poem glorifying PA teen who slapped soldiers.

Israel to get its first female haredi judge?

From Beis Yaakov to judgeship: Justice Minister Ayelet vows to secure appointment of Israel's first female haredi judge.

Immigrants in Austria: Judaism is harmful to the world

Survey of immigrants in radical bastion of Graz, Austria - most of them Afghans - finds 54.5% believe Jews only care about themselves.

Labour UK ignoring complaints of anti-Semitism, leader alleges

Leader of UK Labour Party's Jewish movement accuses party of ignoring 'vast backlog' of complaints about anti-Semitism within Labour.

The age of Neo-Stalinism

The judicial system has turned into a disgusting parody of itself; a powerful lever promoting political correctness. Op-ed.


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