Shevat 28, 5776 / Sunday, February 07, 2016

Poll: Palestinian support for 'intifada' is falling

Recent poll shows that Palestinian support for violent conflict against Israel is diminishing, both in Gaza and the PA.
Daily Israel Report
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Inside Israel, 12:24 PM

Cabinet remembers beloved Jewish Home minister

Prime Minister Netanyahu opens cabinet meeting with commemoration to beloved minister Uri Orbach.
(Photo: Haim Tzach/GPO)
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Europe, 11:27 AM

Did France cancel purchase of Israeli drones because of BDS?

After BDS France petition against purchase of Israeli-developed Watchkeeper drone, French gov't goes with another company.
(Photo:Flash 90)
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Inside Israel, 12:11 PM

Police probe sexual assault allegations against renowned actor

Authorities begin to contact and interview Moshe Ivgy's accusers - as Israel's media questions why women turn to press over police.
(Photo:Tomer Neuberg/Flash90)
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Europe, 11:39 AM

Germany in last push to bring Nazi guard to justice

Germany attempts to bring guards to justice before they die; three concentration camp guards in their 90s to stand trial.
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Inside Israel

ADL 'shocked' by Arab arson of Gush Etzion synagogue

ADL condemns burning of Torah scrolls, desecration of synagogue in Gush Etzion.
(Photo: Karmei Tzur security force)
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