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Tishrei 30, 5775 / Friday, October 24, 2014
Another Tragedy in Nepal

Breaking: Bus Accident in Nepal, 10 Reported Dead

Bus falls from cliff in latest tragedy in the Himalayas; authorities rush to see if 4 Israelis may be on board.
CurrenciesShabbat Times
Global Agenda, 11:13 AM

Survey Reveals Europe Likes ISIS More Than Arab States Do

Why is support for brutal jihadists flourishing in the West, even as the terror group is largely shunned in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Lebanon?
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Defense/Security, 9:41 AM

'Every Successful Attack Strengthens Arab Terror'

Former senior Shabak officer says 'weak hand' in Jerusalem has failed, outlines what must be done to take back the capital.
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Inside Israel, 9:39 AM

Leftists Squirm Amid Discussion on 1,600 Jerusalem Apartments

Ramat Shlomo building project delayed for 4 years may be finally built. Will leftists block it again?
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News from America, 8:58 AM

NYPD Admits Axe Attack May Be Terrorism

Assailant with Islamic extremist background attacks police officers with a hatchet, seriously injuring one. Random violence, or terror?
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Global Agenda

India: Israel's Next Major Military Ally?

Senior Indian minister coming to Israel as major missile sale is approved - Netanyahu's promise of 'sky's the limit' looks to come true.
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Shlomo Cohen Releases New Music Clip The great Hassidic singer Shlomo Cohen with Ami Cohen's band presents the exciting video of song "Ana Amtzaha" (I Will Find You)

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"Oh, God" - an Israeli Comedy Touring the East CoastGuy Ben-Aharon, director and producer for Israeli Stage, is bringing one of their plays on East Coast tour to universities and synagogues.


PollShould the West intervene militarily to stop ISIS?


Lentil and Yam SoupIt's starting to get chilly at night in Israel, so this hits the spot.

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The Hardships of Aliya in the 30'sIn the '30s it wasn't only living in Israel that was hard; just getting to the Holy Land was fraught with danger.