Adar 2, 5777, 2/28/2017

Ofra evictions: 3 homes evacuated, 5 officers injured

Security forces complete evacuation of 3 of 9 homes slated for demolition. 5 officers injured in clashes with protesters. Two arrests.

Amona HQ announces hunger strike

'Demolition follows demolition.The promises are meaningless,' say Amona leaders disappointed by government's failure to fulfill commitments.

'When you're dating an Arab man, you're not really yourself'

Women share their experiences after being rescued from Arab villages.

Rabbi: 'I was lynched by the LGBT community'

Rabbi Haim Navon temporarily closes Facebook page after online campaign targets his comment against halakhically forbidden gay 'marriage.'

Climb your family tree with MyHeritage

ILTV speaks with Aaron Godfrey of MyHeritage about the technology that can help you uncover your hidden genealogical history.


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