Nissan 3, 5778, 3/19/2018
Bereaved mother worries:

'There's no deterrence, attacks will continue'

Mother of Shir Hajaj, murdered in terror attack, convinced attacks can be prevented: 'Why not expel family and destroy terrorist's house?'

'Expel terrorist families - within Judea and Samaria'

'Israel must increase deterrence and exact heavy price from terrorist's families,' said Jewish Home chair, calls for internal expulsion.

'Putin is good to Jews'

Chabad emissary to Moscow describes warm relations between local Jews, Pres. Putin, says anti-Semitism non-existent in Russia.

French consulate worker to be tried in Israel

France allows consulate worker who smuggled weapons from Gaza to Judea, Samaria, to be tried in Israel.

Israel must begin producing historical movies

Israel’s public diplomacy would be greatly served by the production of historical movies.


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