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Elul 27, 5774 / Monday, September 22, 2014

Gaza Truce Nears End but War Not Expected

One-month ceasefire agreed August 26 ends Wednesday, but Gaza is in deep trouble and can't afford more fighting.
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Inside Israel, 8:17 AM

Jerusalem Arab Mother Rejoices Over Son's Death

Mother of 16-year-old Arab rioter who died from sponge round tells PA TV 'this is the first time I see joy in my heart.'
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Middle East, 8:26 AM

Abbas Says 'Peace' With Hamas Will Stop Terror

After meeting Hollande, Abbas says 'struggle against terror' will be aided by Israeli 'peace' with terror group.
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Middle East, 6:16 AM

Mashaal: Disarmament Isn't Open for Negotiations

Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal rejects Israel's demand that Gaza be demilitarized, says weapons "are for fighting the occupying enemy."
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Middle East, 2:12 AM

Kerry: Assad Will be Held to Account for Using Chlorine

Secretary of State John warns Assad's regime it would be held to account for using chlorine gas against civilians.
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Middle East

PA Ambassador: Israelis Must Return to Their Countries of Origin

PA's ambassador to Tehran says that Israelis, with the exception of "Palestinian Jews", must return to their countries of origin.
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