Sivan 4, 5780, 5/27/2020

European leaders urge Netanyahu: Don't apply sovereignty

Leaders of major European countries sent personal letters to Netanyahu, urge him not to promote sovereignty over Judea and Samaria.

Number of active coronavirus cases in Israel: 2,019

Number of coronavirus carriers who are on respirators rises to 33. No deaths have been recorded in Israel in the past day.
12:11 AM

Goodbye to lockdown - almost all businesses to reopen

Restaurants, bars, pubs, swimming pools, tourist attractions to reopen. Social distancing rules to be maintained.
11:27 PM

Air conditioning systems can spread the coronavirus

Air conditioners can blow around infected droplets hanging in the air, says University of Maryland environmental health professor.
3:05 AM

Memorial Day and US Jewish Heritage Month: Jewish WWI heroes

1,100 Jews were cited for valor at the end of WWI. Three Jewish soldiers received the Congressional Medal of Honor.
11:59 PM

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