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Tamuz 18, 5776, 7/24/2016

Breaking: Suspected terror attack in southern Germany

EuropeOne woman killed and at least two injured in attack by man with machete in town near Stuttgart.
Daily Israel Report

'We must eradicate phenomenon of children left in cars'

Inside Israel, 6:43 PMNew measure to obligate kindergartens, day cares, to notify parents when their child is absent aims to prevent children being left in cars.

Woman locks son in the cupboard- and heads to the beach

Europe, 6:12 PMTwo Muslim women in Britain jailed for locking five-year old boy in darkened cupboard for a day while they went to the beach.

Rabbi sued by sex offender for exposing him on Twitter

Jewish World, 5:07 PMRabbi Ya'akov Horowitz of Rockland, NY, is being sued for slander by a convicted sex offender for exposing him as such on Twitter.

Olympic Committee decides against full ban for Russian athletes

Global Agenda, 7:27 PMAfter calls for a total ban against Russian athletes in the Olympics for doping, the IOC decides against complete ban.


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