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Elul 22, 5774 / Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Qatar Expels Hamas Leader Khaled Mashaal

International pressure leads terror sponsor Qatar to expel Mashaal, after doing the same to Muslim Brotherhood leaders.
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Inside Israel, 8:24 AM

'Rabbi Ronsky Was Not Fired'

MK Miri Regev apologizes to ex-chief rabbi of the IDF in flap over leaks to Naftali Bennett.
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Defense/Security, 7:42 AM

'Silent Intifada' Continues as Jerusalem Man Wounded by Rocks

44-year-old moderately wounded by large rocks hurled at his car by Arabs, leaving him with wounds to the face, eye, jaw and teeth.
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News from America, 5:13 AM

White House Insists: No Ground Forces in Iraq

Despite comments by General Dempsey, White House spokesman insists the U.S. will not deploy ground forces against IS in Iraq.
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Middle East, 5:44 AM

U.S. Negotiator: Iran's Uranium Enrichment Unacceptable

Under Secretary of State Wendy Sherman says Iran cannot convince the world that its current ability to enrich uranium is acceptable.
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Middle East

Al-Qaeda Promises 'Dark Days' for U.S. Coalition Against IS

Al-Qaeda’s branches in Yemen and North Africa call for jihadists to unite against the common threat from a U.S.-led coalition.
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