Shvat 27, 5777, 2/23/2017

'The judges work with complete autonomy'

Chief Justice Naor sends a message to judges across Israel, blessing the appointment of 4 new justices to the Supreme Court.

Founder of Skype supports congregational rabbi training

Businessman Kevin Bermeister, founder of Skype, supports training community rabbis to lead consolidation of Jewish and Israeli law.

Anti-Israel protesters in Australia: Netanyahu is a war criminal

Several hundred anti-Israel protesters demonstrate in Sydney against Netanyahu's visit.

'Israel's Rush Limbaugh' remembered

The 27th of the Hebrew month Shevat marks the anniversary of the passing of Adir Zik, may his memory be a blessing.

Watch: Netanyahu meets with Australian PM and his Cabinet

Netanyahu and Turnbull meet 'to discuss the wide range of opportunities' for cooperation between Israel and Australia.


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