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Iyar 15, 5775 / Monday, May 04, 2015

Stabbing Attack Thwarted in Jerusalem

Arab terrorist shot while trying to stab Jews at light rail station in north-eastern Jerusalem.
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Inside Israel, 11:42 AM

Police Official Says Non-Ethiopian Groups Turned Protest Violent

Head of police operations branch reveals external radical groups turned things violent, as Jerusalem gears up for protest.
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News from America, 10:04 AM

Texas Gunman 'Tweeted Allegiance to ISIS During Attack'

Twitter account believed to belong to one of two men killed in attack on Mohammed cartoon contest includes chilling message.
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Inside Israel, 11:28 AM

Rivlin: Don't Let Troublemakers Drown Out Legitimate Protest

After violent protests over discrimination against Ethiopian community, President admits 'mistakes', calls for restraint.
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Inside Israel, 9:27 AM

'Non-Violent Protest Left us Refugees in Our Own Land'

While condemning violence, Yamit and Gush Katif expelee says Ethiopian Jewish protest is unfortunately only way to implement change.
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Rocket Materials Smuggled to Gaza Nabbed at Border

Lifted gag order reveals numerous attempts to smuggle in materials needed to rearm ahead of next terror war.
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