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Kislev 5, 5775 / Thursday, November 27, 2014
Major terror cell busted

Major Hamas Plot to Attack Jerusalem's Teddy Stadium Thwarted

Security forces announce they broke up an extensive Hamas cell plotting a range of attacks against targets in Israel and abroad.
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Inside Israel, 1:48 PM

Yad L'achim Breaks Up Missionary 'Attack' in Central TA

Quick action by Yad L'achim activists broke up an attempt to recruit Jews to missionary-sponsored religious cults in the heart of Tel Aviv.
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Inside Israel, 1:12 PM

Report: Israel Much More 'Lawyered Up' Than EU

For many Israeli mothers, “my son the lawyer” is a dream come true, as Israel boasts four times more lawyers than EU states.
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Defense/Security, 12:54 PM

72 Illegal Aliens Arrested in November

Large-scale operation saw arrest of 72 illegal aliens in November. Police have detained about 10,960 illegal residents since January.
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Inside Israel, 11:38 AM

Source: No PM-Hareidi Deal in the Works Right Now

There is no “deal” brewing now between Binyamin Netanyahu and hareidi parties, a top hareidi political source told Arutz Sheva.
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Experts: Shekel Likely to Continue Sinking Against Dollar

The “bottom” for the shekel is a long way off, say foreign currency experts, with the dollar expected to continue strengthening.
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Nationalist Ex-MK's Nephew Astounds with Debut Single Hanan Ben-Ari is not just the relative of a famous nationalist leader - new single from his debut album shows he's on his way to greatness.

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Australian Cricket Player Dies After Being Hit by BallPhillip Hughes dies just days before his 26th birthday after being struck in the neck in a freak accident.


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Oatmeal LatkesA healthier substitute for the potato variety, as Hanukah approaches.

History in Pictures

Centenary of WWI: Armies that Fought in the Holy LandJews in Palestine starved in WWI, but the Jewish soldiers from overseas rejoiced to see them.