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Iyar 2, 5775 / Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Netanyahu: In the Middle East, We Must Fight for Our Survival

In official address, PM Binyamin Netanyahu emphasizes the value of the sacrifice made by Israel's fallen soldiers, its 'iron wall.'
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News from America, 11:09 PM

WSJ Editor Tells Israel to Ignore World after Obama Betrayal

Pulitzer-prize winner Bret Stephens advises Israel to return to days when it wasn't afraid to go 'rogue,' because US isn't the US anymore.
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Jewish World, 11:08 PM

Rabbis and Pope Together Confront Dark Era in History

Sol Bukingolts talks the implications of the meeting he attended with Pope Francis I, as a delegate for the Conference of European Rabbis.
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Defense/Security, 10:45 PM

IDF Launches its New Robot Advance Guard

Robots leading the charge with Israel's soldiers - the new 'advance guard' robot army will be tested in exercises in a world first.
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Middle East, 9:29 PM

Saudi-led Arab Coalition Ends Yemen Airstrike Campaign

Airstrikes on Iran-backed Houthis comes to an end after 'achieving its goals,' with Saudis announcing new 'Operation Restoration of Hope.'
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Inside Israel

President Rivlin: Israelis Bound By Grief - and a Shared Destiny

Riviln and Chief of Staff speak at Kotel, as Israel stands silent for sirens nationwide to remember fallen warriors, victims of terror.
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