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Tishrei 26, 5775 / Monday, October 20, 2014

Netanyahu Furious over Jerusalem Anarchy, Demands Crackdown

Jerusalem Mayor wants police to go on offensive, says prime minister 'banged angrily on the table' during security meeting over Arab riots.
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Inside Israel, 8:50 AM

Braving Arab Riots and US Criticism, Jews Return to Silwan

After similar move last month evoked criticism, nine Jewish Yemenite families return to Jerusalem neighborhood ancestors expelled from.
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Middle East, 11:08 AM

Hezbollah Leader Snubs UN Envoy as Lebanon Tension Simmers

Hezbollah allies in Lebanon say Nasrallah refused to meet UN Syria envoy last week, sending deputy instead; local political tensions high.
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Global Agenda, 8:13 AM

Experts Eviscerate 'Jewish Jack the Ripper' Claim

Scientist who identified DNA found on victim's shawl as belonging to barber Aaron Kominski made a 'fundamental error,' experts say.
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Middle East, 8:31 AM

US Airdrops Weapons to Kurds Despite Turkish Opposition

After Erdogan calls Kurdish fighters 'terrorists' and opposes arming them, arms dropped in Kobane to aid fight against ISIS.
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Israeli Billionaire Asks Clinton to Run for Presidency

Haim Saban of Power Rangers fame asks for Hillary Clinton campaign announcement at his surprise 70th birthday party.
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Obama Makes a Rare Campaign Appearance, but People LeaveIn a sign of his sagging popularity, crowd members walk out as Obama speaks at rally for Maryland Democratic candidate.


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Lentil and Yam SoupIt's starting to get chilly at night in Israel, so this hits the spot.

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