Adar 1, 5777, 2/27/2017

Ahmadinejad to Trump: US belongs to everyone

Ex-Iranian president pens letter to President Trump, blasts American 'dominance', says US 'belongs to all nations'.

Abbas: All countries should recognize Palestinian State

PA chairman warns Trump against pro-Israel moves at UN Human Rights Council, calls for recognition of 'Palestine' without negotiations.

IDF deploys barriers anticipating Ofra demolitions

IDF forces deploy barriers in east Binyamin ahead of destroying nine houses in Ofra scheduled for tomorrow.

High Court rejects Ofra petition - houses to be demolished

Justices reject Ofra residents request to seal rather than demolish 9 homes, approve destruction of houses.

Meet Dan Scavino, the man behind President Trump's tweets

Dan Scavino serves as the White House Director of Social Media. President Trump's tweets are read by 95 million people.


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