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Kislev 29, 5775 / Sunday, December 21, 2014

New Poll: Likud Stronger, But Right Weaker

Expect changes – lots of them – in the opinion polls during the run-up to the elections, says pollster Professor Avi Degani.
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Defense/Security, 6:41 PM

Terrorist Handed His Wife a Will, Then Went Hunting for Jews

Military court indicts Maher Al-Hashalmoun for murder of 26-year-old Dalia Lemkos in October, stabbed to death after being run over.
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Middle East, 6:10 PM

ISIS Holds 'Surprise' Public Amputation for Convicted Thief

The Islamic State (IS) has recently begun instituting Shari'a Islamic law as the law of the land - in its full and literal sense.
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Middle East, 6:50 PM

Iran’s IRGC 'Massacring' Iraqi Sunnis It 'Saves' from ISIS

Iraq’s Grand Mufti accuses IRGC, Iraqi government, Shiite militias of genocide and rape of Sunnis they 'liberated' from ISIS.
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Inside Israel, 7:24 PM

New Dreidel Record Set in Tel Aviv

Over 1,000 people gathered Sunday in Tel Aviv to set a new world's record for “dreidel-spinning”
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Inside Israel

MK Hanin Zoabi's Office Broken Into, Computers Stolen

Balad party MK says she suspects more than simple criminal intent in break-in Sunday.
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In Time for Hanukkah: 'A New Light' New single by Mati Shriki pays a fitting tribute to the festival of light.

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Young Boy Calls Jews 'Barbaric Apes' on Hamas TV In a children's television program, a young boy reads the poem 'I Do Not Fear the Gun' as a message to 'the enemy.'


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