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Cheshvan 6, 5775 / Thursday, October 30, 2014

Rivlin: Terrorism Must be Rooted Out of Jerusalem

President Reuven Rivlin calls for calm, stresses that Israel would persevere after the attempted murder of Yehuda Glick.
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Defense/Security, 4:11 PM

IDF Comes Under Fire Along Syrian Border

IDF routine patrol is targeted by gunfire from Syria, where rebels have taken control.
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Inside Israel, 3:38 PM

'He Held My Hand': Yehuda Glick's Mother Says He is Conscious

Brenda Glick tells Arutz Sheva about her son's condition, less than a day after he was shot by an Arab terrorist in Jerusalem.
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Defense/Security, 4:01 PM

Feiglin Gets Extra Security Detail Amid Assassination Fears

Knesset Chairman orders special detachment to guard outspoken MK and track other officials after assassination attempt.
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Defense/Security, 2:54 PM

Four Arrested at Jewish Protest Outside Temple Mount

Nationalists climb fence, run toward Judaism's holiest site after attack on Temple Mount activist sparks outrage.
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Dr. Mordechai Kedar

Why Yehuda Glick?

Why did Islamists target Yehuda Glick? And what does it tell us about Israeli Arab plans for Israel and Jerusalem?
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Daily Israel Report


Shlomo Cohen Releases New Music Clip The great Hassidic singer Shlomo Cohen with Ami Cohen's band presents the exciting video of song "Ana Amtzaha" (I Will Find You)

In Other News...

Entire High School Class Under Investigation for Neo-NazismNinth-graders in Germany had secret WhatsApp group with anti-Semitic slurs and 'Heil Hitler' photos. Parents are horrified.


PollShould the West intervene militarily to stop ISIS?


Oatmeal Cocoa Chocolate Chip Cookies: Israeli versionCan Israelis teach Americans anything about oatmeal and chocolate chip cookies? Try this easy recipe and see.

History in Pictures

The Hardships of Aliya in the 30'sIn the '30s it wasn't only living in Israel that was hard; just getting to the Holy Land was fraught with danger.