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Iyar 9, 5775 / Tuesday, April 28, 2015

US Denies Report Iran Captured American Ship

Pentagon says vessel fired at and boarded by Iranian navy was not American; US Air Force jets scrambled to 'monitor situation'.
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Middle East, 9:12 PM

Jihad on the Horizon: Al Qaeda, ISIS Clash Along Israeli Border

Nusra Front joins other rebel factions fighting ISIS-linked Jaish al-Jihad battalion in Golan Heights; follows mortar fire into Israel.
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Inside Israel, 8:10 PM

Shas Levels its Demands to Return to Coalition Talks

Deri tells press conference he won't return to talks with Likud without at 0% VAT on basic goods and a 'social toolbox,' after UTJ deal.
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Middle East, 7:42 PM

Why Iran Spends $35 Billion a Year to Prop Up Assad

Officials and experts reveal why Syria is so crucial that Iran spends mass fortunes despite sanctions and deploys thousands of troops.
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Inside Israel, 7:01 PM

Police Officer Who Assaulted IDF Soldier Gets Fired

Police chief announces dismissal of officer caught on camera brutally assaulting uniformed soldier trying to return home.
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Global Agenda

Watch: Ten Israelis Rescued from Nepalese Monastery

Netanyahu orders efforts to concentrate on Everest and frozen lakes area, as Israeli team digs Israelis and locals alike from the rubble.
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Just Don't Do It: ISIS Bans Nike Over its 'Sexy' NameNike banned due to Arabic mix-up, with merchants of the goods to be flogged publicly if they 'just do it'; Madonna banned for good measure.


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