Adar 8, 5778, 2/23/2018

We don't seek nuclear weapons, claims Iranian official

Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister insists his country does not seek nuclear weapons and that commitment is permanent.

'The Palestinians live a good life in Samaria'

MK Sharren Haskel tours Samaria with Swedish officials who admit: This is not the picture we are getting in Sweden.

'They are celebrating while we suffer'

South Tel Aviv resident Sheffi Paz calls on public to attend counter-rally to the massive pro-migrant demonstration this Saturday night.

Don't expect Trump to cry

Trump’s brand is built around projecting toughness and strength, but Americans yearn for their leaders to show that they feel their pain.

Overpopulation. Really?

At a conference in Tel Aviv on Israeli populaton growth, experts actually claim that israel must stem its birth rate.


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