Sivan 8, 5778, 5/22/2018

European official admonishes: 'Trump won't stay forever'

Israel ecstatic as US sides on embassy, Iran, Gaza, everything - but European official cautions 'Don't underestimate us, Trump not forever.'

Photo of Ambassador Friedman provokes outrage on left

Employee at Israeli organization takes picture of Ambassador Friedman with image of Holy Temple without consent. Organization apologizes.

Islamic group takes reponsibility for sabotage north of Toronto

Unknown group takes responsibility for polluting beaches with dangerous objects, threatens series of terror attacks.

'Hatikva' sung around the world

Thousands of people from 50 different countries worldwide join World Jewish Congress in Jewish Hope project, sing national anthem together.

The successes of the 1st ever Muslim republic

The Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan was short-lived, but served as a model for today's friend of Israel.


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