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Elul 25, 5776, 9/28/2016

Dennis Ross: Obama drove Israel and Arab states together

Global AgendaFormer US envoy to the Mideast speaks of the importance of US involvement in the region. 'The Las Vegas rules don't apply to the Mideast.'

Danish far-right group's 'anti-migrant spray' draws ire

Europe, 10:03 PM Far-right group hands out hair spray to be used against violent migrants. 'Some Danish girls don't dare go outside after dark.'

US threatens to end negotiations with Russia on Syria

Middle East, 9:23 PM After continued Russian attacks on Alleppo, US Secretary of State John Kerry warned that he would suspend talks on Syrian conflict.

Torah scroll donated in memory of Hallel Ariel

Inside Israel, 8:46 PM Torah scroll donated in memory of murdered child Hallel Ariel Hy'd presented to a local synagogue.

Health workers, hospitals targeted in Syria war

Middle East, 10:44 PM Pattern of apparently deliberate targeting of hospitals and medical facilities emerges in Syria.


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