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Tammuz 20, 5775 / Tuesday, July 07, 2015

'Hamas Aiding ISIS in Egypt to Prepare for Next War with Israel'

One year since Operation Protective Edge, IDF official says Hamas using ISIS in Sinai to reopen arms smuggling tunnels.
Daily Israel Report
CurrenciesShabbat Times
US & Canada, 10:23 PM

Senator McCain: 'Delusional' Obama Losing against ISIS

'When you are not winning, you are losing," McCain says, blasting Obama's 'delusional' lack of strategy, weak response to ISIS.
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Inside Israel, 10:39 PM

Court Accuses Police of Serious Pro-Arab Discrimination

Police keep Jewish minors in arrest and breach their rights while letting Arabs in their 30s who clashed with the youths go free.
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Middle East, 10:15 PM

Egyptian Bank Claims Part Ownership of King David Hotel

State-owned bank sues for 1,000 stocks of Jerusalem's luxurious hotel it bought before the establishment of the state of Israel.
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Jewish World, 9:03 PM

Scholar-Warrior: Vizhnitz Grand Rabbi Passes Away, Aged 91

Leader of prominent hassidic sect and former Hagana fighter Rabbi Eliezer Hager passes away at his home in Haifa.
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Jewish World

American Haredim Mean Business

Haredi startup to win million-dollar prize at 'world's premier haredi business conference,' smashing stereotypes and helping entrepreneurs.
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