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Tishrei 25, 5777, 10/27/2016

'We approved hospitals, not houses for Arabs'

Inside IsraelConstruction approved by for Arabs in Area C will include a hospital and soccer fields, not residential units.

'Don't die a natural death, become a terrorist instead!'

Defense/Security, 7:05 PM Memorial for terrorists who murdered civilians set up at Al-Quds University calls on students to become terrorists.

Trump offers 'New Deal' for African Americans

US & Canada, 5:56 PM 'Some American inner cities are like war zones,' says Trump, pledging to become 'champion' for black America.

Dead man's heartbeat stuns funeral worker

In Other News..., 6:17 PM Worker preparing body for burial shocked when he feels heartbeat, warmth emanating from dead man's body.

Shootout in Brooklyn Jewish neighborhood

Haredi Community ‏, 5:35 PM Jewish worshippers in Crown Heights shocked to witness gunfight unfold before their very eyes during Simchat Torah holiday.


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