Av 5, 5778, 7/17/2018

'Putin believes in Israel, is a fan of Netanyahu'

Trump-Putin meeting will 'really' benefit Israel, says Trump, adding that Russian leader is a 'believer' in Israel, fan of Netanyahu.

'Lifeguard was on her cell phone while girl drowned'

27-year-old woman who worked as lifeguard at Jerusalem hotel pool charged with negligence after 6-year-old drowned.

PA protests Tisha B'Av event in Jerusalem

PA calls on international community to prevent march on eve of Tisha B'Av fast, which it says 'prevents a viable Palestinian state.'

'In the end, it will happen - we will conquer Gaza'

Rabbi Moshe Hagar says striking Gaza a decisive blow essential for changing the reality for the long term. 'Today's attrition is unhealthy.'

Philip Roth, Birthright, and the Israel problem

Roth, like many young US Jews today, had no living sense of Jewish history and was totally alienated from that identity. Op-ed.


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