Tishrei 5, 5778, 9/25/2017
Arutz Sheva exclusive:

European Union to boycott Israeli state ceremony

EU ambassador to Israel to boycott state event marking 50th anniversary of liberation of Judea, Samaria.

Netanyahu: 'Israel is a rising global power'

Prime Minister exults in Angela Merkel's win in the German elections Sunday, notes Israel's advancement in its foreign relations.

'Sinkholes are a death sentence for Dead Sea towns'

Local residents say Dead Sea sinkholes are sinking their livelihood.

Suspicion: Donations in exchange for organ transplant

Four members of an organ transplant NGO were arrested for providing transplants in exchange for money.

Army Radio vs the IDF?

Army Radio 'exposes' IDF base protecting road leading to Jewish town from rock and firebomb attacks.


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