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Av 20, 5776, 8/24/2016

Gafni: Netanyahu promised to stop Shabbat desecrators

Haredi Community ‏MK Gafni interviewed today over his efforts to bring shabbat work projects to a close: I hope the Prime Minister wil make good on his word.
Daily Israel Report

Man indicted for police hit-and-run

Inside Israel, 12:41 PM Houssam Tarabi has been indicted in Haifa after he drove intentionally into a police officer, and then abandoned him during the chase.

Peace Now 'slanders' activists over Hevron construction

Inside Israel, 12:27 PM Bentzi Gopstein is not amused by Peace Now's new campaign against the establishment of several Jewish housing units in Hevron.

Watch: Israelis upgrade 'enemy weapon'

Defense/Security, 9:26 AM Israeli firearm accessories manufacturer offers to upgrade and improve the AK-47, a weapon used in the past mainly by Israel's enemies

On the ground: Operation 'Euphrates Shield' kicks into high gear

Middle East, 11:35 AM Turkey has sent its military en masse into Syria. The goal: Destroy ISIS. "God willing, we will get a result in a short time."


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