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Elul 18, 5775 / Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Two More Democrats Support Iran Deal, Obama Needs One More

Senators Chris Coons and Bob Casey become the 32nd and 33rd Democrats in the Senate to announce support for Iran nuclear deal.
Daily Israel Report
CurrenciesShabbat Times
US & Canada, 3:13 AM

Iranians Arrested for Selling US, UK Flag Merchandise

Flags deemed 'Satanic symbols' despite nuclear deal, reopening of UK embassy in Iran.
(Photo:Credit: Reuters)
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Inside Israel, 10:04 PM

PM Says He is 'Ready' to Meet with Abbas for Negotiations

Netanyahu tells Women Wage Peace activists that he is ready to go to Ramallah to forge the solution 'two states for two people.'
(Photo: Credit: Marc Israel Sellem)
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Defense/Security, 11:45 PM

Jerusalem Police on High Alert Around the Light Rail

Jerusalem police increase presence around the Light Rail following a warning about a potential terrorist attack.
(Photo:Meir Sela)
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Defense/Security, 12:14 AM

Gaza Rockets Explode on Palestinian Side, Cause Casualties

Two rockets were fired by Gaza terrorists miss their mark and hit the Gaza side of the border. PA media says one of them hit a home.
(Photo:Flash 90)
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Serving G-d with Joy and 'An Abundance of Everything'

The first fruits and a basket full of words: The secret of acknowledgment and appreciation.
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