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Tishrei 23, 5777, 10/25/2016

Trump:Clinton foreign policy would lead to World War 3

US & CanadaDonald Trump says that Clinton's agressive policy on Syria would push Russia into World War Three

Rivlin: More must be done to fight cancer

Inside Israel, 9:40 PM President Rivlin spoke at an event of the Israel Cancer Association,praising Israel's strides but saying more must be done against cancer.

Watch: Scariest spider in the world

In Other News..., 8:40 PM The terrifying moment a massive huntsman spider devours a mouse in Australia has gone viral. The footage of the arachnid,

Defense Minister: Educating soldiers the loftiest Zionist ideal

Inside Israel, 7:51 PM Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman visits base for lone soldiers and immigrant soldiers, praises education of soldiers in Zionism.

Belzer Rebbe: Smartphone owners are 'hiding from the world'

Haredi Community ‏, 10:22 PM The Belzer Rebbe reiterates his ban on smartphones, says they are worse than television.


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