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Tishrei 26, 5776 / Friday, October 09, 2015

McCain: Terror Wave May be Due to Obama's Weakness

Ex-presidential candidate says Abbas acting with impunity, likely due to perceived American weakness in region.
Daily Israel Report
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US & Canada, 9:35 AM

New York Congressman: PA Leaders Seek to Destroy Israel

Lee Zeldin says as long as PA wants to 'wipe Israel off map,' there can be no peace; Obama's policy aids threats to Israel.
(Photo:Eliran Aharon)
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Inside Israel, 7:55 AM

'They Were Great Parents, A Loving Couple'

Brother of Rabbi Eitam Henkin, who was murdered with his wife Naama in front of their 4 children, reveals how the family is coping.
(Photo:Yoni Kempinski)
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US & Canada, 7:28 AM

Ex-Mid East Adviser: 'Combative' Rice Harmed Israel Relations

Dennis Ross writes in new book that security adviser Susan Rice kept Israel out of loop on Iran deal and used racial terms to bash Bibi.
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Middle East, 6:12 AM

Radical Cleric: Netanyahu is Responsible for the Terror

Sheikh Raed Salah, head of the Islamic Movement in Israel, predicts the recent violence will turn into a full intifada.
(Photo:Tomer Neuberg/Flash 90)
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Israel Asks YouTube to Remove Palestinian Incitement Videos

Israel asks Facebook and YouTube to remove videos it says have been encouraging Palestinian violence against Israelis.
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