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Elul 21, 5774 / Tuesday, September 16, 2014

IDF Inquiry: Who Leaked Information to Bennett?

Defense Minister tells Chief of Staff to initiate inquiry regarding unauthorized leak during 'Protective Edge'.
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Inside Israel, 2:53 PM

MK 'Ashamed, Shocked' by Racist Attack on Ethiopian Jews

Two men, aged 74 and 35, were attacked at gunpoint 'only because of their skin color.' Suspects arrested.
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Inside Israel, 3:30 PM

'Politics of Threats' Between Likud and Yesh Atid

Coalition Chairman Levin warns he won't advance Lapid's 0% VAT Bill until Yesh Atid yields on state budget, as tensions continue to build.
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Jewish World, 3:12 PM

Belgian Synagogue Set on Fire in 'Criminal' Attack

Amid a wave of anti-Semitism in Europe, and just four months since deadly Brussels shooting, attackers set fire to a synagogue.
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Middle East, 2:48 PM

Islamic State Downs Syrian Fighter Jet

As clashes rage in both Iraq and Syria, ISIS shoot down Syrian fighter for first time since declaring 'Caliphate'.
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Shut Down the UN, Says Likud Donor

Philanthropist Kenneth Abramowitz says UN has been taken over by dictatorships and should be closed.
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