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Shevat 9, 5775 / Thursday, January 29, 2015

Bennett 'Regrets' Ohana's Decision to Quit Jewish Home List

Including former soccer star Eli Ohana on the Jewish Home list was 'the right thing to do,' says party chairman Naftali Bennett.
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Inside Israel, 11:27 AM

Petition to Disqualify 'Israel's Enemy' Zoabi from Knesset

MK Alex Miller submitted petition Thursday, calling for CEC to disqualify radical MK Hanin Zoabi from running in March elections.
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Inside Israel, 12:13 PM

MK Gilon: To Put an End to Bibi, Vote Meretz - Not Labor

Politicians from nine different parties gathered Wednesday at Ashkelon Academic College for a panel discussion on their parties' platforms.
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Inside Israel, 9:41 AM

Ohana Quits Jewish Home List after Furious Backlash

Former soccer star Eli Ohana informs Jewish Home chairman Naftali Bennett of his withdrawal from list; MK Zevulun Kalfa returns.
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Defense/Security, 11:07 AM

Hezbollah Attack Ruins Hermon Ski Business as Israelis Cancel

The Mount Hermon ski center - located just a few kilometers from the site of the Hezbollah attack on Har Dov - is open for business.
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Global Agenda

Israeli UN Ambassador Not Invited to Discussion on Attack

The Security Council conducted a discussion of the attack on IDF troops in which a Spanish peacekeeper was killed as well.
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