Iyar 4, 5778, 4/19/2018

European Parliament condemns Hamas terror for first time

EU organization takes rare step of condemning both Hamas and Israel, notes Hamas terrorism, but calls for lifting partial blockade.

ANALYSIS: Israel at 70: A light unto the nations

Israel is not a newborn anymore. Its stunning success is backed by hard facts, but challenges lay ahead.

Report: Haredim demand UN troops protect Meah Shearim

According to report, group of radical haredim disseminated petition calling on United Nations to protect them from police violence.

Rivlin hosts foreign ambassadors, diplomats, on Independence Day

President, First Lady tell foreign diplomats of Israel's accomplishments over its 70 years, says peace is possible.

Israel is the world's happiest country

Giulio Meotti: 'Israel deserves happiness. Look at how it deals with life.'


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