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Tishrei 30, 5775 / Friday, October 24, 2014
Another Tragedy in Nepal

Two Israeli Women Among Nepal Bus Crash Deaths

Bus falls from cliff in latest tragedy in the Himalayas, killing eleven - including two Israelis.
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Inside Israel, 3:22 PM

Discovering Japan's 'Jewish Connection' in the Taiko Drumbeats

Diverse sounds harmonize in the music of Marré Ishii, who says Japan is fascinated with, and exists partially thanks to, the Jews.
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Middle East, 2:59 PM

PA's Erekat Justifies Terrorist Murder of Israeli Baby

'Chief negotiator' accuses Israel for 'provoking' terror attack from PA 'unity partner' Hamas terrorist in Jerusalem.
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Middle East, 2:31 PM

Report: ISIS Used Chemical Weapons Against Iraqi Forces

Rumored chlorine gas attack in Iraq raises questions - was the group's stronghold in Syria responsible for other attacks?
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Inside Israel, 1:22 PM

Aharonovich Visits Family of Murdered Baby

Internal Security Minister under fire for terror surge vows to destroy terrorist's home, visits with nationalists after protests.
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Inside Israel

Kotel Rabbi Slams Women of the Wall Torah Smuggling

Group posts pictures of 'first Torah reading' at Kotel women's section breaching regulations and tradition, after sneaking in mini scroll.
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Shlomo Cohen Releases New Music Clip The great Hassidic singer Shlomo Cohen with Ami Cohen's band presents the exciting video of song "Ana Amtzaha" (I Will Find You)

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Radio Presenter Has a Son Born - Live On AirAt the start of his weekly radio show with ex-MK Ben-Ari, Itamar Ben-Gvir gets an urgent call to the hospital.


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Lentil and Yam SoupIt's starting to get chilly at night in Israel, so this hits the spot.

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The Hardships of Aliya in the 30'sIn the '30s it wasn't only living in Israel that was hard; just getting to the Holy Land was fraught with danger.