Nissan 7, 5778, 3/23/2018

Hostages taken in apparent ISIS attack in France

One dead as hostages taken in supermarket in apparent terrorist attack in southern France, police officer wounded.

PA: Bolton appointment shows Trump has joined 'extreme Zionists'

'Trump administration has joined extremist Zionists,' claims PA spokeswoman after president taps John Bolton as NSA.

Jerusalem mayor hints at 'important decision' next week

Mayor Nir Barkat, who recently declined to run for reelection, hints at possible announcement for Knesset bid after visiting Western Wall.

Why do Israelis fly to celebrate Passover abroad?

Walter Bingham followed the rise in Israeli tourism to try to understand why more Israelis prefer to leave the country on Passover.

Israel guards the security of the entire world

What would have happened in Syria, where the Assad regime used chemical weapons, if Damascus had the atomic bomb? .Op-ed


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