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Nisan 7, 5775 / Friday, March 27, 2015

Diplomat: 'Significant Progress' Made in Iran Talks

Diplomat says that major powers and Iran have made significant progress in talks, but several key differences remain.
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Inside Israel, 3:16 AM

Sources Say Talks Are Stuck After Bennett-Netanyahu Meeting

Netanyahu and Jewish Home chairman meet for coalition negotiations amid tensions between the two parties.
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Middle East, 6:44 AM

Female Gaza Lecturer: Islam Defends the Rights of Women

Female lecturer from Gaza claims that Islam defends the rights of women and that it is, in fact, the West that doesn't.
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Middle East, 5:46 AM

Assad 'Open to Dialogue' with the United States

Syrian President says he is open to having a dialogue with the United States so long as Syria's "sovereignty" isn't pressured.
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Jewish World, 5:10 AM

Ottoman Era Synagogue Reopens in Turkey Following Restoration

Turkey reopens the Great Synagogue in Edirne, following a restoration protect at a cost of $2.5 million.
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Middle East

Officials: Iran May be Allowed to Run Centrifuges at Secret Site

Officials say the United States is considering letting Iran run hundreds of centrifuges at the underground Fordow facility.
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