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Adar 9, 5775 / Saturday, February 28, 2015

Egyptian Court Declares Hamas a Terror Group

Court says the group 'works for the interests of the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood.' Brotherhood's Badie sentenced to life in jail.
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Inside Israel, 7:16 PM

Herzog 'Would Address the Palestinian Parliament

Labor leader refuses to rule out joining a Likud-led coalition, defends decision not to attend election leaders' debate.
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Middle East, 8:21 PM

Iran Says It Fired 'New Strategic Weapon'

Unspecified weapon was allegedly fired on final day of the Great Prophet 9 exercises in Persian Gulf.
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Inside Israel, 8:02 PM

Edelstein: Bibi's Speech Is not Just About Israel

Speech is about 'standing together and resisting the temptation to compromise and appease our foes,' writes speaker in LA Times.
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Inside Israel, 7:31 PM

Violent Arab Protests against Labor Visit

Radical groups call Livni and Herzog 'murderers' as they visit northern Arab city. Three arrested.
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Middle East

Iran’s Zarif: Netanyahu Trying to 'Prevent Peace'

Netanyahu's speech in Congress is 'scaremongering' but it won't stop deal, says Iranian foreign minister.
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Is Netanyahu right to agree to address Congress?
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Birds of a Feather: Ahmadinejad Meets DieudonneFormer Iranian president infamous for Holocaust remarks and anti-Semitic comedian meet in Tehran, for at least the second time.


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