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Av 21, 5776, 8/25/2016

UN report determines both Assad and ISIS used chemical weapons

Middle EastUN investigation finds Syrian President's forces carried out at least two chemical attacks, and ISIS jihadists used mustard gas as a weapon.
Daily Israel Report

Police on heightened alert in the Negev

Defense/Security, 11:12 PM Security forces deploy in the Negev area due to a security threat. At this stage there are no special instructions for local residents.

Trump campaign offices opened up across Israel

Inside Israel, 10:30 PM 2016 election offices established in Ramat Gan, Jerusalem, and Modiin, with a Samarian office in the works.

State capitulates to hunger striking terrorist's demands

Defense/Security, 12:15 AM Bilal Kayed, who is hospitalized at Barzilai Hospital after hunger strike, reaches agreement with the Israeli authorities on his release.

Jewish Home demands haredi party condemn 'execution' caricature

Haredi Community ‏, 10:48 PM Activists demand Health Minister Litzman condemn offensive caricature portraying Deputy Defense Minister executing yeshiva students.


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