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Adar 12, 5775 / Tuesday, March 03, 2015
Arutz Sheva Interview

'American Jews Shouldn't Interfere in Israeli Elections'

Prominent US Jewish figure Malcolm Hoenlein says media amplifying negative aspects of US-Israel relationship, but reality still positive.
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Inside Israel, 4:13 PM

Campaign to Stop Voter Indifference from Crowning the Left

Im Tirtzu launches response to V15 campaign to replace Netanyahu, exposes 'true face' of Labor, Joint Arab List, Meretz.
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Inside Israel, 3:44 PM

Jewish Temple Mount Prayer Tomorrow?

Not quite. Leading Temple Mount campaigner explains how while recent court victory is significant, there's still a long way to go.
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Inside Israel, 3:24 PM

Poll: Labor Outpaces Likud, Jewish Home Slips Back to 12

Labor gets 24, ahead of 21 for Likud; after a slight rebound to 14 Jewish Home falls back to fifth place.
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Global Agenda, 4:12 PM

When 'Jihadi John' Denounced the 9/11 Attacks

Islamist group releases recording of ISIS beheader condemning 'radicalism,' blames the UK for 'making him' an extremist terrorist.
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Global Agenda

'Obama is Afraid Bibi will Expose Iran Coverup'

Marc Zell, Co-Chair of Republicans Abroad Israel, says the White House has good reason to worry about Netanyahu's speech.
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