Adar 5, 5776 / Sunday, February 14, 2016

IDF eliminates two terrorists in Samaria firefight

IDF reserve soldiers come under fire by terrorists while responding to rock-throwing incident near Jenin.
Daily Israel Report
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Inside Israel, 10:12 AM

Peace Now reports less construction in Judea and Samaria in 2015

40 percent fewer homes built in Judea and Samaria in 2015. Judea and Samaria council 'This is an outrageous settlement freeze.'
(Photo:Flash 90)
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Middle East, 8:21 AM

Iran promises more financial aid to Palestinian terrorists

Speaker of Iranian parliament expressed a desire to finance families of terrorists during anniversary of Iranian revolution.
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Europe, 7:53 AM

Danish terror victims honored on anniversary of shooting

Terror victims Finn Norgaard and Jewish security guard Dan Uzan will be honored on the one year anniversary of their murder in Copenhagen.
(Photo: Reuters)
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Inside Israel, 11:18 AM

Ukraine investigates Israeli MK for visiting Crimea

Ukraine threatens to try Shas MK for private meeting with Russian puppet government in Crimea.
(Photo:Flash 90)
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Jewish World

Bnei Akiva opens first chapter in Ethiopia

Organization opens chapter to help Ethiopians awaiting immigration to Israel with absorption and learning of Jewish and Israeli customs.
(Photo:Bnei Akiva Spokesperson's office)
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