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Tishrei 21, 5776 / Sunday, October 04, 2015
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Second Jerusalem Stabbing Victim Laid to Rest

Rabbis and MKs, IDF attend funeral for Aharon Banita-Bennett, who was murdered Saturday night in Jerusalem.
Daily Israel Report
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Middle East, 2:30 PM

Palestinian Authority Slams 'Killing' of Two Terrorists

Israel leading region into 'new cycle of violence,' Palestinian Authority bizarrely accuses in wake of two Arab terror attacks.
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Inside Israel, 3:32 PM

Is the Government's Wafer-Thin Majority in Danger?

Narrow 61-MK majority at risk, as Jewish Home MK threatens to vote against gov't if decisive action not taken to quell terrorism.
(Photo:Miriam Alster/Flash 90)
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Inside Israel, 3:45 PM

Israeli Press Office Reprimands BBC for Outrageous Headline

Israeli Government Press Office head reacts furiously to BBC's coverage of last night terror attack: 'Palestinian shot dead in Jerusalem.'
(Photo: Screenshot)
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Inside Israel, 1:14 PM

Bereaved Son: 'My Father Left Home to Help and Fell in Battle'

Thousands attend funeral of stabbing victim, Torah scholar Rabbi Nehemia Lavi; Israeli leaders hail him as hero.
(Photo:Hezki Ezra)
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Inside Israel

15 Year-Old Stabbing Victim: 'I Was Saved by a Miracle'

Moshe Malka recounts to Arutz Sheva walking to Old City Saturday when a terrorist stabbed him. Malka says a friend - and God - saved him.
(Photo: Yoni Kempinski)
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