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Av 26, 5774 / Friday, August 22, 2014

Israel's UN Envoy: Radical Extremism Affects Us All

Israel’s ambassador to the UN Ron Prosor, says radical extremism affects the entire world, calls for a “war against radical ideology”.
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Middle East, 4:44 AM

Hagel: IS an 'Imminent Threat'

U.S. Defense Secretary says the Islamic State poses an “imminent threat” to the United States and may take years to defeat.
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Defense/Security, 4:16 AM

U.S. Condemns Hamas for Threatening Ben Gurion Airport

Deputy State Department spokeswoman says threatening civilian aviation is "unacceptable".
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Middle East, 1:13 AM

Haniyeh: We'll Continue to Fight the 'Neo-Nazi Enemy'

Hamas’s former prime minister says that despite the elimination of several of its leaders, the terror group will remain strong.
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Global Agenda, 2:15 AM

Canada: Ontario University Students Join Boycott Against Israel

The Ontario branch of the Canadian Federation of Students unanimously passes a motion to boycott Israel.
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Watch: Arutz Sheva TV's Daily Edition

3 Hamas commanders eliminated. Netanyahu to U.S: Let's join forces. Uri Ariel: Time for a ground attack.
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Egyptian Refuses 'Peace Game' With Israeli Soccer StarReports say Egyptian player refused Pope's celebrity game over presence of Benayoun, who defends Israel from 'stupid' players.


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