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Elul 1, 5774 / Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Netanyahu Hails 'Great Diplomatic Blow' To Hamas

Amid wave of criticism over ceasefire deal with terrorist organization, PM defends his unilateral choice in press meeting.
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Inside Israel, 9:22 PM

Live: GOP Candidate Bruce Blakeman in Israel

New York Republican candidate for Congress attends special Jerusalem dinner with officials, activists to promote US-Israel ties.
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Middle East, 8:34 PM

PA Official Opposes Joining ICC so as to 'Shoot Israelis'

Senior PA official close to Abbas warns of legal problems when PA attacks Israel, adds 'there are no innocent Israelis.'
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Inside Israel, 7:57 PM

Ex-MK Slams Netanyahu for 'Negotiating with ISIS'

Dr. Ben-Ari notes the implications of ceasefire with Hamas, which PM compared to ISIS; says to learn from Munich Agreements.
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Defense/Security, 5:54 PM

Is This Why 4-Year-Old Daniel Tragerman Was Murdered?

Kibbutz Nahal Oz residents say five mortars have been trained on them since start of operation, but IDF refused to act.
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Tank Shell From Syria Wounds One in Golan

Fighting from Syria continues to spill over into Israel, as Al Qaeda-linked rebels capture Syrian side of border crossing to Israel.
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