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Iyar 2, 5775 / Tuesday, April 21, 2015
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Memorial Day Begins: Israel Remembers its Fallen

Western Wall ceremony begin, Israel stands silent at 8 p.m. as sirens sound nationwide to remember fallen warriors, victims of terror.
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Inside Israel, 8:24 PM

Report: Final Agreement Reached Between Netanyahu, Kahlon

Senior political sources say Kulanu party set to take up senior ministries, including finance and housing, in next government.
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Middle East, 8:30 PM

Pentagon Denies ISIS Leader Critically Wounded in Airstrike

US military says 'no reason to believe' reports Islamic State 'caliph' Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was hit in an airstrike.
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Middle East, 7:18 PM

Abbas Marks Israeli Memorial Day by Basking in Terror

Peace partner? Abbas honors terrorists as his PA and Fatah go on a binge of terror glorification just in time for Memorial Day.
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Global Agenda, 6:18 PM

Obama Admin. Won't Rule Out $50 Billion 'Signing Bonus' for Iran

Spokesperson Harf tries to wriggle out of addressing immediate cash bonus to Iran; 'largest cash infusion to terror sponsor in history.'
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Inside Israel

Samaritans Play it Cool with their Jewish Neighbors

The Samaritan enclave of Kiryat Luza stands as one of the last outposts to the ancient Jewish offshoot, just meters away from Har Bracha.
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