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Kislev 30, 5775 / Monday, December 22, 2014
Coalition deals materializing?

Netanyahu Sources: Cooperation with Yishai's Party

Netanyahu reportedly is overjoyed at Yishai's party weakening Labor-supporting Shas, wants it to be strong - even at expense of Likud votes.
CurrenciesShabbat Times
Global Agenda, 12:22 PM

EU Ambassador Reassures Israel: Hamas is Still a Terrorist Group

Lars Faaborg-Andersen says recent decision to remove Hamas from EU's list of terrorist orgs means nothing in practical terms.
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Inside Israel, 12:08 PM

Latest Poll: Labor Ahead, Yishai Scrapes into the Knesset

Labor still leads the pack after merger with Tzipi Livni's party, while Shas's electoral woes continue.
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Defense/Security, 11:26 AM

Palestinians, Leftists Uproot Israeli Olive Grove

Residents of Elon Moreh say IDF did nothing to stop some 200 Arab and left-wing extremists from destroying Jewish-owned orchard.
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Middle East, 10:24 AM

Muslim Scholar Calls for Jewish Place of Worship on Temple Mount

Jordanian Salafi cleric makes surprising ruling, notes Jewish presence pre-Islam and says 'Israelites' should thus be given a right to pray.
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Inside Israel

Public Prayers Requested for Trapped Girl's Safe Return

Young Israeli girl had contacted helpline to escape from abusive relationship with Arab man - but has now disappeared.
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