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Shevat 9, 5775 / Thursday, January 29, 2015

'Dor Always Gave Money to Soldiers Who Didn't Have'

Hundreds pay last respects to soldier killed by Hezbollah on northern border; 'with soldiers like this, no power in world will defeat us.'
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Inside Israel, 8:08 PM

Yishai's List Finalizes - With Marzel, But Not Ben-Ari

Chetboun's threats to quit defused and Otzma Yehudit added but only with one spot - and after demanding no Temple Mount visits during term.
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Defense/Security, 7:37 PM

IDF Widow Implores: Stop KIA Rumors on WhatsApp

Sivan Bar-Or says she learned her husband was killed from insensitive people who posted it on WhatsApp. She demands the practice end, now.
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Inside Israel, 7:22 PM

Deri Ousts Shas Founder Nissim Ze'ev From List

Shas founder, considered rightist in the leftist-leaning haredi party, gets cut out despite promises as Knesset list finalizes.
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Jewish World, 5:21 PM

BBC Petitioned: 'Don't Lay the Holocaust to Rest'

BBC's 'reprehensible' show downplaying Nazi genocide ahead of Int'l Holocaust Memorial Day leads student to demand action.
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'The Last Thing Hezbollah Needs is a Second Front'

Hezbollah has 100,000 rockets compared to Hamas's 10,000 at the start of last summer's war - but it isn't interested in a war right now.
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