Tevet 26, 5777, 1/24/2017

'Imagine an Israel without checkpoints from Jenin to Jerusalem'

Inside IsraelBennett calls for a 'Marshall Plan' for Judea and Samaria, including a 'free tourism zone' between Israel and Palestinian Authority.

'Moving embassy would be declaration of war on Islam'

Middle East, 2:34 PM Muslim cleric warns relocating US embassy to Jerusalem would constitute 'explicit declaration of war on Islam'.

Watch: Firebombs thrown, suspects apprehended by IDF

Defense/Security, 2:23 PM The IDF releases video of Arabs throwing firebomb and their arrest by IDF forces. Palestinian car crashed through checkpoint, no injuries.

Sexual assault of Jewish woman recognized as terror attack

Inside Israel, 1:08 PM Student sexually assaulted by Arab youths finally recognized as terror victim.

Indictment: 'He took 100 NIS on his way to terror attack.'

Defense/Security, 3:21 PM Jerusalem Prosecutor submits indictment for terrorist who bought knife to perform terror attack at Damascus gate.


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