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Sivan 9, 5775 / Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Amnesty: Hamas Executed 'Collaborators' During Gaza War

Amnesty International says Hamas committed war crimes by executing dozens of "collaborators with Israel".
CurrenciesShabbat Times
Middle East, 4:16 AM

Russia: There's No Set Date for S-300 Delivery to Iran

Top Russian diplomat says no start date for the delivery of S-300 missiles to Iran has been set yet.
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Defense/Security, 1:14 AM

Yesh Atid MK: There Should be a 'Price Tag' for Rocket Attacks

MK Haim Yellin, a resident of the Gaza border region, says there must be an Israeli response to Grad attack on the south.
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Radio, 2:46 AM

Déjà Vu: Reconnecting with the Pre-Birth Torah of the Womb

A special post-Shavuot wrap-up: Every soul is a letter in the Torah.
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Defense/Security, 10:46 PM

Running Scared? Hamas Evacuates Terror Sites After Rocket Attack

Hamas orders 'military sites' to be evacuated in fear of IDF response to rockets, after security source says Hamas responsible.
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Torah Comes to Southeast Asia

Why are so many nations, including predominantly Muslim nations, asking questions about and wanting to learn about Torah and Judaism?
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