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Tevet 4, 5775 / Friday, December 26, 2014

Two Officers Stabbed in Jerusalem's Old City

Two police officers stabbed and lightly wounded near the Lion's Gate. The stabber fled the scene.
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Inside Israel, 9:35 AM

Yishai Vows 'We Will Prevent Withdrawals, Terrorist Releases'

Ha'am Itanu head says in conference his new party will guide the next government to stop freezes, and unite the Jewish people.
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Inside Israel, 9:49 AM

Polls Shows Joint Arab List Spells the End of Shas

Arab parties' joint list would give more votes to Likud, Jewish Home in latest poll; without Arab unity, Shas could squeak in.
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Inside Israel, 8:32 AM

Netanyahu Calls to Support Critically Wounded 11 Year Old

Netanyahu speaks to Samaria leader after girl seriously wounded in firebomb attack, is told 'unfreeze building to support residents.'
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Jewish World, 9:16 AM

Meet the Subbotniks - from Russia to Israel

Group of Russian Jews who kept their love for Shabbat, Judaism slowly making its way to Israel.
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IDF Deploys Iron Dome in Prep for Possible Gaza War

After sniper fire critically wounds soldier and Hamas terrorist leader killed, IDF taking steps indicating escalation may be on the way.
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