Iyar 3, 5777, 4/29/2017

'Israel will receive a merciless, thousand-fold punishment'

North Korea threatens Israel with 'thousand-fold punishment' after Defense Minister Liberman calls Kim Jong-un a 'nutcase.'

Holland has first Jewish military wedding since Holocaust

Jewish Marine corporal marries in Dutch capital, in first Jewish military wedding since 1939.

Egypt urges US to play 'active' Mideast peace role

Egyptian president says two-state solution is 'only way' to bring stability to Middle East.

Jewish couple in their 80s die holding hands

Chicago Jewish couple married 69 years die moments apart holding hands.

'We had an opportunity to move the Embassy, and we missed it'

Justice Minister Shaked says Israel says someone 'swayed' Trump, delay in moving US Embassy to Jerusalem is 'huge loss.'


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