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Tishrei 7, 5775 / Wednesday, October 01, 2014

PA Illegal Land Grab to Block Road North of Jerusalem

Hours after Civil Administration orders road widened, PA throws together illegal structures on site to extend control in Area C.
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Inside Israel, 8:10 AM

Police Suspect Prior Incident Connected to Rappeler's Murder

Shortly before Jewish construction worker fell to his death, a 500 kg generator inexplicably fell from same story of same building.
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Inside Israel, 6:13 AM

Hotovely: Netanyahu Declared the Two-State Solution Dead

Deputy Transportation Minister welcomes PM's speech, says it is time to talk about new solutions in the region.
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Middle East, 4:12 AM

Livni: Abbas is Wasting Precious Time

Justice Minister tells NPR that PA Chairman should have chosen negotiations instead of unilateral moves at the UN.
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Inside Israel, 7:34 AM

Ex-Tel Aviv Mayor Lahat Passes Away

Major General (ret.) Shlomo 'Chich' Lahat, mayor for 20 years, died in Icholov Hospital at age 87.
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Middle East

Iranian Man Executed for 'Heresy'

Former psychologist executed for heresy in Iran after being convicted of “corruption on earth and heresy in religion.”
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Blowing the Shofar ca.1935Jews around the world will blow 100 shofar blasts on Thursday and Friday, Rosh Hashana 5765 (2014).