Opposition brings down coalition's bill

For the second time since Yisrael Beytenu left, the opposition is able to bring down one of the coalition's bills.Hezki Baruch, 12/18/2018, 5:34 AM

Netanyahu: There is no majority for the Surrogacy Law

In a special session of the Knesset Netanyahu explained to the Opposition that he supports the law but it lacks the majority needed to pass.Hezki Baruch- Ezra Sanders, 10/31/2018, 8:29 PM

Opposition seeks dissolution of Knesset

Yesh Atid, Zionist Union, and Meretz demand vote to dissolve government, hold early elections.Arutz Sheva Staff, 3/12/2018, 9:42 PM

Netanyahu in Knesset: Unafraid of elections

PM summoned to discussion after 40 opposition MKs sign demand for hearing on his investigations before Knesset plenum.Mordechai Sones, 3/12/2018, 7:40 PM

Edelstein threatens the opposition

Knesset Speaker says that if the opposition appeals to Supreme Court against Recommendations Law, he will prevent filibusters in the future.Hezki Baruch, 12/27/2017, 11:37 PM

Netanyahu slams opposition 'soreheads'

PM says opposition needs a scandal to bring him down since they can't win elections, praises relationship with Trump Administration.Gary Willig, 10/23/2017, 6:01 PM

Bennett: This is the time for unity

Education Minister calls on opposition to show unity with government as riots and terror attacks continue.Arutz Sheva Staff, 7/24/2017, 3:36 PM

'Syria will be able to manufacture ballistic missiles'

Report claims Syria will produce ballistic and long-range missiles by the end of the year; North Korean soldiers integrate into Syrian army.Shimon Cohen, 7/13/2017, 2:36 PM

'I'm going to be around for a long time'

At the Likud faction meeting today, PM blasts what he calls Israel's 'industry of dismay,' and emphasizes that he won't leave his post.Hezki Baruch, 11/21/2016, 4:20 PM

'Netanyahu is trying to become an Israeli Fidel Castro'

Opposition leader Yitzchak Herzog goes off on government, Netanyahu, accusing PM of working to fulfill autocratic aspirations.Hezki Baruch, 8/1/2016, 6:18 PM

Tensions rise in Knesset as budget bill looms

Threats, finger-pointing abound as Coalition and Opposition battle out bill for two-year budget on several fronts.Shai Landesman, 7/27/2016, 11:35 AM

Livni: I'm against us joining the coalition

In letter to party members, MK Tzipi Livni stresses that she objects to the Zionist Union joining the coalition.Haim Lev, 4/10/2016, 5:11 AM

Opposition blocks minister from IDF memorial

MK slams 'disgrace' as opposition refuses to reduce MKs at plenum allowing minister to go to helicopter crash memorial.Uzi Baruch, 2/10/2016, 10:44 AM

Herzog: Netanyahu is tired, he's got nothing left to offer

Opposition leader claims PM Netanyahu's coalition won't last and predicts 2016 will be an election year.Hezki Baruch, 1/3/2016, 4:44 AM

Finance Committee approves state budget

Finance Committee approves state budget for 2015-2016 despite difficulties imposed by the opposition.Hezki Baruch, 11/16/2015, 12:16 AM

Herzog is 'eyeing the coalition', say opponents

Labor Central Committee approves 450 new delegates. Herzog's rivals: He's planning to join the coalition.Haim Lev, 11/9/2015, 4:46 AM

Lapid claims: We were offered Jewish Home's portfolios

Jewish Home officials accuse Netanyahu of betraying voters on the right, after Lapid claims he was offered ministries held by Jewish Home.Hezki Baruch, 11/1/2015, 1:45 AM

Herzog: Netanyahu Should Resign

Opposition leader says Netanyahu failed to provide security and should step down. Likud officials: Herzog is an embarrassment.Elad Benari, 10/8/2015, 3:14 AM

Knesset Approves First Reading of 2015-2016 Budget

Knesset approves first reading of the Budget Law for 2015-2016. Opposition angry due to absence of PM and Finance Minister.Hezki Baruch, 9/2/2015, 11:42 PM

Lapid: Netanyahu Must Resign for 'Colossal' Iran Failure

Herzog united with PM against Iran deal, while Lapid continues to berate Netanyahu for worst 'foreign policy failure in Israel's history.'Cynthia Blank, 7/16/2015, 2:46 PM

Netanyahu and Herzog Agree on United Front with Regards to Iran

PM Netanyahu meets opposition chairman Herzog, says it is important to show the world a united front on Iran issue.Elad Benari, 7/15/2015, 4:16 AM

Yisrael Beytenu MK: We Share Nothing with Leftist Opposition

MK Sharon Gal touts Yisrael Beytenu deal with Likud, says closer cooperation with the coalition expected.Hezki Baruch, 7/9/2015, 10:43 AM

Coalition Chairman Mulls a Liberman Return

While Likud's Tzahi Hanegbi boasts 'we split the opposition,' there's no certainty Yisrael Beytenu will join Netanyahu's latest government.Cynthia Blank, 7/9/2015, 7:54 AM

Opposition Dupes Knesset into Passing Bill

Coalition served first legislative defeat after coordinated opposition MKs rush into Knesset plenum moments before vote on Yesh Atid bill.Cynthia Blank, 7/8/2015, 6:27 PM

Left-Wing Parties Turn on Each Other Over Knesset Vote

Meretz chairman Zehava Galon refuses to participate with Zionist Union, Yesh Atid after latter two skip critical vote.Hezki Baruch, 6/24/2015, 5:32 PM

Liberman on the Attack: Netanyahu is the Master of Zigzagging

War of words continues: Liberman says he joined opposition because Netanyahu 'abandoned' and no longer belongs to national camp.Hezki Baruch, Cynthia Blank, 6/1/2015, 3:52 PM

MK Ilatov: The Coalition is Paralyzing the Knesset

Blaming delaying tactics for lack of forming Knesset committees, Ilatov requests Edelstein get coalition members in line.Hezki Baruch, Cynthia Blank, 5/25/2015, 6:57 PM

Expert: Netanyahu's Narrow Government Has Good Chance to Last

Despite 'empty threats' from opposition to topple government, even narrow coalition, with cohesion, could last its full term.Benny Toker, Cynthia Blank, 5/21/2015, 9:58 AM

Zionist Union Warns: Opposition Lacks Cohesion

Zionist Union sources say divide between Yisrael Beytenu and Joint Arab List may be too deep for opposition to make any real traction.Cynthia Blank, 5/17/2015, 2:54 PM

Livni: I Won't Do Anything to Help Netanyahu

Backing up Zionist Union co-chair Yitzhak Herzog, Tzipi Livni asserts party has no plans whatsoever to join Netanyahu government.Cynthia Blank, 5/10/2015, 8:40 AM

Livni: Netanyahu Only Interested in Political Survival

Asserting that Netanyahu 'bowed down' before coalition partners, Livni claims funding to haredim and Judea and Samaria will hurt Israel.Hezki Baruch, Cynthia Blank, 5/7/2015, 10:27 AM

Lapid: Netanyahu is Using Our Tax Money for Political Payoffs

Continuing rant against Likud's coalition deal with UTJ at Yesh Atid's faction meeting, Lapid stresses party will fight Bibi's 'bribes.'Hezki Baruch, Cynthia Blank, 5/4/2015, 4:38 PM

Rivlin All But Announces Labor Will Be in Opposition

During consultation with Zionist Union, Rivlin hints that should the party choose to serve in opposition, it'll be a 'complex challenge.'Hezki Baruch, Cynthia Blank, 3/22/2015, 2:16 PM

Official: Israeli Military Actions Unrelated to Politics

Without confirming airstrikes in Syria, Israeli official rejects opposition's claims that alleged airstrikes were politically motivated.Hezki Baruch, 12/8/2014, 12:14 AM

Lapid to Herzog: I Won't Try to Become Opposition Leader

Yesh Atid chairman assures Labor chairman he will not try to lead the opposition despite being the largest party in it.Elad Benari, 12/3/2014, 2:16 AM

Netanyahu: We Can't Continue Governing Like This

As he mulls his next steps, PM reportedly tells associates that the coalition cannot continue functioning under the present conditions.Elad Benari, Canada, 11/28/2014, 10:06 PM

Report: Netanyahu May Dissolve the Knesset

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu continuing to seriously consider calling early elections in the wake of ongoing coalition troubles.Elad Benari, 11/28/2014, 6:15 AM

Netanyahu Asks 'All the Left' to Join Unity Government

PM's invitation to opposition to join his government draws criticism from across the political spectrum.Arutz Sheva Staff, 11/19/2014, 2:12 AM

Hanegbi Rules Out Elections in 2015

Deputy Foreign Minister says no one in the coalition or opposition has a reason to want elections at the present time.Yishai Karov and Elad Benari, 11/17/2014, 4:42 AM

Herzog: There Will be Elections Within a Year

Opposition leader predicts that elections will be held within a year and declares: I am worthy of being Israel's prime minister.Ben Ariel, 11/16/2014, 5:01 AM

Leftist MKs Push Peace Talks Despite Gaza Situation

Opposition calls for conflict to be resolved through resumption of peace talks - even though Hamas has broken five ceasefires.Tova Dvorin, 8/3/2014, 2:55 PM

MK Levin: Coalition to Boycott No-Confidence Vote

The coalition will not hand the left a 'propaganda victory' by showing up for a Knesset no-confidence vote Monday, said MK Yariv Levin.Yosef Berger, 7/14/2014, 9:29 PM

Herzog Blames the Government for Peace Talks Collapse

Opposition leader says Netanyahu should “initiate a comprehensive and courageous offer” to PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas.Yishai Karov and Elad Benari, 4/27/2014, 5:31 AM

Opposition: If Liberman Wants Elections, Give Them to Him

Opposition members call for elections following Foreign Minister's remarks that going to the polls is better than releasing terrorists.Elad Benari, 4/7/2014, 3:15 AM

Herzog: I Won't Enter Netanyahu's Coalition

"I intend to win the next election and lead this country," declares opposition leader.Elad Benari, 3/16/2014, 5:39 AM

Law Requiring Referendum for Land Concessions Passes

Law does not directly apply to Judea and Samaria, but could impact 'land swap' proposals.Tova Dvorin, 3/12/2014, 8:02 PM

Shas Chairman Supports Opposition Head for Prime Minister

In another 'retaliation' statement against Religious Zionist parties, Aryeh Deri hails Herzog as PM at Opposition meeting.Tova Dvorin, 3/11/2014, 1:35 PM

Governance Bill Changes Too Much, Too Soon, Says Expert

Political scientist speaks to Arutz Sheva on Opposition's resistance to the bill, why political decisions need to be implemented over time.Tova Dvorin, 3/11/2014, 11:22 AM

Shas Chairman Threatens Support for Territorial Withdrawals

As opposition boycotts controversial debates, Deri threatens hareidi support for withdrawals as 'revenge' against Religious Zionists.Ari Yashar, 3/10/2014, 3:44 PM

Netanyahu is Ruled by 'Extremists', Charges Opposition

Opposition slams Netanyahu, after 21 MKs send him a letter clarifying that a construction freeze is out of the question.Elad Benari, 2/21/2014, 2:46 AM

MK Maklev Presents: 'The Best' of the Coalition

Hareidi MK Uri Maklev says a divided coalition cannot function, presents a selection of quotes to prove his point.Elad Benari, 2/11/2014, 5:42 AM

Opposition Leader: 'The Right Has No Vision'

Labor MK and Opposition Head Yitzhak Herzog attacks nationalist camp, claims Palestinian state is 'true Zionism' at INSS conference.Yoni Kempinski, Tova Dvorin, 1/29/2014, 10:25 PM

Herzog 'Not Rushing' to Join Bibi's Coalition

"If Netanyahu goes for a bold diplomatic move I'll be there to help him," says new Labor chairman.Elad Benari, 11/24/2013, 2:20 AM

Herzog Could be 'Easy Partner' for Netanyahu

Political analysts say that MK Yitzchak Herzog could be easier to convince to join the coalition than MK Shelly Yechimovich.Elad Benari, Canada, 11/22/2013, 10:33 PM

Opposition Slams Lapid for Child Allowance Cuts

"The well-fed government of Netanyahu, Lapid and Bennett chooses the easiest victims," charges Yechimovich.Elad Benari, 8/20/2013, 4:13 AM

Syrian Rebels to Form 'Provisional Government' in August

The Syrian opposition will form a provisional government in late August following months of failed efforts, says National Coalition chief.Rina Tzvi , 7/30/2013, 8:46 PM

Explosions Shake Damascus Military Airport

Two bombs struck a large military airport outside the Syrian capital of Damascus on Sunday night, the main rebel army said.Rina Tzvi, 6/17/2013, 1:15 PM