Thousands of people participated on Tuesday evening in a demonstration organized by parties from the opposition in protest of the government’s policy, which was held at Habima Square in Tel Aviv.

MK Tzachi Hanegbi (Likud) said in his speech during the demonstration, "They call us instigators, they said that this demonstration is a demonstration of incitement. We will not forgive the fact that they defamed then-Prime Minister Netanyahu, when he went to speak in the US Congress against the nuclear agreement. Today - they are paralyzed. God forbid someone says we are interfering in United States policy."

"We will not forget that while IDF fighters were defending us during Operation Guardian of the Walls, gangs were burning synagogues and burning restaurants. We will never form a government that relies on the Islamic Movement, that has come off the agenda. We will expose their plots - the public has woken up," Hanegbi added.

MK Miri Regev (Likud) charged, "Bennett formed the first Palestinian government in history. These left-wing demonstrators, those hypocrites, are waving black flags, and we are waving Israeli flags. I despise those who try to preach to us, who refer to us as riffraff. They called us people of darkness, but they are people of darkness and we are people of light."

MK Shlomo Karhi (Likud) said of the government, "Our way is not their way. The anti-Zionist and anti-Jewish government achieved by deception, fraud, out of a mixture of lust for power, hatred of Judaism and the trampling of the haredim and while joining the worst of our enemies - will be short-lived."

He added, "To this evil government, we say: You did not receive a power of attorney from the people of Israel to destroy the Jewish state. In the return of Zion, we came here from the four corners of the land to a Jewish state and not to a state of all its citizens and all its terrorists led by Mansour Abbas and Ahmed Tibi. You have no mandate to sell all the national assets in exchange for being in power.Even if the propaganda channels applaud you, and the rule of law gang takes care of the leaders with the 'wrong' opinions for you, we want no part of you."