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Lancet Editor in Anti-Semitism Flap Visits Israel

Medical journal editor visits Israeli hospital after refusing to remove anti-Israel letter written by promoters of anti-Semitic video.Ari Yashar, 9/30/2014, 8:47 PM

Dozens Donate Platelets for Injured Soldier

Seriously injured soldier saved by the donations of dozens of Israelis, after parents ask for public help.Uzi Baruch, Tova Dvorin, 8/26/2014, 1:33 PM

Heart Machine Saves Woman's Life after Bee Sting

Orly Goren, 37, was saved by Rambam Hospital's ECMO heart machine after sting triggered near-fatal heart-attack.Gil Ronen, 7/8/2014, 5:10 PM

Syrian Infant Gets Top-Notch Israeli Heart Care

A Syrian infant who was treated for heart disease in Israel has been released, after she underwent treatment for two months.Yosef Berger, 6/22/2014, 4:32 PM

Rambam Doctors Help Change Lives of Ethiopians

Two doctors from Haifa Hospital part of an international delegation that conducted a surgical marathon in northern Ethiopia.Arutz Sheva Staff, 6/16/2014, 4:42 AM

Woman, 50, Killed in Hiking Accident

Tree falls on hiking family, killing 50 year-old woman and injuring two family members; second serious accident in 12 hours.Benny Moshe, 5/6/2014, 5:23 PM

Condition of Soldier Injured in Golan Improves

The soldier suffered a severe head injury when an explosive was detonated near an IDF jeep on March 18.Gil Ronen, 4/17/2014, 8:09 PM

Israeli Doctors Save 7-Year-Old Jordanian Boy

A seven-year-old Jordanian-Palestinian Arab boy undergoes a successful kidney transplant at the Rambam Medical Center in Haifa.Elad Benari, 3/17/2014, 6:13 AM

Flu Pandemic 'Violent, But Not Deadlier'

Medical professionals call on public to be vaccinated as patients begin to flood hospitals with complications from flu-like virus.Tova Dvorin, 2/28/2014, 9:04 AM

‘Save the Boy – He’s All I Have’

Israeli doctors manage to save 6-year-old Syrian boy whose siblings and mother died in bombing.Maayana Miskin, 2/20/2014, 1:15 PM

Hospital Saves Lives of Two Pregnant Gazan Women

Israel continues to overlook politics to save the lives of Palestinian Arabs.Tova Dvorin, 2/18/2014, 4:32 PM

15 Months of Jail To 3 Arabs Who 'Lynched' Soldier

Haifa court sentences 3 Arabs over brutal 2012 attack in which they carved 'PLO' on IDF soldier's forehead, beat him with bars and bricks.Ari Yashar, 12/17/2013, 6:32 PM

50-Year-Old Syrian Brought for Treatment in Israel

50-year-old Syrian woman discovered to have shrapnel in her heart, transferred to Rambam Hospital in Haifa.Elad Benari, Canada, 8/3/2013, 2:10 AM

Israel Must Respond to its Enemies

Israel must ensure that Hizbullah rockets never cower Israel's north again, said David Sterling at an event for Rambam Hospital.Eliran Aharon, New York, 6/11/2013, 1:13 AM

Rambam Teaches Teams to Treat Trauma Victims

Last week 26 doctors, nurses and hospital administrators from 17 countries completed a unique seminar at Rambam Health Care CampusDavid Lev, 4/11/2013, 12:10 PM

Israeli Hospital Fortified Against Future Attack

Rambam Hospital in Haifa is ready for the next major rocket attack that, hopefully, will not comeTami Benmayer & David Lev, 2/28/2013, 1:55 PM

Hospitals Report Beds Filled with Flu Patients

Hospitals along the northern coast report their beds are starting to be filled with patients suffering with influenza.Chana Ya'ar, 1/28/2013, 3:10 PM

Wounded UN Soldiers Receive Treatment in Israel

Two Austrian soldiers who were wounded in Syria flown to the Rambam Hospital in Haifa for treatment.Elad Benari, 11/30/2012, 3:43 AM

Rambam Doctors Help PA Arab with Parkinson's

The Rambam Medical Center in Haifa has been able to relieve the symptoms of a PA Arab who was disabled by Parkinson's disease.Elad Benari, 8/30/2012, 7:14 AM

Rambam Hospital Prepared to Treat Syrians

Deputy Minister Ayoub Kara tours Haifa's Rambam Hospital, assured it is prepared to receive casualties from Syria.Elad Benari, 7/10/2012, 6:15 AM

Toddler Nearly Killed by Car's Electric Window

A 3 year old girl played with family car's electric window button; her neck was caught between the frame and the pane.Gil Ronen, 4/4/2012, 7:13 PM

Haifa Judge Releases ‘Lynch’ Suspects

A Haifa judge releases five of six suspects in the brutal beating of two soldiers to house arrest, rules that attack “not nationalistic.”Maayana Miskin, 3/25/2012, 8:11 PM

Six Indicited in Haifa Lynch Attempt

An indictment was handed down Thursday morning against six Haifa Arabs accused of attempting to “lynch” two IDF soldiers several weeks agoDavid Lev, 3/8/2012, 3:13 PM

Four Haifa Arabs Arrested in Attack on Soldiers

Police on Saturday arrested four Arabs who are accused of attempting to attack and “lynch” two IDF soldiers in Haifa.David Lev, 2/25/2012, 6:56 PM

Rambam Hospital Hosts Doctors from Indonesia

A special seminar at Haifa's Rambam Hospital has attracted doctors from all over the world, including from Muslim Indonesia.Elad Benari, 11/16/2011, 7:51 AM

Israel, Thailand Team on Cancer

Haifa's Rambam Hospital will sign a joint cancer treatment deal Sunday with a Thai research institute. Hana Levi Julian, MSW, LCSW-R, 5/15/2011, 12:06 PM

Doctors Save Gaza Child

A two-year-old girl from Gaza is recovering well following life-saving surgery at Rambam Hospital.Maayana Miskin, 2/24/2011, 4:18 AM

Hospital Cares for Injured Nuns

Two nuns who were injured in a fatal crash are in good condition at Haifa’s Rambam Medical Center. Three others were killed in the crash.Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu, 12/27/2010, 1:59 PM

'Dr. Robot' Operates in Rambam

Dr. David Samadi, the world's leading expert in the removal of prostate tumors, inaugurated Rambam's new Da Vinci robotic surgery system.Gil Ronen, 12/23/2010, 8:45 PM

'Zionism, Meshugas and Medicine'

World-renowned diabetes expert Professor Derek LeRoith is tapped to lead a new clinical research center at Rambam Hospital.Chana Ya'ar, 10/25/2010, 6:34 PM

Israel's Underground Hospital

All concrete equipment north of Jerusalem pulled to Haifa as Israel builds the world's largest underground hospital, used in case of air attacks.Maayana Miskin, 10/18/2010, 1:19 AM

2 Successes for Israeli Hospital

Rambam Hospital in Haifa saves woman’s life and also pioneers new technique for brain treatment.Elad Benari, 8/9/2010, 5:19 AM

Terror Victims' Photo Exhibit

Almost a decade has passed since the start of the terror war. Haifa hospital's exhibit of photos by victims tries to deal with the pain. Gil Ronen, 7/14/2010, 9:30 PM

Congo Surgeon Training at Rambam

Rambam Hospital is training a Congolese surgeon in plastic surgery for burn treatment. He will be the first such specialist in his country.Hana Levi Julian, 2/14/2010, 11:24 PM

Rambam Hospital Security First

Haifa's Rambam Hospital has raised its security standards to become the first hospital in the world with advanced institute-wide criteria.Hana Levi Julian, 2/7/2010, 10:14 AM

Man's Soup Sends Him to ER

One man's quest for a rustic soup landed him in the emergency room.Malkah Fleisher, 11/24/2009, 10:03 PM