IDF working dog Dago refuses to leave his handler despite being injured himself.
IDF working dog Dago refuses to leave his handler despite being injured himself.Rambam Hospital

After 8 hours of rescue efforts under heavy fire, all Israeli soldiers injured during the operation in Jenin were evacuated and transferred to receive medical treatment at Rambam Hospital.

One of the soldiers recounted the experience: ""Heavy fire was directed at us and explosives were thrown at us from several locations. Together with the other forces we were able to arrest the targets and hit a large number of terrorists. As soon as our force was hit I and another medic in the force started treating the wounded. A short time later paramedics and additional forces arrived. We are determined to recover and return to our comrades and operations soon."

The soldiers received visits from Prime Minister Netanyahu, who commented 'We have eliminated or arrested a record number of terrorists. Our forces were ambushed in Jenin with live fire. I have visited them, and was amazed to see how all facets of Israeli society are represented, and how they worked, shoulder to shoulder with one another, to rescue their comrades. They are truly amazing people. I want to thank the medical teams as well, who have given exceptional care to our forces. This too is part of Israel's power."

Police Comissioner Kobi Shabtai and also visited the wounded, and commented: "You acted professionally, under risk in a complex mission to stop terrorism. I am proud of you and wish you a speedy recovery. We are in a challenging security reality, but the Israel Police, the IDF, the ISA, and all the security agencies are sending a clear message, we will put our hands on terrorists and terrorist operatives wherever necessary. We will help and accompany the wounded. I thank the medical authorities for the dedicated care for our troops."

The operation was reported to have been aimed at capturing two Hamas and Islamic Jihad operatives. At least five IDF vehicles were damaged by IEDs, and needed to be towed out through an hours-long firefight. As part of the rescue effort, the IDF, for the first time since 2002, attacked targets in Jenin with a helicopter.

All Israeli forces and vehicles have since been extracted from Jenin. The Palestinian Authority reports five dead and thirty-five injured by IDF fire.

Along with the IDF soldiers and Border Police officers, Daggoo, a dog belonging to the IDF's Oketz canine unit, was also rushed to medical care by helicopter. Daggoo was with the soldiers in the vehicle that was hit by an IED in Jenin. After the unit veterinarian's examination, the dog was sent for an urgent CT scan, which confirmed the veterinarian's fears of internal bleeding and a pelvic fracture.

According to Channel 12 News, the unit's veterinarian decided that in this situation the preferred treatment for the dog is relaxation and rest without moving. Daggoo refused to leave his handler, who was also injured, and was allowed to remain by his side in the hospital.