Israeli pundit: 'Hamas wants the Joint Arab List in the coalition'

'There's complete quiet in the south because Hamas wants the Joint Arab List in the coalition,' Channel 20's Shimon Riklin says.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Joint List
Joint List
Hezki Baruch

There has been relative quiet in southern Israel for the past few weeks - and Channel 20's Shimon Riklin believes he knows why.

"There are no [explosive] balloons in the south, there's complete quiet, because Hamas wants the Joint Arab List in the government," he tweeted. "Meaning, they have shared interests, and soon Blue and White representatives will meet Hamas' partners of interest."

"What does that say about Blue and White? What does that say about our generals? What does it say about us, that they nearly made a government? G-d save us."

The IDF believes that Hamas is responsible for the recent explosives sent into Israel.

Gaza terrorists began sending incendiary kites into Israel in June 2018, and quickly switched to using balloons instead. These caused massive wildfires, burning thousands of dunams of forest and agricultural land.

At some point, Gaza terrorists began attaching mainly explosives to the balloons, instead of setting them on fire at the outset. As a result, the number of wildfires has dropped, but explosives have landed in kindergartens, playgrounds, and private homes, as well as in public areas. These bunches of balloons are often colorful and carry "gifts" intended to entice children into playing with the explosives. Some of them have notes promising death to "Zionists."