Memorial Day: Michael Levin - From Aliyah To Ultimate Sacrifice

Michael Levin made aliya alone as a young man and joined an elite paratrooper unit. In August 2006, he fell in battle in Lebanon.

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Friends mourn Michael Levin
Friends mourn Michael Levin
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Michael Levin, born and raised in Pennsylvania in the United States, came to Israel alone as a young man in order to realize his lifelong dream of serving in the Israeli army. He joined an elite paratrooper unit and fought in some of the IDF's toughest battles. On August 1, 2006, he was killed fighting Hizbullah in southern Lebanon.

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In the video which documents his life (mostly English), Michael is remembered by his family and friends. His loved ones describe the love of Israel and the Jewish people that led Michael to leave his life behind, come to Israel, and ultimately give his life for his country.

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