Memorial Day: Noam Apter -- He Died Saving his Schoolmates

As terrorists stormed a yeshiva in 2002, student Noam Apter gave his life to block their path and save his fellow students.

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Noam Apter, of blessed memory
Noam Apter, of blessed memory
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In late 2002, heavily armed Palestinian Authority terrorists broke into the Otniel and entered the yeshiva, shooting at students working in the kitchen and murdering four. The attack could have killed many more, if not for the bravery of one young student, Noam Apter, who in his last seconds of life managed to lock the door leading to the dining hall, trapping himself in the kitchen with the terrorists and saving dozens of his fellow students.


In the above video from, Noam's family, friends and teachers remember the kind and generous student who gave his life to protect others.

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