Ofra Lax
Ofra LaxJerusalem Conference

Activist Eran Fogel, identified with the left, mocked the bereaved mother and journalist Ofra Lax and her head covering on social media.

He made his comment when Lax responded to a tweet written by Yair Golan ahead of the left-wing protest against the government today in Jerusalem.

Golan wrote: "We are going up to Jerusalem. We go up to change the government now. In the last day, the poison machine is working harder and harsh incitement is being heard against the protesters and against families of the hostages. Extreme elements are trying to hurt the protesters, including recorded attempts at car rammings."

He criticized the police: "The Israel Police, through its senior command filled with flattery, loss of direction and with poor values, chooses to harass the protesters instead of fulfilling its role and protecting them from the poison machine and its emissaries. I call upon the officers of the Israel Police. Don't become a tool in the hands of a convicted criminal. You swore loyalty to the state and its laws, not to the Kahane Chai party (a party banned from the Knesset for racism) and Ben-Gvir's militia."

In conclusion, Golan wrote: "We will bring change. We will bring hope and security. Now you need to decide whether you are with the state or with its destroyers".

Lax responded to Golan: "Generally, in democratic countries, governments are changed at the ballot box."

In response, Fogel wrote to her: "Hey sweetie, you with the beautiful carpet on your head, in your right-wing parties, governments are changed with three shots from a handgun. Happy to help." The comment is a reference to the assassination of Prime Minister Yitzchak Rabin.

One of the surfers wondered: "What happened to the obligation to respect bereaved families regardless? Not that there is much to expect with how you speak about Netanyahu's family, still... in case no one told you yet today - you are a disgrace. Don't forget to apologize to Ofra who gave everything for your miserable behind."