The bullet which entered the home
The bullet which entered the homeSelf

Ofra Lax, a resident of the city of Lod and a writer with the Besheva newspaper, miraculously survived on Wednesday night after a bullet was fired into the bedroom of her home.

"A great miracle happened to me tonight. I decided to go to bed early. 10:00 p.m. in bed. The city is indeed shaking from gunshots, but I try to ignore it," she wrote.

"Final WhatsApp messages, then suddenly a relatively close burst of gunfire, an explosion and... I see small pieces of wood on me. I am suspicious. I call my husband and he detects a bullet which entered the table next to my bed," she recalled.

"We start looking around, we find additional table shards. We look at the shutter and see a hole through which the bullet entered. The bullet entered my bedroom and missed me by centimeters. Thank God for the miracle!"

"And to the questions: How does this happen in a major city in Israel? How does it make sense that they shoot here every night? And the truth? Not only here. I’m holding my breath, waiting for something to change," Lax wrote.

Lod Mayor Yair Revivo said in response, "If the Shin Bet law to deal with Arab crime is not passed immediately, I will call for the toppling of the government. Get used to the fact that the coalition already has 63 members. I recruited one and soon I will recruit another four."