Ofra Lax
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Journalist Ofra Lax, the mother of First Lieutenant Naveh Lax, a combat soldier in the elite Sayeret Matkal unit, eulogized her son in an interview with Kan News.

"He was very talented; he succeeded in everything he did. A smart and musical boy. He was very connected to his nation, to the country, and to us, his parents and siblings," she said.

"On Simchat Torah, he was so happy. He danced with the Torah scroll and went to eat with friends." She added that he still had time on the morning of Simchat Torah to say goodbye to his family: "He was the only one who was awake and realized he had to join the forces going south. We didn't imagine that these would be our last hugs."

She spoke about the moments of the battle: "I know that he managed to free a few homes, and after a few houses, they regrouped again. He was standing in the doorway of one house, and intense shooting was fired at them."

"We are a nation that cherishes and values the sanctification of life. We are very sad for those who died, and I feel it with every breath I take, but we look to the future. We have a lot of strength."