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This eyeopener about Ehud Barak proves what we’ve been saying all along, that the tempest was never about Judicial Reform, but about a coup to remove Benjamin Netanyahu from office, to be replaced by Barak and the rest of them who comprise the unholy confederacy of sore losers.

Judicial Reform is the pretext, and like obedient leftists everywhere, they follow the Pied Piper.

Let the record show that as we write, the Judicial Reform initiative, stage one, is progressing handsomely in the Knesset. (And has since passed, ed.)

At the same time, leftists march, stomp, trample, and tyrannize the country.

Let the record show that back on Feb. 21, in “Has the left lost its mind,” we wrote: “ I did not foresee the coming of a 13th tribe, Liberal/Leftists. Nor that they’d be frothing at the mouth just so. Their anger against any changes being made, or even suggested, is proof that the High Court is their Daddy.”

Shouldn’t leftists in Israel be different? They are Jewish, after all. You’d think they’d be Israelis first.

You must remember this…leftists are the same everywhere. They are leftists first.

In Israel, Netanyahu is always their story. In America it’s Trump.

In America the deep state and the media won’t let go. There is always the next indictment around the corner.

Besides the obvious, that they hate him, there is now a far more urgent dimension to their angst and Trump Derangement Syndrome.

There is panic within Big Media, because the day is coming when they will have to relent and tear down the Iron Curtain that has prevented real news from seeping through…which is to say that the alleged influence peddling bribery scandal that enwraps both Hunter and Joe Biden, is getting to the point where it can no longer be ignored.

From Fox News and the New York Post, the truth is waiting to burst forth onto the Establishment Media.

Attention must be paid, even for The New York Times, PBS, CBS, NBC and ABC.

Which is why, so far, they need Trump as their bogey-man…anything to obscure the sordid truth about the Bidens.

Okay, they say, if you bring down Joe Biden, with cause, we will bring down Donald Trump, even if we have to make up a cause.

Which is what they’ve been doing against him from day one…ask Adam Schiff. He knows how to concoct a story.

So do the leftists in Israel, who, as now been proven, will try anything to unseat Netanyahu, and if it isn’t Cigargate, it’s Judicial Reform.

So far, to the benefit of the Jewish State, nothing against Bibi sticks.

But…and here’s a safe bet…they will keep trying.

What will it take to bring the left to its senses?

At this rate, both the United States and Israel are in peril. In the United States, excessive wealth and leisure have led to the sloth of woke degeneracy.

Pray, therefore, for a meteor on its way to come crashing to earth, and then watch the loonies get scared straight.

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