Avraham Greenzweig is a haredi publicist. This article was translated from Hebrew by Rochel Sylvetsky.

Background information for Anglo readers: A shocking video filmed three years ago which has gone viral after being revealed only last week shows former PM Ehud Barak and selected personages, including defense figures, planning a coup against the elected government during the corona epidemic, using the tactics he is employing today This article begins with his words in the film.

"It is well known that I am not overly humble. Objectively, if, heaven forfend, Bibi disappears one day…and we find ourselves facing deterioration with regard to the Hezbollah or Iran and a socio-economic crisis, and someone has to make hard decisions…then objectively I am more suited than anyone else...in the country to take the driver's seat.

"I have a friend who is a historian and who once told me: 'Ehud, they will call on you [to lead] when dead bodies float in the Yarkon River' but I wish to emphasize that the bodies will not be those of workers who infiltrated from the 'territories' nor those of Israeli Arabs, the bodies that float will be those of Jews killed by Jews."

This horrifying, shocking text, word for word, was declaimed three years ago in a video conversation with what is known as Forum 555, and the person who said it once served as Commander in Chief, Defense Minister and even Prime Minister – although he was a pitiful failure in that position. Ehud Barak, the man who proudly leads the current struggle against judicial reform is the man whose name is signed on the expression "bodies of Jews killed by Jews" that sends shivers up one's spine.

To be fair, Barak ends, throwing a bone to his listeners, by saying that he told that friend "it will not happen and they will not call on me," but despite that disclaimer he revealed his inner thoughts here, and more significantly, he revealed a small part of his plan to return to a leadership position, if and when…

Barak is far from stupid, he well understands that there is not a chance in hell that a rational voting body will choose him as a leader, all the more so our people, who have already experienced his leadership. He knows that under ordinary circumstances, precluding emergencies, he will have to remain in his luxurious penthouse, devoid of influence and authority.

But Barak is truly convinced that in a state of emergency, G-d forbid, like that of civil war – he will be called on to lead the country and guide its rehabilitation. In other words, if Barak's fantasies are about a comeback, he believes that this is the only path that can bring him to the Prime Minister's residence.

I know that because Barak himself, in a desperate move to defend himself against the powerfully viral exposure of his words on the video several days ago, tweeted the claim that there is nothing new in this "'fascinating disclosure'. I have repeated this on live broadcasts at least three times in the past." This attempt to fix things only made them worse. One does not repeat something at least three times on a live broadcast, if he is not convinced that its message is correct and right.

A civil war is a shocking idea in any country, but a civil war in the Jewish state is seven times more horrible. We are the nation that brought mankind the concept of the sanctity of life, we created organizations that help others and save lives, and on the other hand, we are also the nation that was cruelly and endlessly persecuted and murdered in every possible way all through the pages of history. And we are also the first nation in history that over three thousand years ago was careful to treat the dead with honor, even a sinner hanged for his sins.

When Barak speaks about "bodies of Jews killed by Jews" he is talking about the worst nightmare the Jewish people can imagine. He touches the exposed nerves and inner soul of every person with a Jewish heart. He knows full well why he has chosen to depict this scenario.

When Barak is one of the leaders of the current protest, whose marching orders are exactly the ones heard in the rest of his talk with Forum 555 three years ago (for those who have not seen it, that includes finding a woman who can lead the protests, convincing the elites to join them, etc.), he can be said to have taken a significant step towards making this nightmare a reality.

Do not make the mistake of thinking this is a struggle about democracy, the reasonableness standard or the covenant between the state and its citizens – or whatever other ridiculous slogan some public relations firm has come up with. This is a campaign whose goal is causing a rift in our people no matter what the price, whose goal is hatred and slander, one that pits every man against his brother.

Ehud Barak must be kept from appearing on any public podium. Who is delusional enough to give over the stage to a maniac who imagines the scenario of Jews murdering Jews and throwing their bodies into the Yarkon? Keeping him off the stage is not enough, he also has to be told in clear and emphatic terms that he will never, ever return to leading the State of Israel. Even if, G-d forbid,his nightmare scenario comes to pass.