scene of the accident
scene of the accidentMDA Spokesperson

The police received a report that Yana Blum was driving dangerously prior to her involvement in the deadly Independence Day collision in which one-year-old Ma’ayan David Domnovitch was killed.

This morning (Sunday), when Blum's name was cleared for publication, Kan News reported that a driver who was driving behind her called the police before the accident and reported that she was driving in a dangerous manner, recklessly weaving between lanes.

Blum, 25, was arrested following the accident and faces charges of reckless homicide and well as driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Her detention has been extended until Monday.

She has been caught driving under the influence of alcohol in the past and had her driver's license revoked.

Blum has claimed that she does not remember what happened during the accident. Police stated: "A blood test taken from the driver immediately after the accident found an amount of alcohol three times the legal limit, as well as a marijuana-type drug."

Five other members of the Domnovitch family were injured in the accident. The father and a seven-year-old child remain in critical condition. The mother and two other children are in moderate condition.