Scene of the collision
Scene of the collisionMDA

The car carrying Minister of National Security Itamar Ben-Gvir overturned during a collision in Ramla.

The collision occurred after the Minister visited the scene of the attack in the city, in which an 18-year-old girl was seriously injured.

His staff reported that "While leaving the scene of the attack in Ramle, Minister Ben-Gvir's vehicle was involved in a collision. Minister Ben-Gvir felt well, was conscious, and was transported for further medical treatment at Assaf Harofeh Hospital".

According to eyewitnesses, Ben-Gvir's car passed a red light and another vehicle collided with the minister's car, which overturned as a result of the impact. The police reported that three people were lightly injured in the accident, and that traffic investigators from the Central District have begun investigating the circumstances of the event.

Commissioner Yaakov Shabtai, who arrived at the scene, was asked whether Ben-Gvir's car indeed went through a red light and did not answer. He said that the accident will be investigated and that the area is covered by cameras. "Everything will be examined and scrutinized, there are cameras, there is footage. We will investigate, and the results will be published to the public," said Shabtai.

The Minister's daughter, driver, one of his guards, and the driver of the second vehicle were also taken for treatment.