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A Story of ‘Brutally Kind’ Police

Police throw expelled children into the dead of a freezing night – and arrest a father for “neglect” because his children visit an outpost. Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu, 1/18/2012, 11:19 AM

NGO: Who Evicted Children into Freezing Night?

Legal Forum for Land of Israel wants to know who abused children's rights during Mitzpe Avichai eviction.Gil Ronen, 1/12/2012, 7:35 PM

Rivlin: One Way or the Other, Migron Will be Legal

On a visit to Migron Thursday, Knesset speaker Reuven Rivlin said that one way or another, Migron would be “legalized."David Lev, 1/12/2012, 1:59 PM

Mitzpe Avichai Residents Evicted, Homes Demolished

Police and Civil Administration personnel demolished 10 homes in Mitzpeh Avichai near Kiryat Arba.David Lev, 1/12/2012, 8:40 AM

Police May Have Illegally Destroyed Outpost

Police destroyed another outpost Tuesday for the second day in a row, but this time the destruction may have been illegal. Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu, 1/10/2012, 8:22 AM

Outpost Demolished Near Shilo

Security forces tore down structures at Gal Yosef, near Adei Ad. MK Ben Ari says Netanyahu and Barak are "obsessed."Gil Ronen, 1/9/2012, 1:36 PM

Minister Peled: I Support the Migron Legislation

Minister Yossi Peled reiterates his support for the Migron Bill, that would give outposts in Judea and Samaria immunity from destruction.Elad Benari, 1/3/2012, 6:14 AM

Law Would Require Proof Before Demolitions

The Ministerial Law Committee is set to consider a law that could put an end to arbitrary demolition of homes in "outposts."David Lev, 12/31/2011, 8:39 PM

Finance Minister: Razing Outposts 'Unthinkable'

Minister Yuval Steinitz says "the fate of Kfar Saba and Tel Aviv is that of Beit El and Shilo," Amona was a mistake.Gil Ronen, 12/21/2011, 7:17 PM

Lieberman: Stop Pouncing on the Settlers

Foreign Minister says media and political onslaught against residents of Yesha is wrong.Gil Ronen, 12/19/2011, 3:02 PM

Netanyahu Ditches Law to Legalize Outposts

Netanyahu ditched a bill to legalize dozens of Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria; the bill’s sponsor vowed it will pass one day. Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu, 12/18/2011, 1:01 PM

Human Rights for Israelis?

Sunday In Israeli Knesset's legislative committee they postponed a vote on the outposts. This Sunday is when you can make a difference. Read on.Ted Belman, 12/15/2011, 12:31 PM

MK Ben-Ari: Demolition 'Unwise and Unjust'

Large numbers of Border Police moved on the new community of Mitzpe Yitzhar, demolishing two buildings at the site. David Lev, 12/15/2011, 9:14 AM

Gov't Forces Destroy Jewish Homes in the Dark

Government forces reportedly set out after dark Monday night to destroy Jewish homes in five budding communities in Judea and Samaria. Arutz Sheva staff, 12/12/2011, 10:39 PM

Lieberman Waters Down Leak on Outposts

Foreign Minister defines as "mere commentary" reports that he said coalition will fall if outposts are razed.Gil Ronen, 11/22/2011, 1:10 PM

Lieberman: Outpost Demolition is a 'Red Line'

Foreign Minister tells faction members "government will fall apart if communities are evicted."Gil Ronen, 11/22/2011, 9:15 AM

High Court: Talmon "Outpost" Can Stay

Despite criticizing the move, the High Court said it would not dispute the authorization of a new neighborhood (ie "outpost") in Talmon.David Lev, 11/21/2011, 11:14 AM

MUST READ: Destroy the Outposts and You Will See

Compared to the hell of terror in Sderot, Ashdod, Beersheba, Ashkelon and others near Gaza, the Jewish communities of Samaria look like a bit of paradise, despite terror threats, because they contribute significantly to the IDF’s control of the area.Giulio Meotti, 11/11/2011, 12:40 PM

Bride and Groom Arrested in Outpost Demolition

A newlywed couple was arrested by police who helped destroy their new home as Barak rushes to level outposts. Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu, 11/7/2011, 9:25 AM

Orlev: Expulsion of 1,000 Jews Could Topple Gov't

Jewish Home MK warns: "We are still suffering the trauma and catastrophe of the Disengagement."Gil Ronen, 10/30/2011, 7:28 PM

'Netanyahu: Find Ways of Legalizing Outposts'

Minister Livnat says Prime Minister asked Justice Minister to appoint a team to find way to avert mass demolitions.Gil Ronen, 10/10/2011, 6:46 PM

Edelstein Wants Answers

Minister wants explanations ASAP following IDF Civil Administration Head's anti-settler remarks.Gil Ronen, 9/6/2011, 5:20 PM

Now, Hareidi Outposts

Outposts will be built “next to every concentration of hareidis in Judea and Samaria.”Gil Ronen, 7/19/2011, 1:26 PM

‘Barak Will Launch Evictions’

NU’s Ketzaleh cites inside information, says Barak is an “evil man who hates Jewish settlement in Judea and Samaria.”Gil Ronen, 6/5/2011, 9:22 PM

Hershkowitz: Let Yesha Grow

Science Minister Daniel Hershkowitz says that he doesn't know of any unlawful outposts, thinks Defense Minister could legalize disputed ones. David Lev, 3/8/2011, 10:08 PM

‘Give and Take’ on Outposts

The Netanyahu government announces it will destroy several Jewish “outpost” communities by end of year – and will legalize others.Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu, 3/8/2011, 12:41 PM

State Admits Discrimination

Cabinet representatives tell court more Jewish than Arab homes have been razed in the last two years although the Arabs built more illegal homes.Gil Ronen, 3/7/2011, 8:44 PM

The Myth of Illegal Outposts

Attorney Yehuda Shimon, who has been living in the Shomron’s Gilad Farm with his family since 2007, explains why his settlement is not “illegal.”Hillel Fendel, 2/15/2011, 6:29 PM

Torah Welcomed Near Hevron

Freeze, you say? New synagogue is dedicated at Mitzpeh Avichai near Kiryat Arba.Gil Ronen and Yoni Kempinski, 7/28/2010, 5:40 PM

Govt. May Approve Nativ Ha'avot

The Gush Etzion village of Nativ Ha'avot may receive authorization, government says. Land of Israel lobby pleased. Maayana Miskin, 4/25/2010, 10:21 PM

Jews Return to Yad Yair

Former residents of the destroyed community of Yad Yair return home to sleep for the night.Maayana Miskin, 4/8/2010, 11:04 PM

Homes Demolished near Hevron

Police, army tear down Jewish family home in Mitzpeh Avichai, outside Hevron.Maayana Miskin, 3/5/2010, 8:36 AM

Torah Dedicated at Outpost

A new Torah scroll was dedicated Sunday at the same outpost in Samaria where the IDF used Arab workers to destroy a sophisticated sheep barn. Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu, 2/1/2010, 12:33 PM

Activists Convene in Havat Gilad

Activists convened Thursday night in Havat Gilad to formulate a policy of resistance to the government's building freeze in Judea and Samaria.Avi Yellin, 1/8/2010, 2:49 PM

Warm Hearts Warm Hilltops

Volunteers are distributing warm winter clothes for residents of hilltop communities surviving the winter and the government’s building freeze.Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu, 1/6/2010, 11:24 AM

Wrong-Way Police at Outpost

A non-Jewish policeman broke the law, drove the wrong way on a one-way street at Gilad Farm, and prompted another dispute with “illegal” families. Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu, 11/23/2009, 9:34 AM

Assaf Hill Threatened Yet Again

Army forces arrived at strategic Givat Assaf, near Beit El, and its 20 families fear they may be targeted for sudden eviction and destruction.Hillel Fendel, 11/9/2009, 2:31 PM

3 Jewish Neighborhoods Destroyed

Large Border Guard and special police unit forces destroyed buildings and tents in three Jewish start-up neighborhoods in Judea and Samaria.Hillel Fendel, 11/4/2009, 3:37 PM

Outpost Rebuilt in 12 Hours

Families living in Mitzpeh Avichai, near Hevron, rebuilt their homes Thursday, just hours after a sudden demolitionIsraelNN staff, 10/22/2009, 7:30 PM

Yad Yair - Outpost to Trash Dump

The site of the destroyed Yad Yair outpost has become a dumping site for local Arabs, who have turned it into a garbage pit.Hana Levi Julian, 10/8/2009, 9:02 AM

The Settlers from Givatayim

'The Settlers from Givatayim' have made it their mission to rescue furniture from the dump and deliver it to Jewish outposts in Judea and Samaria.Yoni Kempinski, IsraelNN TV, 9/24/2009, 9:30 PM

Barak Flip-Flops Twice

Labor party chairman Ehud Barak, who after the election vowed to sit in the Opposition, also has changed his positions on Iran and outposts. Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu, 9/21/2009, 12:04 PM

First Hareidi Outpost

The first hareidi outpost in Judea is six days old; no signs of planned forced eviction have been discerned. MK Ze’ev (Shas) is mainly supportive.Hillel Fendel, 9/8/2009, 12:45 PM

Hareidim Join Outpost Struggle

A new Jewish outpost has been built near Modiin, this one by members of the hareidi-religious community.Maayana Miskin, 9/4/2009, 11:50 AM

DM Determined to Destroy Outpost

Defense Minister Barak tells Judea and Samaria leaders that he's committed to destroying outposts, they demand freedom to build.Maayana Miskin, 8/31/2009, 7:46 PM

'US Pressure Unacceptable'

American and European pressure on Israel to dismantle so-called illegal outposts is “unacceptable,” says Minister Daniel Hershkowitz.Teneh Samuel, IsraelNN TV, 8/17/2009, 7:03 PM

Gov't Ministers: Outposts Legal

Four Cabinet ministers toured several of the outposts termed “unauthorized” in the past and said a new report is needed. Hillel Fendel, 8/17/2009, 2:05 PM

Jews to Pay for Expulsion?

IDF prosecutors recommend that Jews being evicted from unauthorized outposts be forced to pay the costs of their expulsion. Maayana Miskin, 8/6/2009, 9:35 PM

Yesha Start-Ups - Threatened

Barak: Destruction of outposts will happen soon. Shomron Residents Council establishes a Youth Council to help buttress Judea/Samaria settlement.Hillel Fendel, 8/4/2009, 3:16 PM

Obama Hilltop Canvassing Donors

A committee to rebuild a Shomron town destroyed in 2005 has gone on a fundraising campaign for the rebuilding of the Homesh–Obama Hilltop.Avraham Zuroff, 7/19/2009, 8:14 AM

Ben-Ari Joins Anti-Outpost Lobby

National Union MK will join Labor MK Ofer Pines in a Knesset lobby opposing "illegal outposts." The 2 MKs' definitions of outposts differ greatly.David Lev, 7/9/2009, 3:01 PM

Mitzpe Avichai Outpost Destroyed

Netanyahu’s administration continued its policy of destroying outposts throughout Judea and Samaria, this time targeting Mitzpeh Avichai.Yehudah Lev Kay, 6/16/2009, 4:51 PM

Netanyahu Destroys Obama Outpost

Border police knocked down the “Obama” outpost, cynically named for the U.S. president who has vehemently opposed Jewish construction.Yehudah Lev Kay, 6/14/2009, 1:41 PM