Arab outpost at E1 (file)
Arab outpost at E1 (file)Arutz Sheva

About 200 Arabs set up an illegal outpost Saturday near the village of Burin, not far from Shechem, in Samaria.

They had put up a tent when the IDF arrived on the scene and dispersed them. The Arabs attacked the IDF force with rocks, and the soldiers responded with riot dispersal gear. No one was reported hurt.

Voice of Israel public radio reported that Jew and Arabs confronted each other at the Yitzhar junction, in another incident on the Sabbath. The two groups hurled rocks at each other and an IDF force came in to separate them.

Three Jews were injured: a civilian who was hit in the head by a rock, a Border Policeman who was lightly wounded in his leg and received treatment on the spot, and another Border Policeman who was taken to Beilinson Hospital after being hit by a rock.

The Judea and Samaria Police said that seven Arabs were arrested in the two incidents, as was a Jew who was found to be carrying two saws in his bag.

Arabs began creating ad hoc outposts last month, in a new strategy that appears to be mimicking the Jewish outpost strategy.