Raid on Esh Kodesh, April 2, 2013
Raid on Esh Kodesh, April 2, 2013Tatzpit Agency

A large police force raided the outpost community of Esh Kodesh, in the Binyamin region north of Jerusalem, in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

They carried out searches and, according to the Tatzpit agency, arrested five men, including one IDF soldier. All the men arrested are residents of Esh Kodesh.

The Judea and Samaria police spokesman has not commented on the raid and the reason for the arrests is not clear.

Esh Kodesh was established at the height of the great terror war often referred to by its Arab name, the Second Intifada. It was named after a security guard, Esh Kodesh Gilmor, who was murdered in eastern Jerusalem.

The community has been suffering harassment from its neighbor, the Arab village of Kusra. Residents of Kusra recently alleged that Jews entered the village and carried out acts of vandalism, including burning cars. The media played up these claims but it later turned out that the cars were burned by Arabs, in a local feud.