Watch: Detained for taking lulav onto Temple Mount

Father and son detained, removed from Temple Mount for bringing Four Species, biblical commandment for Sukkot.Arutz Sheva Staff, 10/9/2017, 4:10 PM

Watch: The Four Species market in Mahane Yehuda

Jerusalem's famed Mahane Yehuda market is believed to be one of the largest market's for the Four Species in the country.Tzvi Lev, 10/4/2017, 4:50 PM

Challenging Rabbinate, Tzohar certifies Four Species as Kosher

Tzohar Rabbinical Organization certifies four species as Kosher for the first time, ahead of new Kashrut label launch.Tzvi Lev, 10/4/2017, 4:44 PM

Jews now forbidden to carry Four Species on Temple Mount

Police legal adviser rules that Jews are prohibited from bringing the Four Species to the Temple Mount during Sukkot holiday.Tzvi Lev, 9/24/2017, 1:26 PM

Major etrog shortage expected this Sukkot

Harsh winter in Calabria region of Italy destroys 80% of etrogs exported for use during Sukkot.Tzvi Lev, 8/10/2017, 4:26 PM

Israeli 4 Species Farmers Threatened by Shmitta Ignorance

Ignorance of laws of sabbatical year means many Jews falsely believe they can't buy from Jewish farmers; damage could be irreversible.Arutz Sheva Staff, 8/18/2015, 1:15 PM

First Day of Sukkot Celebrated

Jews began marking the seven day holiday in which they eat and sleep inside temporary structures called sukkot.Arutz Sheva, 10/9/2014, 7:28 PM

The Exile is a Succah - Come Home!

Two stories for Sukkot: One parable and one beautiful instance of the Jewish spirit.Rabbi Nachman Kahana, 10/8/2014, 2:32 AM

Video: Activist Shakes Lulav on Temple Mount

Temple activist Michael Fuah performed the Sukkot mitzvah of shaking the lulav without being noticed.Gil Ronen and Ari Soffer, 9/23/2013, 1:35 PM

Trick or Treat – Halloween or Sukkot?

Only in America: A black church leader uses the Lulav and Etrog for services on Halloween. “It helps keep children off the streets.” Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu, 10/31/2012, 9:20 PM

New Gadget Makes for a Better Sukkot

The Kanfot Hadar company has come up with the perfect tool to make carrying the four species, the tallit and the siddur on Sukkot a simple task.Elad Benari & Yoni Kempinski, 7/7/2011, 3:10 AM

Israeli Customs Officers Find Undeclared Etrogim

Israeli customs employees confiscate more than 300 Etrogim brought into the country without a permit and on which taxes weren't paid.Elad Benari, 9/16/2010, 5:14 AM